Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Diving Deep.

I hope you all aren't sick and tired of hearing things about me yet - Lord knows I'm not the most interesting person in the world! But, the lovely and adorable Nicole at Loquaciousness tagged me in this fun post, which makes me get deep :) Her answers were so fabulous I only hope I can answer as truthfully and with as much insight!

What have you been thinking about lately?

1. Why does it appear to be impossible for my brother to wear a shirt while he's at home, even when he's not out by the pool?

2. How am I going to function at school with absolutely no money since I have worked like, maybe 5 hours this whole summer?

3. When will I have time to shop for furniture for my apartment?

4. Do they have those in my size?

5. Why will none of my friends go see Harry Potter with me?

6. Do I have the guts to go see Harry Potter all by myself? [no]

7. What is something different and fun I can get/make J for our anniversary (and his homecoming) on Saturday?

What has been on your mind?

I've been missing J a lot. I don't know how people can do actual long distance relationships. My friend S and his girlfriend were living in Jersey and California - and they were together for 4 years! It's literally been a month, and I'm missing him so much. Does this make me unbelievably pathetic? I feel like it does, but I just can't help it.
To all of you in long distance relationships, more power to you, seriously. I have a huge deal of respect for you!

I've also been just thinking about the future - it's my senior year of college, so it's all rapidly coming to a close and I still feel like I'm too young to be thinking about this all. I wonder which friends I'll keep in touch with and which will fall by the wayside, what I'm actually going to do/where I'm going to live. All I want deep down is to feel an infinite amount of happiness and love :)

I've also been wondering if I let the people I love in my life know how I feel enough. Life is just so short, and can be completely unexpected. I want everyone who means something in my life to know how I feel, every day.
(This is probably brought on due to the fact that last Tuesday, J and I drove 3 hours to the funeral of the father of a friend of ours from school. Funerals always make me think that way, which I don't necessarily believe is wrong).

What are you excited about at the moment?

I'm about to go for a run! I've finally just about gotten my stride back and it feels incredible.

I'm also excited because J is finally done his internship in a less than (though this is a double edged sword because he's unbelievably stressed and overwhelmed for the time being).

And, I'm really looking forward to going back to school. Not for the classes and unreal workload of my 21 credit schedule, but to spend time with my friends and settle into my apartment! :)

Oh, and today J texted me and said to be looking out for the mail. Ah, so exciting! Though I have a love/hate relationship with the anticipation of any surprise.

When was the last time you made a difference to somebody?

Honestly, I don't know. I would like to think that I try to do things for people every day, even subtle little things, but I just don't know. I guess you never do, which is why it is so important to be a genuinely good person, and put others above yourself.

I did just start volunteering at a food pantry two weeks ago, so that is the most concrete way I can think that I actually helped someone.

And, this is so trivial, but today my mom looked sad, and I gave her a big hug and told her I loved her. I'd like to think that made her feel better, but I'll probably never know (and that's okay!).

Who are you really happy for at the moment?

My friends, who are all currently at the beach, hopefully having the time of their lives! (Unfortunately I couldn't go because my Poppy is having surgery and I wanted to be home with mi familia).

When was the last time you felt inspired?

Last night, as I sat in my bed reading Pablo Neruda's poetry from one of his books I hadn't touched in months. It just filled me with so much happiness.

Also, the new issue of W magazine arrived last week, which always seems to offer a great deal of lust over the beautiful clothing and inspiration.

Hedi Slimane's photo diary also brings me immense inspiration whenever I'm in a rut! :)

AND, any time that I'm outside and just surrounded by nature, I can't help but be in awe of it. I try to hike as much as possible, just so I can completely immerse myself in nature in any form.

Oh, and lastly, I feel inspired by cheesy things. When J and I had our picnic in Central Park, we passed so many elderly couples, walking hand in hand, so obviously still enamored with one another. Things like that just give me hope that love really does exist, and that it can be forever. It's a nice reminder! :)

If you could be in your dream place at the moment, what would you be doing?

