Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Most Massive Catch-Up Post Ev-er.

Wow, Labor Day weekend just kind of came and went super, super quickly, and my professors are obviously having no trouble getting right back into the swing of things =/

I realized that I haven't really posted too much about myself lately, I've been pretty lazy with the blogging and have mostly just been doing hottie of the week posts...so this is going to just be a massive recap of everything going on in my life =) I hopeee I don't bore you too terribly! And I apologize for the picture overload...hopefully you won't mind too, too much ;)

The apartment:
So far everything is great! The apartment is located on campus, which is kind of nice because, for one, I don't need to spend any money on gas driving to and from campus every day, and finding a parking spot, which is beyond difficult. Plus, I get to stay in bed for those extra 15 minutes in the morning it would take me to drive to school.
However, becauseeee it is an apartment on campus, it means that the furniture is not exactly to my liking...the wood is mismatched, the kitchen is ancient, the beds super squeaky (and uncomfortable, requiring an egg crate plus mattress pad in my case!). But it's definitely roomy... minus the closet space and the kitchen, but we are making it work!
These are a few pictures of le apartment...we actually just got curtains today, and my Blackberry is not acting right, so I haven't taken a picture yet, but the curtains are a super pretty butter yellow color, with maroon trim in the bottom =)


Picture the yellow curtains hanging over the big bay window:

The amazingly sweet and beautiful Aubrey sent me this beautiful necklace, and a housewarming gift of a beautiful photo (that I'm currently shopping for a frame for!).

Little baby kitchen:



Life/Labor Day Weekend:
So after my post about the fabulous Martha Stewart drinks, I'm afraid that I actually didn't end up making ANY of my own, due to the lack of a barbeque to serve them at.
On Friday night, J and I headed to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our anniversary. Please let me tell you that I didn't eat all day to save room for what I knew would be a massive dinner. Unfortunately, this backfired, because after we split an appetizer (chicken potstickers, yummo!), I was still STAR-VING, so I ate about 5 pieces of bread. Once my entree arrived (cajun chicken and mashed potatoes), I think I ate like six bites and felt like I was going to just burst all over the walls of the Cheesecake Factory. THEN, our waitress (who was actually a little rude to me) brings out the dessert menu, and drew our attention to the fact that the Cheesecake Factory was having a special red velvet cheesecake in honor of their anniversary. Uhm, red velvet and cheesecake, together in one delicious combination?! I die. We each ordered one (to the utter amazement of our waitress who asked incredulously, "You're not going to split it?" giving a look of shock. Homegirl obviously doesn't know me, or J). I got about halfway through, which kind of impressed me, and then boxed up the rest of that fabulousss cheesecake to binge on later (J seriously ate his like, 10 minutes after we got back).


Saturday, J went to a concert with his friends, so I convinced my roommates to take advantage of the fact that we're 20 minutes from Philly, to go to South Street for some amazinggg cheesecakes at Jim's Steaks. I had been craving one for like, the entire week (since J took me last week). Unfortunately, when we got there, the line had wrapped all the way around the corner, and way, way far down into the street, so no one (besides moi) wanted to wait on a line that long (but trusttt me, it would have been worth it). Instead we headed for another cheesesteak place, which was good, but just not the same. It was still a really nice day to be out, and I satisfied my cheesesteak craving.



On Sunday, J and I had been planning to go down the shore for like, a longgg time. Like, all summer. We decided to head to Wildwood, NJ, which is where my family has a condo (and by my family, I mean my entireee dad's side all went in on a condo in this super nice community - with four pools and a private beach!). J and his family had summered in Wildwood for like, years so it was really fun going there together and being able to kind of share different memories about different places together.
We were really excited to go to the beach and boardwalk, and ended up eating pizza on the boardwalk for lunch (not so good), and then headed down to the beach. Now, let me tell you, I am a beach kind of girl, but for me, going to the beach means just laying out for hours reading a magazine. J on the other hand, is a go in the water type of guy. So I compromised and headed into the water with him.
Oh my goodness - the water was SO rough. Like, I am a little girl, but I'm pretty strong (especially my legs), but let me tell you, if I didn't hang onto J, I would have been swept away. The current was SO strong, the waves were HUGE, and I quite possibly resembled a drowned rat. When we got out of the water, we found that it was so windy on the beach that our towels had been totally and COMPLETELY covered in sand.

We decided that was a sign, and called it a day before we headed to my FAVORITE restaurant down the shore for dinner. My dad had told us to "charge it" to him, and that we should just go all out. So, we did. We each had daquiris while we waited for our appetizer to arrive (peach for me, strawberry for him), then indulged on crab cakes, and then our delish entrees finally arrived (tilapia stuffed with crabmeat for me, salmon stuffed with crabmeat for J). It was beyond delicious. Like, I'm salivating right now just thinking of that a-maaazing seafood. Thank God my dad footed the bill, because it was definitelyyy over $100 for the two of us, which for my broke ass is just not do-able. So thanks dad!

After dinner, I walked J around the condo complex, avoiding our townhouse because my family was there, but I showed him the beach, the four pools, tennis courts...everything. We then headed to the boardwalk, and rode on the ferris wheel (which was massive, and had the most amazing view of the boardwalk with all the lights!).

We then headed and walked along the beach at night, which was just perfection (minus all the wind which blew sand in like, every orifice imaginable). But just being there with him made it all the more worthwhile (sooo cheesyyyy!).


Please excuse the fact that my hair is a hot mess and that J looks like Wolverine ;) ..this is possibly my fave picture of the two of us though:

So, I'm sorry for the massive overload of information and pictures...like I've said, my life is not overwhelmingly exciting, but that's okay =)

What did YOU do for Labor Day? And how have you all been? Your comments always make me smile so big =)

And a special thanks again to Aubrey for my fabulous gift! Love ya girl, and I'm praying that your son will have a speedy recovery!

