Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Went Wrong Vol. 1: Mischa Barton.

Today, enjoying the 80 degree weather, I found myself laying out at my best friend T's pool, soaking up the sun while we caught up in the latest developments in each others lives. While we sat there laughing and sharing stories, T said to me, "We are so like Summer and Marissa from The OC, minus the whole California thing" which prompted me to just wonder what Mischa Barton has been doing with her life.

Now, I can't stand Mischa Barton. Primarily because she left The OC way too early, and if it wasn't for her, we'd probably still be watching new episodes of a Ryan-Marissa-questionable person love triangle, and having Seth Cohen making us all laugh.

When I first watched The OC years and years ago, I was horribly jealous of Mischa Barton - how could someone possibly be so beautiful, so thin, and have perfect hair, always? I loved what she wore to premieres, to parties, and of course, on the show (though I know that had nothing to do with her).

Mischa's downfall, in my humble opinion, was (aside from an obvious coke habit) that she thought too highly of herself. She found herself above The OC, and wanted out to focus on her career. Now, with her blockbuster and Oscar award winning straight to DVD collection, along with horrible choices in fashion and crazy weight gain and loss, poor Mischa might just be learning that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Now, she'll be back on television this fall, playing a model on a new show on the CW with Sara Paxton (from The Last House on the Left). Maybe Mischa realized she just doesn't have the chops for work outside television? (Though to be fair, she also has a movie starring Jessica Stroup from 90210 coming out on July 17th as looks like it should have gone to DVD though).

It really makes me sad, like really, when such a beautiful person can just allow themselves to hit rock bottom in such a short period of time. Girlfriend, lighten up on the raccoon eye makeup, you're gorgeous without it; stop putting the money you make up your nose; and start taking yourself seriously!

The difference between three years ago and now just blows my mind!


Oh, wow, you were famous enough to be on a Got Milk? ad:



And, proof that when you're naturally gorgeous, less makeup really is more!
Mischa Barton1

And, the downward spiral begins...please cue the heavy, heavy eyes and walks of shame:




Scaryyy skinny:


This is the most recent picture that has surfaced:

Which celebrity trainwrecks make YOU the saddest? And how were all your weekends?

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Lily G. said...

Yeah, I totally don't know what happened to her. She used to be on top of the world. Hopefully she turns things around soon!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohh I actually really like her a lot...definitely battling some demons but I hope she gets better because I do think she's talented. I think insta-fame like that at such a young age must be such a blessing and a curse.

I hope you had a good weekend love!

♥Aubrey said...

OMG...i know! She was such a breakout years ago. Talented and on her way. I think when you get mixed up with the wrong crowd they pull you down. Your thinking and direction isn't the same. I wish her the best in returning to the screen...i miss her ♥

Samantha said...

Awww, she was so gorgeous in the first picture. It's such a shame! It's true when they say less is more... She looks so much better without the whole eyeliner crap on her face.

Lindsay said...

It's so sad, she used to be so pretty. I don't think it would take a lot for her to look good again. Removing that nasty makeup would do wonders. This actually reminds me of Taylor Momsen's transformation (very drastic in even less time).

HiFashion said...

I used to really like her. She was great on the OC, but only looking at the pictures in this way that its obvious just how much she changed. She was really prety, so hopefully she picks herself up and makes us jealous again.

Soren Lorensen said...

I see your point but at the same time I never really thought she had that much to offer.

dapper kid said...

My summer is never complete without OC reruns (well, ignoring season 4 ever existed lol). It's such a shame to see that wasted potential, I really do hope she can get things back on track! Hope you're having a beautiful Monday dear :)

fhen said...

oh i used to love mischa so much! the oc is great and i hope for her comeback in more movies and tv shows. i agree that racoon-like makeup is way too much. and i just cant believe that it is mischa in that last picture.
hope you have a grea tweek ahead!


Hanako66 said...

she is/was? such a pretty girl....I was always more of a Summer girl myself!

Couture Carrie said...

Eeeek poor Mischa! The OC was the best thing that ever happened to that girl and she blew it! She's never been as gorgeous or famous since then... And her fashion choices are often very questionable! I totally agree with you ~ what happened??


Eddie said...

Beautiful post Allison love. I must admit that I never knew much about Mischa to begin with (I never watched The O.C.) but this post has made me very aware of her current downfall. The picture where she's scarily thin and frail (OMG those cheekbones!) sparked a sadness in my soul...

Fame is a real poison sometimes and I see kid after kid dropping from the biz more and more. It's sad really. When you're surrounded by YES people all the time, you can become the source of your own demise...

I was speaking to my sister Lilly on the phone about 20 minutes ago and she asked me who you were. She was genuinely interested because she read some of the wonderful comments you've left me over our time as blogging buddies. She said you are absolutely adorable and she finds your love for me exquisite. Anyone who might express the love you've clearly expressed for me is gold in her book. I just wanted to let you know that I hold you at a very high pedestal. You're a wonderful soul and genuine, caring individual. And oh yeah, you're beautiful to boot...

Besitos para siempre

Peace and Latin love...

Keith said...

I had a great weekend. Some buddies came over for a movie night. We watched some 1970's Italian movies. We grilled burgers and drank some beer.

I've never really been that much in Mischa. She does never did much for me. I actually never watched the OC. She's one in a long list of stars who think too highly of themselves. They think the success of a show, etc. is all about them. They leave to supposedly go on to greatest highs just to fall flat on their face.

Nicole Marie said...

uhh whoww i havnt seen that last picture yet. yikes! so sad. i used to love her!

The Haute-Shopper said...

It's funny, I was recently wondering the same thing about Misha. It's such a shame, because like you, I really liked the OC with her in it... after that, not really that interesting. I also think she tried too hard to be an It Girl and dating that weird singer probably made her think she had to look all heroin chic and take drugs. I think many of the so-called It Girls who rose to fame too fast have the same issues (Lindsay, Britney etc.), though Misha's beauty is by far the most striking.

Carol said...

You are right, she totally did go downhill. she makes me sad, and so does Lindsay Lohan. what a bright future she had until she went and ruined it all....

MICHELE3 said...

I agree with you..she looks awful..what is wrong with her..Some people just cant take the celebrity status..but I do believe strongly that these girls need to get a grip...because just as fast as it came it can also go..It really annoys me that they dont appreciate what they have..they just want more...give me the celebritism I appreciate it...xoxomish

yiqin; said...

When Lindsay & britey went crazy I was really sad too :(

Kicking couture said...

Gosh mischa was/still is one of my favourite fashion inspirations! of course not with her reason fashion sense but she really used to be stunning!

I totally agree with you, the fame went to her head. Sometimes it boosts your career leaving a hit show but it killed hers sadly!!

anyway love the post sweetie ttyl xx

Elizabeth Marie said... called this didn't you!! Oh man! Poor girl. I heard the news about her today and thought of you lol XOXO

zupu said...

She looks so beautiful in the first pics but the change is really big, such a shame. Still I have always adored so much more Rachel "Summer" Bilson!

Kristin said...

Yikes. Hopefully things look better for her soon!