My dream place would be a secluded (not in a creepy way) open field, completely surrounded by trees and wildflowers and maybe a little lake or pond on a beautiful sunny day, with a warm breeze. I would just lay out letting the sun beat down on my face, and taking in the beautiful surroundings. There would be a picnic basket filled with my favorite picnic-y foods, that I would take great pleasure in devouring. For some period of time, I would probably pick wildflowers and weave them into one of those flower crowns I used to make when I was little (I guess I was always a little flower child). I would lay back on the blanket in "the nook" with J, probably falling asleep in the process. As the night wore on, we would spend time in silence, laying side by side and hand in hand, just staring up at the stars.
(This is actually quite reminiscent of how we spent our first date - stargazing in an open field by school, so it's probably a bit nostalgic for me!).

If someone was to describe your personality, what would they say?

I really think it would depend on the person. It takes me a bit to warm up to people - I don't instantly trust everyone, and feel that I'm pretty good at reading people, which can make trust harder sometimes. I can be a bit shy and reserved, which some say makes me come across and snobby or bitchy.

I asked one of my roommates and best friends how she would describe me, and she answered back with this in a Facebook message (this is completelyyy copy and pasted).
"When I first met you, I thought you were so snobby. A dumb little Jersey slut (just kidding about you being a slut but not about you being dumb ;)
Once I got to know you which was really soon i saw that you are the warmest, sweetest person I have ever met. You're also seriously one of the funniest people ive ever met in my life! I swear you make me laugh like none other. Your beautiful inside and out and your loyalty shines through you. Sometimes you push yourself too hard though or tackle too many things to meet your goals so you can get stressed out easily.
I like that you don't pretend everything is okay when its clearly not - what you see is what you get with you! Your heart is also just so big and it really amazes me how dedicated you are to ehlping the homeless and matters of social justice. I really respect you for it! You also ALWAYS stand your ground on certain moral issues and I like that you'd never sell yourself or your values short no matter what."

Now, I obviously do not know if all of that is true, and maybe she is just trying to make me happy...I guess we'll just never know :) I'd like if all those things are true though!
Minus the slut part though, I'm not a big fan of that ;)

What are you most proud of?

Cue me being sentimental and emotional...

I'm really most proud of myself for getting help with my eating disorders, and acknowledging that I had a problem that needed help. A lot of times when people are trapped in an addictive behavior, it is hard to admit that they need help (which is understandable - it's scary!). I've worked hard, and continue working hard every day not to let this behavior be a part of my life any longer. While I am tempted with it every single day, I haven't slid back in over four years.

I also struggled with self worth for a while - I had about 0% self confidence, which showed in my behavior and attitude towards myself. Over the years, I have grown to absolutely love myself and know that I deserve the best :) (And so do ALL of you!). I'm proud of the way I've grown and feel comfortable in my own skin.

What has been tempting you lately?

Eating a lot of crap. I don't know why my mom keeps buying ice cream, chips, and soda, but it seems to just be piling up in the pantry and tempting me every which way! I've found that I can indulge in food like that, but I have to convince myself to go running, and I have to only eat in moderation.

I've also been tempted to just do nothing. To loaf around all day, watching TV, Facebooking for way longer than I need to, and not doing anything constructive. I kind of justify it to myself by saying that I'm not working, so I need something to occupy my time, but honestly, I could do much more productive things than watch TV! Hopefully my recent volunteering job will get me off my butt and actually doing something constructive for once! ;)

And, I've been tempted to spend the money I don't have on things I don't need - even though I try oh so hard to convince myself these things are a necessity.

What do you love about people? OR What do you love about [Person's Name]?

I have some time on my hands, so I'll answer both.

What I love about people in general is the good that can come from them. So many people just doing little things, like volunteering a few hours of their time, donating a few canned items to a food pantry, reading to inner city children, sending money to a charity - all of these things are so beautiful, and might seem somewhat insignificant or meaningless, but they add up and do so much good. When people do things out of the goodness of their heart, it just makes me want to cry from the beauty of selflessness.
I think that is the number one thing I love about people - when they are selfless and show unconditional love, whether that love is for a family member, friend, or a complete and total stranger. I think there is nothing more beautiful than doing something for someone and not expecting anything back in return.
I feel like I talk about him wayyy too much and you all are probably so sick of hearing about him, but these are some of the things I love about J.

