Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fashionable Female TV Characters.

Phew, I am home for Thanksgiving break, and I absolutely cannot wait for a little bit of relaxation, and some really, really yummy food (though I will most definitely be doing homework and projects while I'm home).
While I study and do homework, I always watch television...it's how I work the best, with some background noise. Lately, I find myself getting really inspired by the fashion that I see people wearing on television shows, which inspired me for this post =)

1. Carrie Bradshaw.
Even when her outfits are so wrong, they just work. For some reason, this gal can pull off absolutely anything, and even though people may hate some of her pairings, there is still that "wow factor" that the character possesses. She is comfortable enough in herself to show off her belly (though if my waist was that tiny, I'd be doing the same), wear a dress resembling a newspaper (I don't care if it's Dior, I despised it), and wears heels with absolutely everything - and as a girl who walks around NYC all the time, this is NO easy accomplishment. Love, love, love her.



I hated Petrovsky, but wanted him to buy me an Oscar de la Renta dress like this one:


2. Summer Roberts.
Have I mentioned I love The OC? ;) One reason I love it so much is all the perfect fashion choices for all the characters. Summer's boho style is no exception, and I found myself drooling over all her gorgeous clothes (except in the beginning of the first season when she was kind of slutty), even in the fourth season when she turned kind of hippie. She always looked pulled together and chic, but in an effortless sort of way.





3. Fran Fine.
I grew up on shows like The Nanny, and still love it to this day. While Fran's choices were always absolutely ridiculous and just out of control, the girl could completely and totally rock the short skirts that were 100% not work appropriate. They were loud, obnoxious, usually neon or an animal print, but still.... she worked it, and owned it, even the heinous ones.





4. Serena van der Woodsen.
I love how Serena has a boho-ish Summer Roberts type of style...with a million dollar budget. Her hair is almost always perfect, her style is always right on, and let me tell you, I was absolutely going nuts over her bridesmaids dress when her mom got married!



The bridesmaids dress that makes me unbelievably jealous:


5. Betty Draper.
I just got into Mad Men recently, and let me tell you, as big of a feminist as I am, I kind of wish I could be a '50's housewife so that I could wear those fabulous dresses! She is just beyond gorgeous, and a pretty tough cookie for having to deal with all the crap she goes through! And my mom said she can remember her mom having fabulous dresses like these, that she wore all the time a la Betty Draper.





6. Kirsten Cohen
The sweet head matriarch of the Cohen family, who dresses so mom-cute, but remains classy and perfect at the same time. Definitelyyy the same effect I want to have when I'm on a mom - very stylish without trying to be a teenager =) Plus, I wouldn't complain to having her body when I'm in my 40's either!





7. Cassie Ainsworth.
I love the British teen drama (that makes The OC and Dawson's Creek seem like child's play) Skins. I love everything about it, especially the character of Cassie. She's a recovering anorexic who loves popping pills, and is ridiculously out there, but she's such a lovable mess, with the quirkiest fashion sense (she has a penchant for gold tap shoes, that she wears all the time).





8. Mrs. Ari
The wife of the most terrible, but unbelievably perfect character on TV, Ari Gold, on HBO's Entourage. Her husband is ruthless, and yet he fears his wife - my kind of character! Since she's married to a super wealthy Hollywood agent, she is always dressed perfectly and never looks like she isn't put together.




9. Blair Waldorf.
Goes without saying. She is just perfect, never really wears jeans, and always looks just amazing. Her headbands are always in place, her style is always on point. Every time I watch an episode of Gossip Girl, I never think "What were they thinking dressing her in that?" Love Blair.





10. Marissa Cooper.
Another obvious on the list. She's another one who is (usually) pulled together, in unbelievably cute outfits, normally accented by Chanel bags or clutches. Her way of pairing outfits with perfect accessories blows my mind, and I feel like I usually sit and am just in awe of all the Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Prada worn in her day-to-day school wardrobe.





Who are YOUR favorite fashionable female television characters? (Maybe I'll do one on just males soon!) I know I'm missing a TON!

And how excited are you for Thanksgiving?! I'm excited for all the food, time with my family and J's family, and catching up on all your blogs =) I've missed you all too much. xox

Currently: Watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride. Nothing like a little mindless television to ease the pain of a brutal few weeks. And this bride is insane... it's driving me crazy how little she wants to budge on everythinggg! Right now she's bleaching her hair herself, and I am in pain watching. Omg, and she seriously just dyed her hair BLUE!


Diane said...

this was such a fun post! i agree with a good portion of your list.
some other fashionistas on tv---
~kelly taylor, beverly hills 90210
~rayanne graff, my so-called life (she definitely had the 90's grunge look down pat!)
~lily aldrin, how i met your mother

Mrs. W said...

ohhh love this! Its so funny bc as soon as I saw the title The Nanny popped into my head for some reason and I was thinking, "Of course, she wont be on here..im the only one that would think of that!" LOL And you did!! And I love Serena. I drool over her outfits every monday night.

have a WONDERFUL break!! Enjoy it!