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kimvee said...

Your apartment looks so cute! :)

New England Girl said...

The apartment looks cute and I am sure you will pull off some fab decorating to make it feel like home. :) And everything else? It sounds like your life has been anything but boring lately! I love the photos - you and J look super cute - and I am glad you had such a good weekend. :) I am a little jealous you're still in school... oh, how I miss it! :) I hope this week is ging smoothly for you.

Hanako66 said...

best weekend ever??!! that photo of you guys is so adorable!!! I loved reading about all of your fun and your new place is super cute!

fhen said...

hi allison! have been misisng you lately! your apartment look nice :) maybe can put more personalised things to make it more like your own home?
You and J are super cute! glad you two had a blast!


The Starving Stylist said...

regardless whether its a campus apartment or not, it looks comfortably cozy! :)


Carol said...

Love the new place! How exciting to be moved in a settled! And what a cute picture of you guys! Gald it was a nice long weekend!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi lovebug! Best weekend ever!! SO FUN!!!!! I love that last picture...and I want a cheesesteak, or the cheesecake factory...or just some cheese?!

Your life is exciting!!! Don't say it isn't! XOXO!

Keith said...

Hey Allison. Great post. It was so nice to read about what's been going on with you. Your apartment looks cute. I enjoyed the photos of what you've been up to. It sounds like you've had some fun. The food you ate sounds so delicious. I'm glad you had a good time. Take care. Cheers!

Issa said...

I just gotta say, you and your boyfriend look soooo much alike! :D

Anyway, loved this long catch-up post! I love reading blogs with real, personal content! So, yeah. Just wanted to say that.

And also, I did imagine the blinds being replaced by the curtains you describe. Pretty!

Eddie said...

You know it's rather funny that your school apartment is still 3 times the size of my current studio here in Brooklyn. Despite the fact that you have a small kitchen and a squeaky bed, I believe it's THOSE exact things that'll fill your memory bank with numerous occasions of parties, quiet nights on your squeaky bed reading a book, eating the right mix of healthy and unhealthy foods in your 4x4 kitchen and hanging those fabulous curtains with pride and love.

I too love the beach at night (especially when it's with that special someone) and all the wind and sand could never get in between the romance and and intrigue you described. I actually pictured the whole beach thing when you wrote about it and I actually felt like I was there. Funny ain't it?

Your abode is one of character as I truly enjoyed each and every pic you posted. Seeing your hair all frazzled (and J representing the X-Men) evoked a chuckle out of me. I too think it's an adorable pic. You are gorgeous even if you had a neatly-placed pile of shizz on your head... lol. I love you beyond bits and pieces.

My Labor Day consisted of random visits from friends, helping a close friend with a school paper and doing a massive amount of push-ups to keep my Latin pecs fully rounded and cute. After all, I must remain in tip-top shape in case you decide on taking another trip to NYC during the Fall.

Peace and Latin love always and muchos besos para ti...

dapper kid said...

Ahhh sounds like you had SUCH an amazing weekend dear!! I am actually really loving the look of the new apartment, and besides 15 minutes of extra sleep always makes a difference when you are a student ;)

Yum, yum and more yum at the red velvet cheesecake, it sounds sooo good! It would seem that everytime I purposely don't eat in anticipation of a big meal, when the time comes I end up getting full really quickly.

Ooh and your trip down to the beach with J sounds lovely. Yikes, the water sounded insane, although admittedly I love swimming in the sea when it's a little rough, but big waves have me running away lol. And how wonderful of your father :) That last photograph is absolutely adorable and J totally looks like Wolverine lola!!

Really do hope you're having a beautiful day dear :)

Kristin said...

Congrats on the fab new digs! Those cheesesteaks are seriously making my mouth water!

zupu said...

Such a lovely apartment, tanti auguri bella!!!

Jocelyn said...

I think you've done a fabulous job at making your apartment full of Alison, and this Alison that!:p I love it. And I am so jealous about your labor day it sounds amazing, my mouth started watering when you wrote about dinner. Ha. You and J are magnificently stunning together. I think it's funny how a lot of couples resemble each other, and I can definitely see a resemblance, I hope that you have a fantastic weekend, and I enjoyed catching up on your amazing life!


S.Elisabeth said...

Oh wow!!! You live in PA too?! I live about forty-sixty minutes from Philly!
{and you like Skins?!!! Ahh!!!! I love skins!}
I love your update, so fun. You and J seem too adorable together! And I know what you mean, my Cheescake Factory is Texas Roadhouse (greatlyyy recommended). Between the bread, the fish, the ribs, and all the choices, i die, i explode! (not to mention the bread is to. die. for.)
And yay for your new apartment! even with its imperfection, it sounds nice and cozy =)

beckyxoxo said...

this post makes me smile ! you and your boyfriend are just cute . happy anniversary :D your apartment looks great though . haha . and that photo given by aubrey is beautiful :) have a nice weekend !

Lee said...

"Homegirl obviously doesn't know me, or J" :). Your post made smile because you're living such a positive life and that gives me hope. Also, it made me a bit jealous because you do a lot of fun things! Thank you again for your kind words. They always are very wise and appriciated.

yiqin; said...

OMG love the kitchen. & the view!! Beautiful.

J said...

Your kitchen looks just like mine! I'm in Philly also haha

Nicole Marie said...

you're apt is adorable! love that wallpapers wall behind the tv. i loved living near campus for the sole reason of those extra few minutes in bed and being able to come home and take a nap between classes.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I miss you! XO

Desiree said...

Congrats on the apt! Such an exciting time in your life, enjoy it! <3