-He calls every night, no matter how tired he is, to tell me about my day and to just talk to me for a few minutes so he can say goodnight.

-He knows when something is wrong with me, even over the phone, and even when I say that I'm okay (in a convincing voice, because I don't want to burden him with my small and unimportant problems, when he's dealing with so much at work).

-I love the way that even when I have on no makeup, or am wearing glasses, or after we went hiking and I was dripping with sweat (lovely visual, I know), he still tells me that he thinks I'm beautiful. And I really, truly think he means it.

-He is compassionate, more so than anyone else I have ever met. One time (the day he asked me out actually), when we were in the city, we passed a homeless man sleeping on the side of a building. J stopped, reached into his wallet, and handed the man a gift card to Dunkin Donuts that he had just gotten and had the full $25 on it. He never mentioned it again, but that small gesture just makes me smile when I think about it. He really truly cares about people and wants to help those in need.

-He does these thoughtful little things, like sending a card just because, or texting me throughout the day just to say that he misses me. I swoon for the little things.

And, what I love about all of YOU is the way that your comments bring me so much joy.
You're all so thoughtful with your words and your advice on certain situations, or just helping me feel like I'm not the onlyyyy one who finds inspiration in something, finds something annoying, etc. I really, from the bottom of my heart adore each and every one of you and all you have to offer :)
I'm hoping for MANY more conversations, words of wisdom, etc. as we all grow to know each other even more!
I'd love for ANY of you to answer this survey - it's a fun one!

I promise this is the last post about me for a bit :) I'll try to move on to much more interesting topics soon, I promise, promise!

Enjoy the rest of your week - I'll look forward to checking out your blogs this week! xo

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Friday, July 24, 2009

What Makes Me Happy (When Skies are Gray)

Mm, I can be quite self involved sometimes, so I absolutely love when people tag me in surveys so I have an excuse to talk about myself! (Just kidding, but I really do like doing these!). I especially love when others take on these same posts and write about themselves, because I really do enjoy learning more about all of you - even the very unconventional things :) It makes it a little more fun, and makes me feel like I 'know' you all better!

The fabulous Carol of Everyday Delights tagged me to share ten things about myself. Her list was so fabulous, and she and I have so much in common (down to the fact that we both owned/were obsessed with the same American Girl dolls, and our Mayflower relatives and genealogy obsessed mothers!).

1. Instead of gifts (though I do love gifts, don't get me wrong), I would rather do a special activity with someone, like go out for a really nice dinner, or go to a Broadway play or something. I like memories more than material things (though material things do have their place of course!).

2. My dad recently switched the TV/DVD player/cable box/DVR/stereo - everything - to one of those do everything universal remotes. I had to write out detailed instructions (including drawings) for my mom on how to use the remote to turn on the TV. She still doesn't quite understand it.

3. I got the opportunity to go to Uganda, Africa four years ago, and I dream of it every day and just long to get back there. It was both the saddest and most rewarding experience of my life.

4. I habitually check PerezHilton.com. I'm obsessed. And don't worry, I realize how trashy it is, but I just can't help myself.

5. Lately I've been eating pints upon pints of Trader Joe's non dairy, non fat raspberry sorbet. I can't stop - it is so unbelievably delicious! I justify it to myself, but I know when I get cellulite, it's all my own doing ;)

6. Every Wednesday night, I watch Top Chef with my dad. We started this tradition a few years ago, and have kept up the tradition. While I'm away at school, we still watch, and then call each other at 11 p.m. after the show is over to discuss it.

7. During Restaurant Week in NYC, my family goes into the city at least 7 times to participate in it. It is some of my favorite time spent with them, especially because we always head to Magnolia Bakery after every meal (even though dessert is included with the menu!). Estimated calories per day that week? I'm guessing 28,000 ;)



8. I absolutely love going to the beach at night. Something about just walking along the beach, listening to the waves crash, and having it not be unbearably hot is so peaceful and relaxing to me.

