Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekend Inspiration.

Phew, it's been quite the week! Let me start out by telling you guys that our power was out for eighteen hours on Wednesday - it went out at 1:30 p.m., so we spent an entire day being completely and totally without electricity (actually, J and I didn't make it long - we booked it to It's a Grind, where we sat for over five hours watching TV online. Sad, sad, I know...but I just love The Biggest Loser!).
After we came back, we took advantage of the fact that we completely charged our computer batteries to sit in the dark, with only our cell phones to light the way, and watch I Love You, Man on my roommate R's computer (our other two roommates were smart, and have boyfriends who live off campus, so they were out of there, enjoying electricity). Seriously, I don't know how the Amish survive, I really don't.
The next change came when I went to this lovely salon, in desperate need of a haircut (because unfortunately it was taking me 45 minutes to just blow dry my hair, which is farrrr too long). I explained to my stylist that I wanted my hair to fall to just about my collarbone, so she could cut about five inches off. Wellll, as I should know by now, things never quite end up the way you imagine, and hairdressers usually cut off more than you ask, so I now have layers that falls right under my shoulders. Ah, quite the adjustment, but I like it a lottt (I'll put pictures up soon!). is homecoming, and it is a very, very dreary day for it. I spent the most perfect night at a hotel in Philly with R and C last night (more super fun pictures and info to come soon!), so driving from Philly back to school in the pouring rain, with gray clouds looming overhead was just not the best way to wake up. I thought that a dreary and kind of miserable day like today would be perfect for another picture of some of my favorites from my inspiration folder - I hope you guys aren't sick of it yet!


If I ever have a little girl, I want her room to be like this =)





Uhm, why can't I just look like this:





P.S. I'll have a super hot Hottie of the Week post up on Tuesday maybe....I'm getting a little behind on everything!

Currently listening to - Fiona Apple - Criminal (flashback to the 90's much?...but she's just sooo good).


Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi lover! How cute, being in the dark with your boy!! And I TOTES love I love you, Man haha..

I bet your hair looks GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see!!!

Love the inspiration photos, keep em coming, my folder on my comp is HUGE, I get lost in things like this!!

And that particular Fiona Apple album is in my top 5 favorites always! Love you so so much, miss you...stay dry :)

Gee xo said...

if i have a daughter i want her to have that bedroom too! heck, i want that bedroom NAOO! LOL :)

Desiree said...

Your inspiration folder seems dreamy♥ Luv some classic Fiona. And Jayne Mansfield = Fabulous.

•¦Amy¦• said...

I'm back from my blogging break!

love all the photos!!! And without pour for eighteen hours? wow!

♥Aubrey said...

Too bad you didn't have a light saber ;)- Lol...that would be a hoot to see!!!
Ahhh i WANT to see your hair. SHOW IT!!! Oooo you've been busy on this here changed up your photos on your sidebar. Luv them ALL ♥ Have a wonderful weekend luv.

Michael said...

What a kind weekend inspiration! I just love the third photo.

Lilee said...

i'm i love with your header! ahhh these pics are so beautiful and inspiring! love the eiffel tower one!

Ashleigh said...

such a beautiful picture of Mischa

Keith said...

Hey Allison. It sounds like you've had quite a week. I can't wait to see pics of your new hair. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend. Cheers!

Hayley said...

i just adore your blog! thank you for the comment. i hope you had a lovely weekend<3

Carol said...

I can't believe your power was out for so long! So annoying! I am obsessed with the skirt in the top picture. Can we both please get that sent to us?!

Emily Cato said...

Power outages bite.

This post is pretty amazing, thanks for sharing such lovely pictures!

jeannie said...

Love the collection of images!!

Kristin said...

That has got to be the most amazing little girls room I've ever seen! And I'm sure your new 'do is just gorg!

Bella said...

Hey darlin'!

I've been away for too long, and feel like I've missed sooo much. Today's all about catching-up with all these fabulous posts!
The inspirational images are fantastic... I look at them and just get swept away. And I can't wait to see new pics of your hair. I'm sure you look absolutely gorgoues! As always. xxx

OceanDreams said...

Wow, all of these pictures are just beyond lovely, thanks for all of the eye candy! Hope your hair turns out lovely, I always love getting my hair done!

nookie said...

lovely pics

Couture Carrie said...

Oh darling sorry about the power outage... really makes you appreciate electricity, right?

Love this post ~ so many inspirational pics. Who is that lovely lady in the kitchen? What a figure!


P.S. Can't wait to see homecoming pics, gorgeous!

MARISA said...

i love all these photos

if i have a little girl i soo want her room to look like that too

Hanako66 said...

I kind of love it when the power goes out at's sort of scary and sexy:)

sounds like everything is good with you...thanks for the lovely inspiration!

nicole addison said...

oh woman you are not alone! i would have grabbed my computer and been out of there in a second! i can't do no electricity :)oh and the pics are lovely by the way. :)

Savvy Gal said...

i want that room too. : ) no electricity, that is no fun... i always have candles ready for such events.

randi bergman said...

i want to live in that paris photo!

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