Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chicken Little.

So, like I said in previous posts - I've been trying to eat healthier, which is just not so simple living at school, with a limited budget, and a meal plan in the dining commons where the average meal has about 8,000 calories and 5 bagillion mg of sodium (slight exaggeration, but just slight).

I've never really been a huge red meat fan - occasionally I'll crave a burger (usually something unbearably healthy, like the McDouble from McDonald's), but usually I'm a chicken kind of gal. I think I could probably eat chicken every single day, and because of that, I am constantly seeking out new ways that I can cook it, so I'm not eating the same old thing every day. I have blown through all (seriously, no exaggeration there) recipe in my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks involving chicken, and the rest of the cookbooks in the apartment.

I have been to Trader Joe's/Whole Foods at least twice every week, stocking up on free-range, organic chicken, and spend a good amount of time five nights a week trying new things, tweaking recipes, and coming up with kick ass side dishes to go along with my chicken (like yesterday, I made white rice, and added feta cheese with pine nuts and mixed it all up together. Perfection - especially paired with asparagus sauteed in olive oil with sea salt).

But my dilemma has been to find creative ways to cook the friggin thing so that I'm not chickened out, which would just be a horrible tragedy in my life. Once again, I went onto Martha Stewart's website in my spare time when I was exceptionally bored in my apartment the other night (all alone, and J was away for the weekend), and what was the first thing that popped up? 100 EASY ways to cook chicken. I swear, it's like she spoke to me.

Some of the recipes did not excite me very much, but some... ohhhh my goodness, I cannot wait to make my bi-weekly Whole Foods trip (seriously, the one cashier knows me by name at this point, and may or may not have let me get a few things for free...) so that I can make some of these fantastic recipes! Now if only I could find a magic potion to dramatically increase the size of my kitchen in my apartment, I'd be golden ;)

I'm a fan of spicy food, so this Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa sounds absolutely perfect!
cayenne rubbed chicken w avocado salsa

Sometimes, I think that making things in a rush can equal me making bad choices in what I eat. By simply buying a rotisserie chicken, I can make these perfect looking Asian-Style Chicken Wraps.
asian style chicken wraps

This Chicken Parm is ready in thirty five minutes! While it's not the healthiest option, who doesn't love a good chicken parm, right?
chicken parm

I love, love, love Thai food. Honestly, I could probably eat it every day and not complain once (especially mango sticky rice, but I digress...). This Thai Chicken and Noodle Salad only takes 20 minutes to prep, and according to Martha is the perfect blend of spicy, sweet, salty and sour packed in one.
thai chicken and noodle salad

I've been sauteing up a storm here at school - so this Sauteed Chicken in Mustard Cream Sauce really jumped out to me... and yum, any chance to eat asparagus (as seen in the picture) is great for me!

I'm also a big pasta fan - I've switched to whole wheat, so that it's more of a healthy carb. Martha posted a recipe for a Chicken Fettucini with Pesto Cream Sauce - yummo!
chickenfettucini with pesto cream sauce

Just by substituting whole wheat wraps in place of plain ones with enriched flour (white flour which causes the body to break down the wheat differently), you can still enjoy yummy Grilled Chicken Tostadas! Plus, depending on the vegetables you put in it, you can get 2+ servings of veggies (1 serving = 1 cup) in one simple 30-minute meal =)
grilled chicken tostadas

Edamame is not only delicousss (I eat it just as a snack!) but it's ridiculously good for you. By pairing edamame (soybeans) with chicken and noodles (I'm planning on substituting whole wheat linguine, instead of trying to find an Asian grocery store for the noodles) you can have this perfecttt combo of Chicken, Edamame, and Noodle Stir-Fry.
chicken, edamame and noodle stir fry

Next up? Maybe a little seafood? We'll have to see where Martha leads me next... ;)

P.S. And really, I really love you all. So very much =) I'm still so overwhelmed by all the support I received from you! Love, love, love you. And my inbox/cell phone is always open for ANY of you! xox

Currently listening to: Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Probably because I've been listening to Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" nonstop so I missed the original!).


Carol said...

LOVE Martha! Check out the Barefoot Contessa too! Her Back to Basics cookbook is great!

Amy said...

I am SO hungry now! LOL These all look so YUMMY!!


New England Girl said...

Martha is totally my girl crush. I can't wait to try some of these recipes! I am usually on her site at least once a day, but these have somehow eluded me... I'm adding them to my recipe folder as I type! :)

I hope you're feeling better, lovely! xoxoxo.

Couture Carrie said...

Yummy post, darling A!
I adore Trader Joe's!


P.S. Love Imogen Heap and the Jason Derulo remix!!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Yay! I love Whole Foods and Trader Joes-plus both have ahhhmazing wines...but back to the subject at hand lol.