9. After my Nana died when I was 3, my Poppy (grandpa) bought a really gorgeous condo down in Wildwood, NJ (south Jersey, down the shore), so that our entire family could spend time together.
At first, everyone would go down for the month of August (since my aunts and uncles are schoolteachers - and my dad would go to work and then come down on the weekends). It has always been such a fun time of togetherness, and we still go down - 18 years after the fact (though now the time has decreased to 1-2 weeks).

At my fave restaurant down the shore last summer with Poppy, who encourages me to be ultra campy:

10. I absolutely LOVE to cook! My specialty is penne with vodka sauce. I can't lie, I make amazinggg vodka sauce :) I cooked it for J one night and he LOVED it (yay, success!) and have made it for a lot of family functions.

Next, the lovely Carrie of Couture Carrie invited all her readers to share things that make us happy. I got to thinking about my top nine current things that just make me break out into a big smile.

1. Good song rotation.
When I'm listening to Pandora, and I get like, a good 10 songs in a row that I just love... this puts such a massive smile on my face.

2. Hydrangeas.
I think they are beyond gorgeous. My mom has huge, huge gardens all over the property, and out by our guest house, there are these gorgeous hydrangea bushes that are pink, blue, and this dark purpleish color. I've been taking loads of pictures of them (but I've yet to upload them - I'll do that soon!).

3. Sleeping in gorgeous lingerie.
This is a recent thing - before, I was always so scrubby going to bed. I'd wear like, an oversize tshirt that I got from running a 5k and hop into bed feeling comfortable, but not very attractive. My roommate and I were shopping back in April, and after wandering into Victoria's Secret and falling in love with their gorgeous sleepwear I picked up a few things. It has made me feel so gorgeous before climbing into bed at night! It's one of those little things I like to do for myself.

4. Pablo Neruda's poetry.
I think it's beyond sexy and filled with passion. Beyond that, it's just beautifully written. For example:
The night birds peck at the first stars
that twinkle my soul like I love you.


5. "The nook."
There is this one specific spot when I snuggle up with J that is so cozy and comfortable I dubbed it "the nook." I feel like nothing can bother me when I'm snuggled up in "the nook." Just thinking about it makes me smile.

6. This commercial.
It makes me want to cry big, happy tears. Plus, I've loved this song for-ev-er.

7. Mr. Darcy.
I'm currently reading Pride & Prejudice for the bagillionth time, and I swear, Mr. Darcy makes me swoon every time. Any man who will say, "
In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

8. Driving with the windows down on a warm day, with a Starbucks nonfat iced caramel macchiato in the cupholder close by (or in this case a frappucino).

9. Elton John's song "Tiny Dancer."
I don't know why, but this song just makes me break out into a smile (and sing along, loudlyyy) whenever I hear it.

And to the fabulous Nicole at Loquaciousness, I promise I will get to your awesome survey soon - I didn't want to be TOO self involved though with all these fabulous tags! ;)

I'd like to tag ALL of you to do this - I'd love, love, love to see what makes you happy/find out more about you all!
Any fun weekend plans for you all?

Images a combo of my own, from a Google search, and the lingerie picture if from Victoriassecret.com

Currently watching: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. My brother has never seen it, and is in for quiteeee a treat :) If you haven't seen it and like thrillers, I think it's fabulous. Super creepy, but fabulous.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Little Tradition.

I absolutely love being in cozy living rooms. In my house (which is not the same case with many members of my own family where some rooms remain museum like and completely untouched!), every room is meant to be sat in, to be lived in, and enjoyed. Because of that, I have a penchant for fun, but classic looking living rooms.

I've always thought that when it came to decorating my own house, I'd be a lot more modern with fun, bright colors, but looking through House Beautiful's website, I think I'm more of a classic kind of gal. I'm seriously dreaming of graduating, getting my own place, and decorating it any which way I please :) I think that these pictures will stay in a permanent inspiration folder for me to revert back to when the time comes!

