Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hottie of the Week #4.

So, I apologize for the absence in blogging (again, I suck).
Between packing, more packing, and then just dealing with the curveballs of life, it has been an intense time since I last posted... On Monday night, the day before we headed back to school, J was in a car accident after he fell asleep behind the wheel driving home from my house. Hellooo, can we say guilt on my part?! He couldn't reach his parents to come get him (the car is totaled) so I went and picked him up/brought him to his house. Let me tell you, scariest experience for me...and here I thought I was always so laid back, so calm... I was shaking like a it was absolutely uncontrollable. Anyway, the great news is that while his car is totaled, he is completely and totally fine. He walked out of falling asleep behind the wheel, and hitting a tractor trailer without a single scratch on him. But still, it was really scary and really stressful!
I'm settled in to my new apartment now, so I'm ready to get back in the swing of things - which means getting back to blogging and reading all of your fabulous blogs....and for more hotties of the week!

I doooo listen to your suggestions for them, even when I don't really understand the appeal (which is okay, we all have a type!).

I feel like I'm going to bitchslapped by every female out there for saying this, but I do not find Jake Gyllenhaal attractive. However, I know a lot of you do (including Lindsay over at La Belle Vie who has mentioned her attraction to him a few times =), so here you go! (Just fyi, while I do not find him physically attractive, I find the things I've read about him just fabulous. So who knows, maybe I'll be converted...I am a fan of the dark hair/light eyes!).

Jake Gyllenhaal first entered the Hollywood scene in the movie October Sky, and then went on to star in the cult hit Donnie Darko. And hello, who could forget his amazing performance in Brokeback Mountain!? Just beyond. He received a Best Supporting Actor nod for the Academy Awards for his performance in the movie.

Since you all know, I love hotties who are activists too, I would like to inform you that Gyllenhaal is a supporter of the Rock the Vote movement, as well as a campaigner for environmental issues and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Not only is he an activist, but Gyllenhaal really seems like a really sweet guy, and a fabulous boyfriend to Reese Witherspoon. In every magazine you open up, I feel like you can see a picture of the two of them holding hands walking around, food shopping together dressed super casually, or (I melt) of them with her kids (with ex cheater husband Ryan Phillippe). Gyllenhaal is also the godfather of Matilda Ledger - Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams' adorable daughter. And helllllo, the boy has styleeeee.

Okay, I kind of get it with this picture =)






You know what? I may be getting the appeal ;)

Hope you're all having the best week! I look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs! =) Love ya all, xo.


New England Girl said...

He is SO freakin' gorgeous... YUM! :) I hope you are converted after these photos you posted. He's so adorable! And my gosh, what a good, down-to-earth, kind and sweet boyfriend [or at least he seems to be]. Plus, if you google some of his appearances on chat shows, he is so funny. I would personally recommend the time he called in to say happy birthday to Ellen Degeneres- hilarious! :)

SO glad to hear J is okay. I would have been shaking too, no matter how composed I believe myself to be. It's just too scary thinking about the possibilities! Sending hugs your way.

k. said...

I've never found him that attractive either - However, the third picture down is pretty swoon worthy! He's like a mix of Ryan Eggold & John Krasinski - both men whom I find very attractive (in a nerdy way).. ;)

xox, K

•¦Amy¦• said...

Wow! What a scary experience I'm glad J's okay though.

p.s. left you another something on my blog :)

k. said...

And how rude of me - seriously. I'm SO glad everything was okay with the accident. My J has fallen asleep behind the wheel (as he finds it is a good idea to leave to go fishing from 2-4am..) - VERY scary, and thankfully he has enough sense to pull over and sleep now.. (this is after 3 close calls)

I'm sorry you had to go throught that, but it's amazing he came out without a scratch. I'm so happy everything was okay (minus the poor car)

xox, K

♥Aubrey said...

Girl you freakin' read my mind...ESP i swear!!! I was going to suggest him as THE HOTTIE, but what already knew who i thought was HOT.2.TROT :()
Where do i even begin? The boy looks just like my hubs. Dark hair and blue eyes...i swear there is a resemblence at times. Double Take...anyone...Bueller!!!
He wears his heart on his sleeve and seems to be soooo extremely down to earth, not into the whole Hollywood lifestyle drama, and ONE hell of a FANTABULOUS boy-toy to boot. I swoon...i only look...this man has definate style.

Lily G. said...

