Friday, August 21, 2009

The Meaningful Things.

My family is big on gift giving. I know a lot of people whose families stop celebrating birthdays after they graduate, or don't give a lot of gifts around Christmas or Hanukkah, no Easter baskets anymore, etc. We still do it all - we make occasions so that we can give gifts (I think I've bought an anniversary gift for my parents every year since I was a teenager...a little ridiculous haha).
Anyway, although we give a lot of gifts, a lot of times they're just things we buy with no real significance.

I mean, it's nice mom and dad, that you went to Urban Outfitters and bought me that _____ (whatever), because you know I love the store, and thank you for the gift receipt, because really you didn't know what exactly I like. Not to sound ungrateful, because I am extremely grateful, but sometimes I wish that we were like my friend A's family. They each make a gift for one member of the family (I think they pick the name out of a hat), anything they want that makes them think of that person. I think that is so sweet, and really, really personal.

I've tried to get more personal with my gifts for my family - I made my mom a scrapbook for Mother's Day, for Father's Day we took my dad out to brunch at the restaurant of his favorite chef...little things like that, when you put some meaning behind it mean so much to me (and I've learned, to my parents too!).

I never seem to get right to the point, do I?

Okay, so when J and I first started dating, we both mentioned that the little things, little cards, little thoughtful gifts, surprises for each other, are things that really make us happy. I love getting flowers, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I think that getting a card or a love letter is a lot more special - at least to me, I don't speak on behalf of all women out there =)

So over the past few months, J and I have just done little things...I started that journal with him (which turned into him buying a journal for me, so now we both have one and trade bi-weekly), he sent me a really sweet card while he was at his job in July, I cooked dinner, whatever. We've just been doing little things to let the other one know that we care and love each other. Oh! And before he left for Canada, me (having no life) wrote him 14 letters, one for each day he'd be away (and I almost didn't finish in time, and seriously made him sit in my driveway/wander around my backyard while I finished up...I'm awful).

When J got back from his road trip to Canada with his brother, he was going to come over my house as soon as I got done with babysitting for the day. When I texted him to inform him that I had gotten done earlier than anticipated, he informed me he was "working on something" and it would take him a little longer to get to my house. Well, he arrived to my house an hour and a half later (payback for making him wait in my yard, I assumed ;] ) with a bottle of strawberry wine for dessert, and a big bag, filled with green tissue paper (which he told me later was because he knows green is one of my favorite colors).

That night, I was cooking dinner (a new recipe - chicken lettuce wraps, which were okay, and Mexican turkey burgers for dinner...sooo delish if anyone wants a recipe) so I wanted to just kind of get it done, and said I'd wait for opening the gift. As we both chopped up vegetables (I was so impressed with myself when I didn't shed a tear while chopping onions!), squished the ground turkey into patties, and mixed the corn and salsa together, he kept looking over at me, smiling so widely and telling me how excited he was to give me my gift.

I love surprises, but the anticipation of the surprise kills me. My mind goes crazy trying to figure out what it could possibly be, and usually I am horribly wrong. But, I did it...I sucked it up and I waited. First, came a card, that was like just perfect. When I opened up the inside, J had written (I'll cut it down a little from the amount he wrote...)

As I stood on the sandy shores of Prince Edward Island, I wished you could be by my side sharing the beauty of this beach. I thought it would be the perfect place to write a message of my love for you. Since you weren't there, I took a picture to freeze the moment, so you can remember that even when you're apart, I'm thinking of you, and my love for you is as vast as the sand on the shore.

I die, I swear I think I almost melted into a puddle right then and there. Like for me, that alone would have been enough, but when I opened up the package, J had bought a shadow box, put shells in the bottom, and matted and framed this picture that he took while at the beach in Canada with his brother:

Picture 146

I know I probably hyped up the surprise too much, and you might be sitting there thinking, "Really? That's what she was so excited about? Big deal!"

I don't know, to me, the little things like that really are the most meaningful. I never get thoughtful gifts like that from anyone, so it's all so new and exciting for me. I have the picture on a bookcase in my room, and every morning when I wake up, it's the first thing I see. (Plus, not onlyyy did I get that, but I also got a journal filledddd with entries =) which makes me just beyond happy). I'm telling you, the little things will do it for me! And, he remembered that shade of yellow is alsooo my other favorite color (and the color of my bedroom walls...almost). I melt. Oh, and he also wrote yet anotherr love note on the back.

What is the best gift you've ever received? (from anyone, it doesn't have to be from a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife). And what's the best gift you've ever given?

Currently listening to: Landon Pigg - Coffee Shop (I'm in a romantic mood, what can I say?!)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, any fun plans?

P.S. The hottie of the week post may be a little delayed this week...I'll be SUPER busy packing up my life because I move into my apartment on Tuesday! So just bear with me if I'm a little behind on responding to comments and checking out all of your fabulous blogs.
You all make me so happy =)

P.S.S. Sorry if you're all tired of hearing about J! I'll tryyyy to blog about other things, I promise!