I'm a big fan of a little pop of color, lots and lots of windows/natural light (good for the environment too ;), and of course, an amazing, amazing fireplace (which, don't worry, I know most likelyyy won't happen with my first apartment).











I love this mix of modern and traditional:


I hope you're all doing wonderfully! And thank you all for your heart felt comments about my dilemma with T - I have a lottt to think about with it all! You're all so, so sweet and I just adore you <3

Currently watching: The Golden Girls - because deep down, I think I'm a 75 year old woman, and I have no shame in admitting this ;)

All images from House Beautiful.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Beginning of the End?

The other day, my friend T and I decided to have a strictly 'girls night.' As in, her disgusting boyfriend was not invited to tag along, as he always does, and always ruins the night with his antics (for example, the time we went to see Gran Torino, and because he threw a temper tantrum - seriously - and we had to stop at CVS to buy him jellybeans before the movie, we were 25 minutes late to see it...and then in the theater, he proceeded to stick his hand down T's shirt and feel her up...cool).

Now, I still do not know why T is dating this douchebag, but that is hardly the point. The point is, that the more time I spend with her, the more I get so frustrated to the point of tears with how she allowing a man to shape her morals and change everything she stands for. (And by this it is not a feminist thing - I don't like when anyone, male or female, gay or straight changes their own personal values and morals for a relationship).

She insisted that she was not 'allowed' to see Bruno, which was our original intention because her boyfriend had heard that there was too much male nudity in the movie and her boyfriend didn't want her seeing that. The same boyfriend who goes to strip clubs with his friends all the time, and has cheated on her numerous times - all of these times are of course, her fault, which she acknowledges (!!!).

We also were not able to meet until 5:30, even though she got out of work at 3:30. This is because, obviously, she had to go home and see her boyfriend (who lives with her in her parent's house) because he wants to be the first person to hear about her day before anyone else. Seriously?! Oh, and we would only be able to hang out until 8:30 p.m., because she works very early in the morning (understandable), and her boyfriend insisted that she comes home and spends time with him before bed too because he wants to be the last person she speaks to and sees at night before crawling into bed (am I being a complete monster when I say that I cannot understand this completely?).

I consider myself to be a very laid back, even tempered person. It takes a lot of rattle and upset me, but I can't lie, going into meeting up with her, I was already frustrated.
While yes, J has become a top priority in my life, he and I have an understanding that our friendships with other people are massively important to growth as a couple. When couples start abandoning their friends, I don't know, I just don't think that is a good sign. In my humble opinion (not that I have a massive amount of experience), I think that the balance between your relationship and your friendships is so, so important.

When J and I hang out with our other friends, we try not to constantly text each other and give our friends the respect that they deserve. I mean, I don't have any problem with occasional texts when I'm out with friends - I don't think that is too rude at all, but really, when it becomes a constant every two seconds thing, I start to have a problem with it. Am I a mayjah biotch, or do other people find the same thing annoying? (And I'm not trying to say that J and I are the benchmark of relationship standards, I know we have things people might think are annoying too!).

Anyway, so T and I met, and decided not to go see a movie, because Bruno was out of the question. Instead, we headed over to one of Jersey's kagillion diners, where I ate toast, bacon, sausage and chocolate cheesecake, and she sat texting her boyfriend the entire time, entering into the conversation with "Oh, yeah?" and "Yeah, I know." The conversation was going entirely from my side, since her Blackberry was constantly echoing the same text ringer over and over. I was sitting, playing with my food (slowly scraping my fork against my cheesecake and eating teeny tiny slivers - don't ask, I can't explain why), thinking to myself that I just might have had more fun sitting at home, on my bed, laying in the dark. Or possibly more fun boiling myself in acid.

Finally, she put her phone back in her bag, and sighed heavily. I found myself asking if everything was okay - sometimes, I'm so observant I just want to congratulate myself. She told me that her boyfriend wanted to go to a hockey game with his friends, but she told him he was not allowed to go and now he was pissed. I stared at her with with my head kind of cocked to the side - a typical confused face I seem to make. "Allowed?" I asked her with growing interest (and disgust, rolled up into one neat little package).