He definitely seems like a genuinely nice guy. Like the guy next door. Him and Reese are so cute together too!

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw, I'm glad to hear J is okay after the car accident! Driving while sleepy is so risky, last week, coming back from vacation with my family, who got hit by the woman driving behind us, he had fallen asleep at the wheel. Hearing your story, and having that happen to us, is a good reminder for me, though, to never ever to drive when I'm absolutely exhausted! :)

And aw, Jake really is quite cute, and seems sweet too! ;)

Hope you're doing well, dear! <3


Carol said...

Oh my gosh that is so scary about J! I'm so glad to hear he is okay though. And so exciting you are all setteled into the new place! that is the best feeling. And of course, love the Jake pics!!

Jocelyn said...

Goodness! I am so glad that J is okay, that's really scary! I am terrified of falling asleep at the wheel that'd be so scary. Congrats on finding a new apartment! That's exciting!I love Jake, I totally had a crush oh him when I was a kid because October Sky is like one of my favorites!

Lindsay said...

Thank god J is ok..and thank you for featuring my dream boat even though you don't find him attractive!

dapper kid said...

So incredibly glad that J is ok! That must have been such a scary experience for you both, not to mention his parents.

To be honest I have understood the appeal of Jake either. I guess he's ok looking, but I would not pick him out from a line up as you would someone like...Hayden Christensen (lol, bad example but I'm trying to think the same age group). I think he definitely looks better with a little beard and scruff going on though.

Hope you're having a lovely day dear :)

Kicking couture said...

Im so glad J was ok! it must of been so scary!must talk soon! xx

You know im a blonde guy kind of girl but jake is kind of a hottie!

Keith said...

I'm really glad that J is alright. That's terrible. It's just lucky that he came out of it without a scratch. That's good news. I'm sure it was a scary experience for all of you.

Even though I'm a straight guy, I can admit that there are guys that are good looking. I've never seen really what's so hot about Jake though.

Have a great weekend. Take care. Hope you get everything settled down. Cheers!

Mimilainna said...

he does seem like a really nice boyfriend, i think i like him better shaven :)

Couture Carrie said...

Scrumptious post, darling!

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!


lydia said...
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lydia said...

i'm very sorry you had to go through that! car crashes are scary, even if you aren't in one!

aw, i love jake. he's not the most attractive thing in the world, but i do love him.

Lee said...

i'm glad J is okay! said...

I do see the attraction. :)
Still too pretty though. hahaha.
For me, he's the hottest in Donnie Darko. :)
Anyway, awesome post as always. :D

The Haute-Shopper said...

I think he's hot in his own way but I never found him sexually attractive, even though I admire how he constantly worked out with Matthew McConnaughey and Lance Armstrong for a while. I think he's a really good guy for Reese though... part of what makes him so charming is that he seems to be a kind gentle man with a good heart. So many of his fellow colleagues are so full of themselves, but he's always struck me as being very down-to-earth.

Loving your hotties of the week! But I'm still waiting for the Christian Bale feature ;-)

P.S. Glad J. is ok. That must have been quite a fright!

zupu said...

Oh Reese is such a lucky girl!! He has such lovely eyes and eyebrows (sounds weird but he does!) :)

Desiree said...

He is quite gorgeous. Love your blog! <3 Check mine out...

Eddie said...

Jake Jake Jake. Where oh where do I begin? It's no surprise that Jake is much sought after in the gay community, and although my taste in men always differed in the little sewing-circle of tasty men, I fall guilty to the numerous fantasies I've concocted in my head regarding Jakey-poo.

I've been a "fan" of Jake since his days as the unusual Bubble Boy. I tend to like men who have that little something about them; you know, that corky, odd sex appeal. You can show me countless photos of chiseled jaws and perfect skin and I'll glance and move on with my life, but Jake reels me in and captures my full attention. You see, I'm not bad looking myself, so I'm that much more picky as to what catches my eye.

It takes a special someone (like you) who reminds me of what tickles my masculine, Latino fancy and I'm thankful... oh yes I'm thankful. You are priceless my darling and I too look forward to your posts as they always, I mean always keep me smiling.

Until your next fabulous post...

Besitos para siempre...

Hanako66 said...

oh my goodness, how scary!

I am so glad that he is okay, I can't imagine how scared you must have been.

and um yes, I am so with you on Jake.....he just seems like he would be the best boyfriend too right?!!?


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