Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home for the Holidays.

So, I'm officially done - I am done with finals and classes FOREVER (or, until I go to grad school, but I'm not even thinking of that!). Next semester all I'll have is student teaching (I say that like it's super easy), so I'm doneee with college classes! Seriously, I'm still in a weird place - I guess because I can't believe that it's all over, and all my stress definitely (hopefully) paid off, but for now I can shelve the stress until January 12th!

I drove home today and entered into a winter wonderland - my mom's decorating is always perfect, and it makes me so happy =) She does everything really simple, but I think it's still super pretty.

Holiday decorations make me like, beyond happy (though I'm not too excited about the 12 - seriously 12 - of those blow up things that look like Spongebob or Bart Simpson that are in my neighbors yard....tack-yyyy! And seriously, if I had $3,000 to blow, it would not be on blow up crap for my front yard).

I'm excited to bake cookies (my mom made the cutest little ones that look like mittens last night!), to relax, to go to the city with J on Thursday to see Mary Poppins =) , and of COURSE, catching up on all of your wonderful blogs! I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I've missed you all during my blogging absences.

So, welcome to my home for the holidays...and I can't wait to see all your pretty decorations from your homes!

My mom seriously decorates almost every room of the house - she goes all out!

I am 21 years old, and my mom still keeps the little piano I played on when I was little in our basement. And she decorates it. Every year.


I know it's not the best detail, but the plants to the right of me that are by the kitchen windows (one in front of each window) are changed every season - like, with fun colored flowers for summer, or neutral colors for fall. It's pretty cute. Right now they're white, with these big (fake) red berries inside the planters. It's just a cute touch, since a kitchen is pretty difficult to decorate!




These branches make the whole living room smell SO good! =) I would highlyyy recommend it!

Do you/your families go all out for the holidays, or do they keep it on the simpler side? Is everyone getting into the holiday spirit, or are finals and work making it difficult to be super excited about it all?

I've missed you all so much - let me know how you've been!

P.S. I have an upcoming product review coming up sponsored by the lovely Living Room Furniture! I'm really excited about it! Definitely check out their website for some fabulous (and way discounted) products for your home =)

Currently listening to: Rachael Yamagata - Faster.
Currently anticipating: An unbelievably relaxing day/night spent with J, catching up on all our favorite shows...and of course, reading all your blogs and finding out what you've been up to!


•¦Amy¦• said...

Hooray for time off school and for the Holiday season!

My family used to go all out, but lately we've toned it down a bit. lol.

Tracy-Girl said...

I love the way it looks... oh my goodness, what a good feeling! Home for the holidays - and no worries!! YAAY! :)

Couture Carrie said...

So festive, darling!


Mrs. W said...

yay! ive missed you! Your house looks wonderful!! Have a great time on break!

Hanako66 said...

your family home is beautiful!!!

congratulations on being done...that is the best feeling, though i would stay in school forever if i could!

my mom's house is like a nutcracker shrine...she goes nuts, i guess that's where i get it from!

Desiree said...

Congrats on finishing school! Such a huge accomplishment!!! Your house looks sooo pretty, it looks like its got that classic Christmas feel. My Mom goes all out, but I love every second of it! :)

k. said...

Hey girl, just wanted to let you know I absolutely love your blog. I don't usually comment, but I just had to thank you for getting me hooked on skins! I've never heard of the show, but when I read your descriptor on Cassie, I just had to watch! I'm on the finale of season 2 already!

So thank you thank you thank you!

xox, K

Laura Trevey said...

looks beautiful!!!

Carol said...

Your house looks so pretty! And congrats on being done, that is so exciting!!

Morgane said...

i just discover your blog and LOVE it : i'm french girl who share your love for macarrons! I will follow your blog , feel free to visit mine !

Keith said...

I'm glad you are off now for the holiday season. That's great news. The place looks so beautifully decorated. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it. Hope you're having a great weekend. Cheers!

Kristin said...

Woop woop for being done!! I adore the garland strung across the windows. So gorgeous! In my family it's balls to the wall when it comes to decorations!

dapper kid said...

Ahhhh how wonderfully adorable, those decorations are amazing. I really do love decorating over Christmas, I sort of wish I could decorate more than just the one home lol. Maybe I could get a job as a Christmas decorator??? Hope you're having a fabulous day dear :)

fhen said...

it feels great to be home right? im also coming back to jakarta for this holiday.
wow your decoration is awesome~

Aren said...

Seriously? That's so great, now you can really experience the world! I still have ... Seven? Eight? years of schooling ahead of me. Boo. I really do hate those tacky holiday decorations as well, not considering the eletric bill for it. Traditional is the way to go. I've been getting to the Christmas spirit by listening to Sufjan Stevens Christmas music and baking cookies, it's great fun. I love decorating holiday cookies, Smitten Kitchen has a great recipe for it that I used this and turned out great. Glad to see you getting back into the groove of blogging!

Happy Holidays!

Iva said...

it looks so gorgeous!!