She explained that since she had caught him cheating (with his ex girlfriend who he lost his v-card to), he needed to ask her permission now before he did anything. He was no longer allowed to go anywhere where there could be females he would be attracted to and want to cheat with. I swear, I could feel my jaw start to slowly drop.

Again, not that I think J and I are without faults, but really, I think the minute that I have to start limiting where he is "allowed" to go, I'll end the relationship. What is the point of being with someone if you can't trust them to go to a hockey game with their friends? To me, trust is the most important aspect of a good relationship. Again, maybe because before dating J, I was single since my senior year of high school (three years), I do not have a good head on my shoulder in regards to what is acceptable in the realms of relationships. I'd like to think I do, but you never know, right?

The night went on (actually, not the night...the early evening). I got to hear the justification of why her boyfriend cheated, and how she had brought it on herself. She explained that after the first time he cheated, he felt so wrought with guilt and so awful that he cried. And after the second and third time, he thought he'd die without her. "Isn't that sweet of him to say?" she asked me. (Cue the head tilt/jaw drop on my end again). I asked her if I could say something and have her not get upset with me, but take it from someone who loves her and has known her since we both had bad skin and flat chests. She nodded that yes, I could give my opinion on the subject and she welcomed it (I knew this wasn't entirely true, but I could not just sit there any longer).

I asked her why, if E had felt so awful about this betrayal the first time, and was reduced to tears over it, why had he proceeded to do the same thing on other numerous occasions (that she knows about). She had nothing to say to that, and I felt like I was being a Debbie Downer, constantly finding the negative in every situation.
Have any of you ever been in a situation with a best friend where you found yourself constantly biting your tongue to refrain from lashing out about exactly how you feel?

As we hugged goodbye, all I could think of was that I was the happiest girl in the world to be able to call J my boyfriend and how much I appreciated the fact that I can trust him without having to constantly keep tabs on his whereabouts 24/7. I also could not push the notion out of my head that T and I really might be drastically starting to drift apart...

So, thoughts? Am I completely out of line? I just don't know anymore because maybe I am entirely wrong, and everyone really does deserve a third, fourth, fifth, twenty-eighth chance. Anyone else have a similar story when you hated one of your friends boyfriends or girlfriends?

Sorry for the complaining, darlings. I promise it won't be a permanent thing.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Went Wrong Vol. 1: Mischa Barton.

Today, enjoying the 80 degree weather, I found myself laying out at my best friend T's pool, soaking up the sun while we caught up in the latest developments in each others lives. While we sat there laughing and sharing stories, T said to me, "We are so like Summer and Marissa from The OC, minus the whole California thing" which prompted me to just wonder what Mischa Barton has been doing with her life.

Now, I can't stand Mischa Barton. Primarily because she left The OC way too early, and if it wasn't for her, we'd probably still be watching new episodes of a Ryan-Marissa-questionable person love triangle, and having Seth Cohen making us all laugh.

When I first watched The OC years and years ago, I was horribly jealous of Mischa Barton - how could someone possibly be so beautiful, so thin, and have perfect hair, always? I loved what she wore to premieres, to parties, and of course, on the show (though I know that had nothing to do with her).

Mischa's downfall, in my humble opinion, was (aside from an obvious coke habit) that she thought too highly of herself. She found herself above The OC, and wanted out to focus on her career. Now, with her blockbuster and Oscar award winning straight to DVD collection, along with horrible choices in fashion and crazy weight gain and loss, poor Mischa might just be learning that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Now, she'll be back on television this fall, playing a model on a new show on the CW with Sara Paxton (from The Last House on the Left). Maybe Mischa realized she just doesn't have the chops for work outside television? (Though to be fair, she also has a movie starring Jessica Stroup from 90210 coming out on July 17th as well...it looks like it should have gone to DVD though).

