Sunday, October 18, 2009

Joie de Vivre.

Wow, it has been a super, super busy past two weeks. And I'm going to apologize right now for the overwhelming amount of pictures on this post!

Two weeks ago, my friends R and C and myself drove into Philly for the night, since it was R's sister L's sweet 16. Rather than have a big party (like I did for mine), L opted to go into Philly with her 5 best girlfriends for a fun dinner out, and staying overnight in a hotel. We stayed at the Westin in Philadelphia, which is conveniently located near Walnut street, which has some of the best shopping (and a HUGE Urban Outfitters).

I had like, the perfect outfit picked out. This gorgeous, organic cotton one shoulder green dress that I was going to wear with brown Louboutins and a pretty brown belt. The only problem was that in my rush to leave for Philly, I left the silly dress on my couch. So C and I (who arrived earlier than the other girls) had to hop on over to Urban, where I tried on about 15 dresses until I found one that would go with my shoes, actually fit, and didn't hang off of me (since of course, my gorgeous belt was also forgotten at the apartment).

The next two hours were spent getting ready - and let me tell you, this group of sixteen year old girls were some of the most fashionable girls I have ever seen. When I was sixteen, I'm pretty sure I always wore Abercrombie, like every day... or Lacoste polos to school (since I had a uniform). These girls were gorgeous, in these fabulous, fabulous dresses (though they were shooooort), super high heels, and perfect hair and makeup. Seriously, when I was sixteen, I was awkward, had bad skin, didn't know how to properly apply makeup, and the fashion sense was just not so up to par.

We headed to Pod - which is this amazing Asian fusion restaurant in Philly, where we actually got to sit in one of the three "pods" in the restaurant - a private room that overlooks the rest of the restaurant. On each of the walls in the "pod" were colored buttons, and when they were pressed, they would change the color of the entire room (the worst was red - I seriously felt like I was in hell).




R, with the green lighting in the pod!

The food was delicious - all family style, and just scrumptious. Between me, C and R, we split chicken lettuce wraps (which were beyonddd amazing), crab fried rice (again, perfection), a house salad, and ginger macadamia nut chicken, and we were STUFFED. (I think the rest of the girls split sushi platter). Then dessert arrived, which included peanut butter/fluffernutter spring rolls with chocolate sauce, and a plate that was appropriately named "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate", which included a chocolate shot, chocolate tart, and chocolate bread pudding. I swear, I gained forty eight pounds from dinner.

When we headed back to the hotel, we were wired... and proceeded to act like fourteen year olds, taking pictures in the hotel room, and then we watched The Hangover - which, I do not know why, but none of us had seen! (That movie is beyond perfect...I cannot tell you how hard I laughed...and J hadn't seen it, so I actually ended up watching it with him the next day again!).
It's always fun to get out with your girlfriends, and be silly, and get dressed up and have fun... it was one of the most fun nights I've had with them in the four years I've known them!

This past Thursday and Friday at our school was our Fall Break, which was absolutely perfect, because the weather was horrible, and I probably would have had zero motivation to go to class. On Wednesday, R's boyfriend had texted me, her and J to say that we should all have a fun double date over break. We decided to head to Baltimore on Friday, and spend the day at the aquarium, since none of us had ever been. R and I were shocked when the boys actually ended up waking up so that we could leave by 9 a.m., and we spent the entire day at the aquarium, where we saw sea turtles, lots of sharks, and a dolphin show! Plus, it was just fun to get off campus and spend time with each other.

At the dolphin show:





We rushed back from Baltimore (and by rushed, I mean sat in rush hour traffic, adding an additional hour and a half onto our trip time), to get home in time for a Halloween party at our roommate's boyfriend Kyle's house. It was a mad rush, since R still hadn't decided on a costume, I had no freaking clue how to do my hair for mine, and R's boyfriend A had said he was going to be Wall-E but still had no costume.
R ended up going as white trash (though her boyfriend and J both said she looked like a crackwhore), A ended up going as a preppy, Harvard boy - and J and I made an interestinggg Patty Mayonnaise and Doug Funny (but I think we looked cute!).







