Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hottie of the Week #2.

It is no shock to any of you that I love The OC. I've been pretty sick this past weekend, and nothing cheers me up more than a weekend I have to spend in bed than watching The OC (though the fourth season doesn't do it for me quiteee as much as the others).

Myself and the fabulous Kicking Couture constantly have conversations about the male hotties of The OC. She recommend that at some point, the hottie of the week be none other than Ben McKenzie, who plays Ryan on The OC, and is also on the TV program Southland (which I'm not sure if it's coming back, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit from the few episodes I saw).

As bad boy Ryan, I swear, I lusted every week after this hottie, in his signature wifebeaters and gray hooded sweatshirt. While he definitely had his bad boy side (referenced by his constant punching of people), he also had a sensitive side, and was super vulnerable at times. Both myself and my best friend R are completely on Team Ryan (though Team Seth is a close second).

Anyway, McKenzie has received rave reviews for his other works - including Junebug (starring Amy Adams), which won him a Sarasota Film Festival nomination, as well as crazy good reviews at Sundance.
Before deciding to act, Ben attended the University of Virginia, earning a degree in foreign affairs and economics [I love me an educated man :) ].

More recently, he has supported animal adoption by adopting an abandoned pitbull, and has participated in encouraging young voters to get out and vote with Rock the Vote and travelled around to various college campuses encouraging students to partake in both the 2004 and 2008 elections. He also supports a charity very, very close to my heart - Invisible Children, which raises awareness about child soldiers in Uganda, Africa and tries to rescue them. And, if that isn't enough, he has spent years volunteering with the charity, a charity that encourages reading in elementary school aged children - which, as a future teacher, I think is an incredibly important outreach.

I'm telling you, add in a little charity along with good looks and intelligence - you got it covered :)

Avalon Hollywood





Loveee this picture:





And yet, still hot:


And please, keep your nominations (male or female!) coming. I'm glad that you all seemed to enjoy this type of post - I think it's super fun! :) Hope youre enjoying your final day of the weekend - and that you did some fun stuff this past weekend! xo

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Keith said...

Great photos. I had seen him before, but I actually never watched this show. I do know some people who did and loved it. I hope you had a great weekend. Cheers!

Carol said...

Your post makes me miss the OC! What a great show!

♥Aubrey said...

Awesome hottie of the week girly. Keep'em coming. I love how you put their background with education & charities they support. It makes them that more attractive.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I kind of want to corrupt him! hahahaha GREAT CHOICE! He was the reason I watched the OC...but I didn't know anything else about he's EXTRA hot.

I love this series! So fun!

I am so jealous of you and your cupcakes! I need to get out there asap asap asap. Woman we are going to have some fun together!

And I laughed like a dork by myself about what you said-choc cake shots are SOO 21st bdays!! aha and then doesn't everyone go "WOW it does taste like a choc cake!" LOL I still do it...not gonna lie...gets me everytime!

Ok, I'm going to read your blog backwards...gotta get caught up on my girl, I wasn't on the comp much this weekend!
LOVE YOU! XO said...

I know someone in RL [real life - sorry my WoW nerdism is coming out] who looks exacrtly like this guy. lol.
I've caught on your type: you like them very clean cut. :)
I will keep reading in hopes of going, YES! I Agree, he is too hot for words! lol.
byyyeeee. xo.

captivate me. said...

ahhh, he's sexy AND cute. Love that ;-)

Couture Carrie said...

Divine post, darling! I am in love with him too and I just adoooore his new show, Southland!


HiFashion said...

I used to switch between team Ryan and team Seth every week.
But I love this post. I love Ben McKenzie so much more after reading this post. I had no idea he had a degree in Foreign Affairs/economics (I myself did International Relations).
And he is so much cooler to me after knowing about all his charity work.

Lisa said...

Ahhh, I was IN LOVE with him when The O.C. was on tv...he is still so hot and perfect looking! Thanks for posting! :)

Hanako66 said...

he is very nice looking, but I was always into Adam Brody. I sat the table next to him once at dinner in LA and I was freaking out on the inside lol

Soren Lorensen said...


Kristin said...

I was more of a Seth girl. : )

Nicole Linette said...

I really love how the hotties you've picked have lengthy resumes of philanthropy to accompany their good looks!! And it's true, there's nothing better than an educated man :) My favorite picture is the one you chose as well!

And thank you for your fantastic comment on my post, it was very cool to learn that we were similar in the younger years :D. I'm sorry you never found out your father's roots, though with technology and DNA gels today, anything is possible! I would really like to find my biological Chinese parents one day as well.
Fashion is so cut-throat, and I was told the odds weren't good enough! But obviously you and I still have a strong interest in it. It's really admirable to hear that you're taking your own path with teaching, and doing something different from the rest of your family. Breaking out is tough, but once it's done, everything else is so fulfilling! You are going to be an outstanding teacher!


Kicking couture said...

Ahhh! thanks for the shout out sweetie!! allison and I, cant stop gabbling about the oc! SO thanks for this post! Funny, anyone else think hes not so photogenic? i struggle to find a pictures that show how hot he is!! Benjamin mckenzie, i never knew that much! wow!

feel better

la petite fashionista said...

oh wow, i used to be in love with the OC (& still am!). I was more of a seth girl, but I could definitely appreciate Ryan and his white v-neck shirts.

Everett Jenquin said...

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