Thursday, September 3, 2009

End of Summer Cocktails.

I love Labor Day weekend. I love how it falls exactly when I'm tired of having to go to classes (about one week in), I love how the weather is still nice enough that you can go to the shore or have a cookout with friends/family, and I love that you just haven't closed the pool yet so you can still enjoy a swim.

Since I'm 21 now, I can legally enjoy some fabulous labor day drinks, so I turned to my hero Martha Stewart for some inspiration.

I am such a Martha Stewart whore - and I cannot wait until I really have my own home so I can try out all her fabulous little crafts to add detail to my home, or throw dinner parties using her entertaining book. Ah, I just think she is beyond talented.

Anyway, is like, my permanent source of inspiration (though looking at her website makes me feel infinitely inferior and untalented). I love/hate how this woman seriously has an idea for absolutely everything, and how she decorates it all to a tee. Even while browsing through her drink recipes, I had all these thoughts like, "How in the world does she come up with this?", or "Ohhh, what a cute idea to put that drink in that kind of a container! It's so simple but still so classy!".

So, if you're looking for some fabulous and really fun drinks to serve at a Labor Day (or any end of summer blowout you may be throwing), these were some of my favorites. [All the titles will have hyperlinks that link back to the original post so you can get the recipes!]. I'm also sure you could substitute in other things for the alcohol if you're not so big into drinking/are underage.

Let me know if you make any! =)

Champagne punch

Pineapple and Mango Rum Cocktails. (Yum, two great combos of fruit!).

Watermelon Basil Margaritas.

Plum Cocktails.

Watermelon Punch (uhm, hello, case and point for creativity/cuteness a la Martha Stewart).

Vodka Thyme Lemonade.

Rose Wine Punch. (This looks so good, especially with those raspberries!).

Lemony Spiked Sweet Tea (serving these in Mason jars is the cutest idea!).

And here are some adorable non-alcoholic drinks that are still just as fun! =)

Pomegranate Citrus Juice. (Non alcoholic? Check. Antioxidants? Check. Really pretty? Check x100).

Pink Grapefruit "Margaritas." (So fun, no alcohol either! And such a pretty color!).

Pomegranate Soda.

Watermelon Lemonade

Cherry Bombs.

What is your all time favorite summery kind of drink? (Alcoholic or non, doesn't make a difference!).
And which one of these do you think looks the best?
And lastly (because really, do I ever ask enough questions), what are your plans for Labor Day weekend?!

Currently watching: Project Runway...I'm beyond happy that Lifetime posts up the episodes on their website!


Carol said...

Those all look so good! And I adore Martha too! Everything she does is perfect. Have a great long weekend! :)

♥Aubrey said...

Yummy!!! I think i'll take a sip of each please :) Have a FaB.U.loUs weekend luv ♥

Desiree said...

Great post! I would try all of these! :P But I'm definitely into margaritas and mimosas. Have a great holiday weekend! =)

Annie said...

YUM-E! i'll take one of each, please!? ;)

i hope you have a great weekend beautiful!!

Jocelyn said...

I dont drink but these make me want to! haha yummmm! The mango one looks amazing!

Hanako66 said...

i'm a total marthafile too!!! we make a ton of white sangria and have mojito madness in the summer! ...growing mint has never been so handy!

Kicking couture said...

Yummy!!! sadly im not legal to drink yet.

dapper kid said...

I don't drink, but that rose wine punch sounds so good! And oooooh at the cherry bombs. I think it's just me living on this side of the pond, but I actually have no idea who Martha Stewart is :S Rather embarrassing to admit lol. Really do hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend dear :)

La Couturier said...

Oh my gosh I am such a Martha Stewart whore too; I loooove her magazines, her show, etc! I need my own kitchen to try every recipe she's ever published - they're amazinggg!

La C.

Gina said...

wow those look great! I'm loving Labor Day weekend!!

S.Elisabeth said...