•¦Amy¦• said...

I can't hate Petrovsky just 'cause he's played by Baryshnikov and I love that man! lol. He's such a sweet humble human being in real life, and an amazing dancer!

good choices!

♥Aubrey said...

Ohhh how i've missed you girly!!!
These outfits are drool-worthy. I'll take Summer Roberts PLEASE :)-

Enjoy your little Turkey break and definitely watch tv while studying. I too have to have me some background noise. Lol

Hanako66 said...

I'm right with you on all of these!!!

I haven't seen skins though...

That's so funny...I'm always telling my husband that I'm obsessed with Ari's wife's clothes!

HiFashion said...

Love the ladies you picked. I especially loved the styles of the girls from the OC. Summer Roberts did always manage to look great. One females style that I did always love was Peyton Sawyers from One Tree Hill (I don't know i you ever saw that show).

Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic post, darling! My fave is Betty Draper :)


fhen said...

this is such a fun post!
blair, serena, carrie, and merissa are my fave!

fhen said...

by the way do you tweet?

OceanDreams said...

What a great post!! I love Gossip Girl and the actresses, especially Blair and her lovely outfits! OH and don't even get my started on Carrie! Enjoy your Thanksgiving break hun!

Carol said...

What a fun post! I would happily take all of their closets!

Kristin said...

What a gorgeous post! Nobody will ever beat Ms. Bradshaw in my book. Happy Thanksgiving!

Join the Gossip said...

My fav fashionable female character on TV is def Blair. I was hoping as I read this post, she'd be included. So happy when I scrolled down to see her =)

I recently noticed (thanks to a co-worker) that i tend to dress like Blair on Tuesdays. I think that after watching the show ever Monday I subconsciously want to be Blair on Tuesday haha!

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

Rachel Bilson is adorable! Hope u had a wonderful Thanksgiving Allison! Grateful for you!

zupu said...

This is one of your best post ever bella! I obviously adore Carrie, Blair, Summer and really also Kirsten Cohen! I also adore Charlotte from SATC, Olivia Palermo from the City (ok it's reality show but still..)

I think I should check out the Skins, never watched it.

Thanks for these inspirational pictures dear!

Tracy-Girl said...

Of course, SJP is my absolute favorite... and I am with you, I hated Petrovsky, but I wanted the dress too! :) and I am so glad you included Fran... because she is fabulous! haha!

Ashley said...

I agree with soooo much of this! Carrie, Summer, and especially Blair, these are the reasons I watch TV, and you did a great job of listing the cream of the crop. My all time fave from The OC was Marissa's dress for senior prom, the white Chanel with flowers. LOVEEE ♥

dapper kid said...

The entire cast of Mad Men get it right, always!! And heck yes to Cassie. I remember watching Skins when it first came out in the UK, and oh my did I fall in love with her! Hope you're having a beautiful week and you had a gorgeous thanksgiving :)

Keith said...

Hey there. I'm back from my blogging vacation. I hope you had a great week and weekend. I enjoyed myself this Thanksgiving holiday. I did miss your blog. Great post. I love all of these. Leighton is my favorite. I love that girl. Take care. Have a fantastic week ahead. Cheers!

New England Girl said...

LOVE this list... and all of your choices, of course. :)
I am a huge fan of Serena and Blair. I am always so, so envious watching GG. They always look perfect, from their hair to their shoes, and I often wish for the same budget, to buy the same clothing. :)
I haven't seen Mad Men, but I adore the photos of Betty and sometimes wish that I had a reason to wear such fabulous clothes every single day. I might seem a bit of a hassle, but it's so classy. :)
I don't watch much tv, so my choices wouldn't dive outside the realm of your list. I also always loved the OC's choices for their female characters, but because I'm not 5'10 and 100lbs, I could never pull them off. :) It's nice to dream though!

Hope you're doing well. :)

♥Aubrey said...

Thank you for the well wishes today hun...you're such a sweet♥ Luv you to pieces lady!!!

Uhhh...someone has your blog title, but with stars in front of it. I wanted to scream on your behalf when i saw it today :(

Do you have a FB account?

Jess said...

I love Carrie Bradshaw best!
I loved her outfits in the episodes in Paris,
they were very romantic and eccentric.
Love this post.
Check out my blog;
just started! xx

Elizabeth Marie said...


ohhh I want to BE Summer. And Rachel Bilson so yeah. haha.

Hope all is well honey!!

Candice said...

This post is INCREDIBLE!!! I love all these women and all their styles!!! Blair and Summer...oh to have their closets :)

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