(Taking a page out of my girl Aubrey's book and ending on a quote...)

It is a risk to love.
What if it doesn't work out?
Ah, but what if it does.
-Peter McWilliams.


♥Aubrey said...

Awww...LOVE the quote ♥
The fact that you two have journals and swap them with postings in each is the MOST adorable thing i've heard yet. And the story about the shadow box melted my heart. Now for you being on the receiving end...piddle away lovee. You've got yourself one GOOD...terrific man :) {lol...i just totally thought of "Charlotte's Web and wanted to spell out the gooses ramblings of the spelling of such word}
What a fabulous way to wake up each morning. To look at such a view and know that YOU.ARE.LOVED!!!

*The best gift my man has given me is: LOVE NOTES. Truely love ALL of them. He is very emotional and expresses such in words. Love him...miss him dearly ♥
*Now the best gift i've given:'re about to receive one of them in the mail girly. ..Muaaaaw..

Elizabeth Marie said...

AHHHH! You most definitely DID NOT hype this up...this is the sweetest thing I have seen in so long, and you deserve it so much. SO MUCH. I just want to give J a hug for making my girl so happy! I am seriously so happy for you...I have tears in my eyes that I will halfway blame on PMS and the rest on my love for you! I applaud you for putting this out there we talked'll always have this to look back on! J seems like such a great guy, and like I always say, he is the LUCKIEST GUY IN THE WORLD.

Enjoy this. It'll only get better, I promise.

Love you girl! LOVE!!!!!!

FabBlab said...

Shadow box story :)
This was heartwarming. J as E said is= LUCKIEST GUY IN THE WORLD!
You go, girly :)

Tracy-Girl said...

aww... that shadow box is absolutely beautiful. I am with you, gifts are so hard, and I feel like sometimes we just go buy something just to buy something and there isn't much meaning behind it. I love the idea of making things for people. The one thing I have spent a lot of time doing in the last few years is spending time writing the cards for people. Its my favorite part of a gift! :)

Keith said...

Hey there. I hope you've having a wonderful weekend. I've given you an award in my new post at my Dino Lounge blog. Cheers!

Nicole Linette said...

Ohhhhhh my goodness. Your blog is making my heart freak out today =:D I am a cynic as much as a hopeless romantic (if that makes any sense), and all of this is perfection to me. J is hands down the best. Wow, how thoughtful and incredible and the shadow box is beautiful!! I know what you mean, about prefering hand-made gifts over a gift card to your favorite store or something.. just knowing that someone was truly thinking about what you would love when you're given an object is wonderful.

This is incredibly stupid, but immediately when I thought of "favorite gift", a cheesecake that my best friend's mom made for my 16th birthday popped into my head (certainly reveals where my priorities lay.. hahaha). Cooking takes love, and cheesecakes can be expensive to make, but they're my favorite and I was just so excited that she baked me one :). That, and this white gold ring with a heart topaz (my birthstone) that my parents gave me for my 16th birthday as well. The best gifts I've given were actually hand-made collage cards I gave to my best friends for Christmas. I found pictures and used colors that I felt suited their personalities, and it's always fantastic to seem them hanging on their walls. I love handmade cards!

I'm going out on the lake today with my parents and Martina because the Rotary club is having a 'progressive dinner'. We take a party boat from house to house on the lake for an appetizer/salad course, ending with dessert, so that should be nice. I hope you're weekend has been lovely too!


p.s. I'll e-mail you back later today :)

Lisa said...

The gift from your bf is SO SWEET! What he wrote was even better. So romantic!

Love that quote!

•¦Amy¦• said...

My faimly is rather big on giving gifts for all holidays as well even if it's nothing big there's something there. My mom and I also tend to make gifts when we've the time :)

The best gift I've ever been given is actually two seperate gifts, but both of them are equally special to my heart and to most people they probably wouldn't be considered gifts. The first is a Thank You card my best friend E. gave me this year for helping him through a really rough patch in his life when a friend of ours died, and the other is a hug a got an unexpected hug when I was tweleve years old and told a friend thank you 'cause he'd helped me through a rather rough time. I think the reason these mean so much to me is that they aren't material so much as gifts of love...these people gave me a little bit of themselves and it means so much.

•¦Amy¦• said...

left you a gift on my blog <3

Carol said...

Sooo sweet! I love that shadowbox!

♥Aubrey said...


Couture Carrie said...

My family is the same way!
Such a sweet gift :)

The best gift I ever got was a heart locket from my boyfriend on Valentine's Day when I was 16 - I wasn't expecting it and it was just so adorable!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Never apologize dollface!!! I love love love you! XOXO!

Kristin said...

That is an absolutely wonderful gift! People love reading about what you love and you obviously big puffy heart J!

molly said...

oh my gosh, you and j are just way too cute for words!! wow, i can only dream that one day i have a relationship that's half as loving and sweet as yours'
and unfortunately, in canada you can't watch shows on's a tragedy!

Hanako66 said...

he is so sweet...oh my goodness!!!!

my family is kind of the same way. I try to be creative!

Everett Jenquin said...

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