Love this, sadly I'm still... five years from legality (yikes that so far!) but these drinks look so delicious. perhaps i can come up with a virgin version, hmm...

Frank&Rémy said...

DAMN THOSE LOOK GOOD! I even want one for breakfast :D!

The pineapple and mango one looks so GOOD, i definitely try one this weekend!

Kristin said...

I'll take one of those margaritas pretty please. Yummmmm!

Viva La Fashion said...

i thought the Pomegranate Citrus Juice looked adorable. and all i'm doing is packing and watching the us open. exciting i know. :)

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

All of them looks beyond refreshing. love that pineapple & mango rum cocktail. and yes, i go to martha's site a lot too. Full of creative ideas! Have a fabulous weekend!and be young & 21 agaib, enjoy it:)

Spardha Malik said...

yumm yumm yumm!!! I wanna chill at the beach with one of these handy at ALL TIME!!

Couture Carrie said...

Yay for fabulous cocktails!
That vodka thyme lemonade sounds especially smashing (pun intended!)!

Hope you've had a lovely holiday weekend, darling A!


alexkeller said...

sometimes i wish i had martha's staff! i have a diet margarita recipe i'll have to send you! maybe i'll do a post....

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Allison! These cocktails look fabulous, but unfortunately no tasting for me :( Hehe, on my cruise though I did have a peach schnapps 'Kiss on the Lips' hahaha ;D! I love freshly brewed iced tea, or fruit smoothies for the summer! Though it's depressing, Labor Day is coming to a close and I'm back at school tomorrow.. Ugh.

I had no idea Lifetime had Project Runway episodes! This is awesome, I can catch up!

And the hotties from your others posts are delicious =:D Ryan Kwanten is really, really attractive!

I also saw that J's doing alright from the crash, but still, how awful :\ I hope he never falls asleep like that again, he was veryyy lucky. Haha, at least he'll get a new car.

I hope you had a spectacular weekend with your family and friends :) Hopefully I'll talk to you soon.

Nicole Marie said...

oh yum yum yum! too bad i drank way too much yesterday to even think about drinking anything today

Keith said...

These all look so delicious. I didn't try any for the holiday, but I'll definitely have to try some of these asap. I really didn't do much at all for the holiday. I was luckily off from work. My family had gotten together last weekend for a cookout. Plus it poured down rain here today.

Dallas Shaw said...

love the iced tea in the mason jars


beckyxoxo said...

great drinks ! and anything with ice would do fine for me x)

Bella said...

Honey this post is making me thirsty... how can liquid courage look sooooo delicious!

" I turned to my hero Martha Stewart for some inspiration."

Have I told you lately that I completely adore you! So adorable.

Eri said...


Just ccame across you blog and really enjoyed.

Please come and visit mine too, is a fashion inspired by Portobello Road, London.

Hope you like it and hope to see you soon.

Eddie said...

OMG... never in my life have I felt such thirst. Staring at the many drinks you posted literally has my salivary glands working overtime...

As for Martha Stewart, I have to share a story:

Many years ago I lived with my Aunt Gloria in Wayne N.J. and she had a complete and utter fascination with everything K-Mart and Martha Stewart. My Aunt's home resembled one of those homes that are so perfect, they get featured in Red Book or dare I even say it... Martha Stewart Living. I remember have a deep, embedded fear of eating cookies in her living room for fear of a crumb landing on her couch and then tumbling to the ground. I used to cradle a saucer plate underneath my chin as back-up.

As much as I want to dislike Martha, I simply covet her ways and realized that throughout the years I've subconsciously mimicked her style in my very own home.

I absolutely love you my dear and although I sometimes have to play catch up with your posts, I assure you that I will always be here for you through spirit and soul. I feel I know you and that my dear is something I hold to my heart with pride. You're the bomb...

Peace and Latin love and besos para siempre...

Jules said...

a lady after my own heart! definitely going to be mixing up a few of these (= thanks!

peter said...

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