Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy Day Inspiration.

Today, as I sit in my living room with the big picture window open, it is not hard to see what a gloomy, terrible looking day it is.
I can't lie - I'm one of those people who finds that my mood can be affected by the weather...on days like today I would be perfectly happy doing nothing else but laying in bed and watching TV all day long, not getting up for anything but Milky Way bars and Odwalla juice [gotta be a LITTLE healthy ;) ].
Even before the weather, today was shaping up to be a terrible sort of day - with my first 8 page paper of the semester due today (with little/no instruction on what exactly it was that I should be doing for it), and I have night class from 4-10 p.m., which kills me every week. (Sometimes I'm too dramatic for my own good).
It's on days like today when I can mope around and bitch and complain, or I can do something to pick myself up and get out of my terrible mood. It is during these pick up times that I go to my inspiration folders, to lift myself out of my slum and make me happy.
Seriously, within seconds, I can feel my mood transformed a bit -I know that sounds silly, but sometimes the beauty in these images I've said in a file over the years can instantly perk me right up.

Anywayyy, I figured that since it is so disgusting out today here, it might be the same for a lot of you, so I thought I'd share a few images that make me so happy to look at =) I hope that the weather is more cheerful for all of you, and that you might find someee inspiration in these!

I would like this set up very much, please and thank you:



Does anyone know how to do a braid like this? I'm obsessed!:





I think this is so perfect:


What cheers you up when you're gloomy?
Love you all, xo!

P.S. Loved all your suggestions for girl crushes - I will definitelyyy be having more girl crushes for my hottie of the week posts! =)


Desiree said...

The weather ALWAYS takes a toll on my moods! Today + rain + gloomy = me not so happy...great pics! Very inspiring. :)

New England Girl said...

LOVE the braid. I don't think my hair is thick enough to accomplish something of the sort though. It makes me tres sad.
How adorable is that Louis Vuitton elephant? He's perfect! And oh so sweet.
And I adore the photo of Brad & Angelina. Their family is so perfect.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi lovey! OHHHH I love all these images...I dig the braid for sure and balloons always make me happy for some odd reason.

I'm so sorry today isn't so great, BUT there is always tomorrow...I say, get through your class tonight and come home, have a glass of wine and watch trash t.v. Works for me...

Love you lady! XOXO!!

Hanako66 said...

you just made me so happy!!!!! I hope that you start feeling better soon...yesterday was a total blah day for me!

Lindsay said...

Great pics..Check out love maegan for a hair tutorial..she did a similar braid

maybe you could try to reverse it?

♥Aubrey said...

I need me some balloons and a baby elephant ASAP lady!!! It's a terrible day and these things would easily cheer me up. Hope you get into a better mood soon. Miss ya ♥

Carol said...

What wonderful pictures! It just started raining here in Seattle, right as I am about to head out of work.

Keith said...

Hey Allison. It was a gloomy day here. It's been raining off and on all day. Plus I thought I might end up having a bad night at work. Things ended up going fine. When I'm in such a mood, I love to eat and listen to music.

Lisa said...

My mood is definitely affected by the weather too. I LOVE that elephant of my fav animals! And the Brad/Angie photo is so precious.

A good magazine and some fun music always brighten my mood. :)

Mrs. W said...

beautiful pictures! Just what I needed today!..Its rainy and gloomy here too.

I gave you an award! Check my blog for details! : D

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Lovely pictures! Especially the second one!

Jocelyn said...

wow, this totally made me feel better, thank you so much for sharing, it's been a crappy week and this totally helped! :) thanks alison, it was like a hug from you!

dapper kid said...

The second and third are so so beautiful! I know what you mean, it was rainy the other day, and I pretty much spent the entire day reading and watching the rain because I didn't really feel like doing anything else. A good cup of tea cheers me up when I'm down, and just talking to someone else, like my brother or a friend, who have had a good day. Hope you're having a lovely day dear :)

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

awesome images! a good read helps me out when I'm gloomy, that & tomato basil soup.

J said...

Congrats on winning my giveaway! shoot me your mailing address to my email address, there's a link on my blog!

Kristin said...

When I'm down in the dumps I enjoy eating a yummy cupcake or ten. Ah ha.

Olive said...

Aww, thanks so much for your comment, it was sweet :). Your blog is fantastic, I love all of the inspirational photos. I know just what you mean about the weather playing a role in your mood. I'm always in a great mood when it's sunny and gorgeous out, and I find myself wanting to hibernate in solitude when it's gloomy. Yikes, good luck with that paper! It seems like they should've given you a little more information, haha.
That organized setup in the first picture is wicked cool, I wish I had a desk area like that. Aww, baby elephant :). That pool photo is awesome, I wonder how they created that.. And I would love having a painting on my wall like the last one. That gives me good inspiration for the back of my bookcase! I've been wondering what to paint on it, and seeing that, I believe a tree would look pretty cool. So, thanks for that Allison :D.
Hmm.. When I'm in a mopey mood, I tend to look through pictures as well, or watch dvd seasons. I rarely sit down and watch tv, so it's nice to be lazy once in awhile and catch myself up on shows like Pushing Daisies, House, Dexter, ect. I don't take these days often, but when I do it's a nice way to relax.
Have a great weekend!

zupu said...

Braids are so cute, always when I manage to make them I get compliments but this kind I couldn't do to myself..

Such a beautiful collection of inspiring photos darling, grazie e buon weekend!

yiqin; said...

Cute boys cheer me up :D

La Couturier said...

this is a beautiful compilation of inspiration (:

re: i adoreee magnolia's! one day we must gorge ourselves (lady-like, of course) with their cupcakes (;

molly said...

what beautiful inspiring pictures, allison! i especially love the pool one too...your blog just cheers me up all the time

Savvy Gal said...

ah.. the pic of baby elephant is so cute. : )