It really makes me sad, like really, when such a beautiful person can just allow themselves to hit rock bottom in such a short period of time. Girlfriend, lighten up on the raccoon eye makeup, you're gorgeous without it; stop putting the money you make up your nose; and start taking yourself seriously!

The difference between three years ago and now just blows my mind!


Oh, wow, you were famous enough to be on a Got Milk? ad:



And, proof that when you're naturally gorgeous, less makeup really is more!
Mischa Barton1

And, the downward spiral begins...please cue the heavy, heavy eyes and walks of shame:




Scaryyy skinny:


This is the most recent picture that has surfaced:

Which celebrity trainwrecks make YOU the saddest? And how were all your weekends?

All images found from Google Image search, Evil Beet Gossip

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cause Me (More) Pain, Hedi Slimane!

On this lazy, lazy day when I'm not working due to a pretty intense eye infection - "Don't stare at screens like the computer or television, and don't wear your contacts for 10 days," informed my opthamologist this morning. While I love to read, am I supposed to just read with no computer or television for ten days? I don't think so (said in a Kevin McAllister ala Home Alone voice) - I figured that catching up on all of your lovely blogs before 2 a.m. would be a fabulous time to get some down time, clearly disregarding my doctor's orders. Whoops.

As I've posted about before, I LOVE Hedi Slimane and his beautiful take on photography and men's fashion. Even when I don't really understand why a photographer chose to shoot a certain subject, I can applaud the risk it takes to think outside of the box, or can capture so much emotion through something unexpected.

Since Slimane is constantly updating his website, these are some of my newer favorites!










Mmm, drooling over these Louboutins!




Thoughts? Which one is your favorite (or least favorite for that matter!) ?

Also, I'd like to thank both Carrie at Couture Carrie and Keith at Dino Lounge for passing me on this fabulous award. Thank you both very much - I adore your blogs as well and can see why you both won this award to begin with!
from the wonderful Couture Carrie

The second award is from Amy at My Pointe of View, who passed on the Honest Blog Award. For this one, I have to write ten honest things about myself, so hereee we go :)


1. J has only been gone for five days, and I miss him so, so much. I'm aware this may sound pathetic, but we went from spending almost every day this summer for 10+ hours together, so it's becoming quite the adjustment.

2. I hadn't been running in forever, and went on Sunday for the first time in a while. I thought that I could just do as much as I could when I'm in my stride, and failed miserably, barely covering 2 miles without feeling like my shins were going to explode and my quads were going to melt into pieces. I'm still a little sore, but I'm pushing through.

3. Ever since I got my new Nikon camera, I've been obsessed with taking pictures with it whenever I can. I wish it was more compact and I could just stick it in my purse, but obviously that's not the point of it : )

4. When I first started blogging, there was this nervousness about it all. The what ifs of what if no one ever read my blog, or identified what I was saying. But I have simply been overwhelmed by the number of fabulous people I have gotten to know through their beautiful words, or the inspiration I have found through so many of your posts. It's wonderful :)

5. When I was in seventh grade, I started to create a "wedding binder" with a collection of dresses, locations, flowers, cakes, etc. that I was interested in. It cracks me up to look through this binder now and some of the tacky dresess that I loved back in the day.

6. I love Anthony Bourdain and the Travel Channel. I think he's super funny - anyone who can cook and who is sarcastic is okay in my book.

7. I really dream of moving to New York and living in the Village (East), surrounded by hipsters and hippies, travelling to the West Village to indulge in Magnolia Bakery cupcakes whenever I can. Yes, please.

8. I've always wanted to be a contestant on Survivor, but I could not do the backstabbing. My brother on the other hand, Mr. Born Manipulator, would be fantastic on it.

9. Thai food is something I think I could eat every day. Either that or sushi. Yum, yum. I would be the size of a house, but it just might be worth it!

10. I love reality shows, from the good - like Top Chef and Project Runway, to the awful, like Paris Hilton's BFF. I have no shame, and enjoy the really awful ones with something equally awful - Kraft Mac & Cheese :)

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I hope you're all enjoying the summer weather!

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