These all look SO GOOD! I need to start cooking. I'm so proud of you honey

I hope your week is going well?! LOVE YOU so so much...

OceanDreams said...

Awww, you are so sweet love, I heart you too! Glad you are eating so healthy, that is so great and I am super super proud of you! That avacado chicken dish looks amazing, I wish I could eat that RIGHT now! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, I love Imogen Heap!

Tracy-Girl said...

You are so good with the eating healthy thing... and I know what you mean about not wanting to get "chickend" out. I don't eat red meat ever, and I think that is another main thing that can really help keep you healthy. I love that top chicken recipe! It looks so good! But actually all of them do :) I love whole foods, too!

Hanako66 said...

those all look SO yummy!!! I'm going to look up the avo salsa one now!

Lindsay said...

I don't like red meat either, just chicken. So I definitely understand how it feels to be chickened out. These recipes look yummy, I'll def try some of them out!

Keith said...

Hey Allison. Those are great recipes. They look so delicious. I've been trying to eat more chicken. I've been trying to cut back on pork. said...

I couldn't help but laugh when you said that Martha Stewart 'spoke' to you. lol. I can't believe you cook every night. That's unbelievable! I should learn to cook for myself, but I'm just too lazy, and when I do, try to do it... I'm so bad at it, that it tastes bad. lol.
I'll try this weekend and let you know how I go. xo

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

Wow, tons of ideas Allison! I've been trying to cook which is such a big feat for me as I don't cook :(. I mustered up the courage to do this in the past few weeks (to save on moolah) & i made a super easy chicken casserole that is pretty much lasting me a week. I didn't mind as I absolutely loved it!

Kristin said...

WOW, what a collection of yumminess. And I am not at ALL a chicken person. Most of the time I would rather have something else, but those recipes look delicious!


Olá! thank you for your kind words ;) It's almost weekend, yeah! ^^ Come check the new posts, hope u enjoy it.

Following you via rss feed, follow me too ;)

Join the Gossip said...

My 2009 New Year's Resolution was to become a vegetarian. I cut out red meat Jan. 1, then about a month later cut out chicken and fish. I unfortunatly have gained weight since because all I eat is carbs =( I started eating fish again, but not chicken. Life would be a whole lot more flavorful if I were to start eating it again. Esp. that chicken parm! My mouth is watering! =)

zupu said...

Oh that tagliatelle dish looks so delish!!

I'm not good eating meet either, I should change half the amount of cheese that I use at least to chicken. You inspired me to try some of these :)

Have a lovely weekend bella!

Erika said...

Soup. Dumplings. Oh, I can't tell you how much this intrigues me. I will definitely be paying a visit to Joe's Shanghai. Perhaps more than once.

Okay, I'm on a low budget. I'm staying in Staten Island (near my Aunt and Uncle), but will be primarily spending my time in the City. I'm obsessed with the Village. Ummm...basically, inexpensive eating, shopping, nightlife (not too crazy). Oh, I love cute coffeeshops. I hope this isn't too vague. :)

By the way, this post has made me realize that I need to start cooking - I too am a chicken girl! :)

okgoods said...

I don't have time to write much, but usually I hate when people put music on their blogs... but I love your choices! Thanks for brightening my day with surprise songs I love!

Also, your 'about' is so sweet and wonderful. I love being reminded by how sweet and beautiful the world is by sweet and beautiful people.

dapper kid said...

Yay for Barefoot Contessa! I'm used to watching British chefs and the likes of Jamie Oliver, but they show her on the food channel, and I love it. Ooh the chicken wraps look so fun and tasty. And YUM at the Thai chicken noodle salad. Hope you're having a fabulous Halloween weekend dear :)

Pol said...

Hello :) Just wanted to thank you on the comment you left on my blog last week :) greatly appreciated!
anyways, i would probably eat chicken everyday too, sadly! and your post leads to serious food cravings! haha x

Susanna-Cole said...

Dear! This post has totally inspired me, cause I'll admit I'm a total junk food junkie, and do not eat healthy, whatsoever! Especially when I'm away from home (as I was the last two months, and that was especially hard, buying food, cause I couldn't read most packaging or always figure out what things were, being in foreign languages), I pretty much have a diet for junk food...oh, and you want to know what else in on my bed, next to me, right now? A giant bag of skittles! Yeah. Healthy!

Anyway, I'm also a ridiculously rubbish cook, and for a while, I didn't care, but a guy I met traveling who loved to cook, kind of inspired me to try and learn how.

Anyway, sorry, I'm rambling, but great post dear! And I've missed you! How have you been? <3


The Socialite said...

wow those look and sound delicious! I'm quite the opposite, I love my steak (but trying to eat less) and think chicken is kind of boring, but those recipes prove me wrong completely. :)

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