I am very pleased to say that there were no horrible party fouls at this party (some of you may remember the lovely experience that I had at my friend Alex's party this summer that I blogged about here). (Though, immediately after having one shot of SoCo with lime, J knocked a drink over on my gorgeousss Patty Mayonnaise leggings!). ;)
P.S., I spent much of the night making new friends and telling everyone how pretty/funny/sweet they were...whoops!

Hope you're all doing so well - can't waittt to catch up on your blogs! =) And I hope you all had beautiful weekends!

Also, I apologize if there are spelling errors...the heat in our apartment is broken (this is after we didn't have water for two days), so my fingers may possibly be completely numb and ready for amputation ;)

Currently listening to: Magnet - Lay Lady Lay. Maybe my current new favorite song, everrrr.


jeannie said...

cute pictures!! Looks like a blast.

♥Aubrey said...

Too cute lady...i was actually thinking about you this week and meant to write. Sorry i didn't!!!Awww...your costumes are adorable and well put together. I'd say you could be their twins :)-
Ya for the aquarium!!! My daughter is obsessed with dolphins & whales. I wish they had some out here so she should go see them. I'll definitely be showing her THIS picture. Thanks for posting it.
Hope you have a wonderful week and that your heat gets turned on soon....Mwaaah!!!

•¦Amy¦• said...

Mmmm now I keep thinking about chocolate! Haha.

Doug! and Patty! That was my absolute favorite show as a kid :) The original ones on Nick though...not after Disney bought it.

Desiree said...

LOL to the "average" 16yr old today...I too recently did a night out in NYC for a friends Sweet16 and was BLOWN away at the super short dresses/ 5inch heels they all rocked!

P.S - I always check out the music you suggest and I like it all. A lot! Thanks! =)

Carol said...

Love all your pictures and that dress you wore to pod is too cute!

Elizabeth Marie said...

You are so beyond cute! And dude "shwasted" hahaha...

Love the girly date, the hangover, the aquarium and your costumes! So glad this party was freak-show free! And I know what you mean about telling everyone how funny/sweet/pretty they are...omg do I know. At least we're extra friendly, right??

I owe you an email! Coming right up! Been dealing with my sick mommy but she's getting better!
Love you! said...

Wow. Loads and loads of activities. :)
I adore the Patti and Doug costumes... god, I miss that show... do you remember The Beets? lol. and that song... 'Killer Tofu'. LOL.

Amy said...

Adorable photos!! I love your outfits in the first set... so cute!!


Keith said...

Hey Allison. Great post. I always enjoying learning about what's been going on in your life. It sounds like you've had a blast recently. I love the photos. It was cool to see them. Hope you have a fantastic week. Cheers!

Tasha said...

Thanks for comment!

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling! You all look so fabulous and happy!

Sorry about the forgotten dress and the lack of heat :(

You look amazing, and I didn't notice any spelling errors :)


New England Girl said...

Busy two weeks, but it sounds like everything was wonderful! I love all the photos; you look SO gorgeous in all of them! I especially love the costumes, as I really don't think I've ever seen anyone dress up as Doug and Patty. Too cute!! :)
I hope everything is going well for you! And brrr, I hope your heat gets fixed soon! I remember days like that in our apartment at school. It used to be horrible! Have some hot cocoa and make some more pumpkin whoopie pies! :) xoxox.

Keith said...

Hey Allison. I forgot to mention this. Make sure you check out my Tuesday post on my Dino Lounge blog when it comes up. I'm giving you an award in the post.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a fabulous time with fabulous friends! I dig how you rolled with the punches despite leaving your perfect ensemble at home. : )

Hanako66 said...

so glad that this party wasn't as crazy as the last one!!!

you all look adorable...sounds like you've been up to so much fun stuff!

Lindsay said...

Your hair looks amazing! You two make a cute Doug and Patty :)

Looks like you had a fun/crazy weekend! Gotta love college!!

Andy said...

don't ever apologize for pictures, visual learners need them :). & Keep being awesome! It's inspiring!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing all the pics... you guys look terrific :) And I know what you mean about the 16 year olds these days (why do I sound old when I say that?). I know that when I was that age, I was living in jeans and tees and the few dresses I wore didn't stray that far above the knee!

Katie said...

Just stumbled upon your site and I loove your blog header!! Definitely becoming a reader. :)

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