Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inspiration from American Waters.

I feel like the constant pattering of rain against my window for pretty much the entire month of June has just wiped out any creative flow or inspiration I may have in my soul. I've been blogging less and less, as the inspiration has really just left my system. I've been having a terrible time coming up with things to blog about (which is mostly just me, but I'm totally scapegoating it all onto the unfortunate weather).

When I'm really dragging, and lacking inspiration, I usually turn to art to kind of 'find my way.' Today, I thumbed through one of my inspiration folders, and came across a whole photography collection, which as many of you know is a huge passion of mine. It is seriously impossible for me to go through the works of my favorite photographers and not be inspired, or feel a tingling joy throughout my system.

Though I primarily enjoy fashion photography, or portraits of individuals, being a lover of nature, I also enjoy certain photographers of nature - ones who take it and do something unique with it - I mean hello, we all know that nature is beautiful, now show me a little something different!

Enter in British photographer Alex Kirkbride. Kirkbride set out across America to take pictures of American waters - oh yeah, but instead of just taking landscapes of rivers and lakes, he took all his photographs underwater. He researched different interesting things (like a sunken dental chair) found in different areas in America, set out with his crew, and photographed everything, compiling the book American Waters, which I proudly own a copy of (thanks mom and dad!).

For example, this photograph is from Utah, where a couple created an "orphanage" for unwanted aquarium fish in a natural hot spring. It is the eye of a nurse shark:
eye of nurse shark

Housatonic State Park, Connecticut:
housatonic state park, ct

This is a photograph of the legs of a terrier in a pool in Florida. Seriously, who thinks to take a picture like this?!
dog in pool florida

According to the book, an anonymous person created this statue at the bottom of Lake Sunset in Indiana in 2001. The legend has it that the statue of the angel channels the spirits of two children who drowned there in the early 1900's. Kinda creepy!
angel statue, sunset lake indiana

A breaking wave in Maui:
breaking wave, maui

This is another picture that kind of creeps me out a little.
Again, according to the book, "this chair [in Indiana] was once used to fix the teeth of prisoners in the local county jail. When the prison dentistry was moved, the chair fell into the possession of the sheriff, who used it for fishing. Vandals pushed it into the water, and divers later made the formal arrangement."
dentist chair, indiana

This is one of my absolute favorite photographs in the collection. It is of a cranberry bog in Massachusetts, and apparently the bog was so thick with cranberries that Kirkbride says the dive down felt like a night dive. I think it's so beautiful, the way that the sun pokes through the gaps in between the massive number of cranberries.

Cottonwood tree in New Mexico (which looks a lottt like a watercolor, right?):
cottonwood tree, santa rosa, nm

Yet another haunting photograph, taken in Glacier National Park in Montana:

Dolphins in Hawaii:
bottlenose dolphins, auau channel, hi


I also want to thank you all for your great suggestions on things that J and I can do together - I took him on a surprise picnic (on one of the only nice days we had last week,) spent under $20, and we just had an amazing day. I'll have to post up pictures soon.
I am getting a little bummed that he's leaving for his job in like, a week, so I'm trying to think of cute things to do for him while he's gone (besides the fantastic ideas that I got from some of you!).

Anyway, I hope you're all having a wonderful Father's Day, and enjoying the first non rainy day in a while.

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Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi love! I completely understand about lack of inspiration...BUT I am so glad you found some in these photos. I love the wave in Maui and the underwater chair one is def a bit creepy but I like things a little creepy!
yay I'm so glad you guys had a picnic! I can't wait to see pictures!

Tracy-Girl said...

I know what you mean about inspiration... sometimes I feel like a big blob! But I loveee the shovels underwater... very interesting.
The first picture - of the shark eye - kind of freaks me out! Makes me squirm, for no reason!
Photography is amazing because it makes us feel.

Keith said...

Hey Allison. Great photos. They were very beautiful. I think the picnic sounds wonderful. Fantastic idea. It's been raining a lot here lately. It's definitely hurt my mood which wasn't great in the first place. Take care. Have a good week.

Jocelyn said...

I totally agree about the rain! It wipes me out- I love the cranberry bog that's amazing! I love photography! Thank you so much for posting this. I am glad that you had fun on the picnic, I hope that it didn't rain on you! Hope you have a great week

-joce said...

This is going to seem like a strange response, but those photos really creep me out. lol.
I have a really bad phobia of the ocean so looking at those kind of scared me. lol.
Thalassophobia is the fear of the ocean or sea. lol. I feel quite lame right now. They are really interesting photos though, but yeah... frightening. haha. :/

Tom Cupples said...

Hey Allison - a blog shouldn't be a burden - it should be a joy. Don't write if you need to force yourself to do so. I find that just occasionally there's absolutely nothing to write about so latterly I've been leaving it until something just 'pops up'. Something always will - even if a few days have passed.

Carol said...

I too have that lack of inspiration sometimes, but love the pics!

Couture Carrie said...

I am sick of all this rain too, darling! Where is summer already?

Loooove these photos you chose; the shovel one is especially haunting!


Hanako66 said...

these are completely spectacular!!!

I just forwarded this post to Hub so that he can be inspired!!!

picnics are so much fun, one of my favorite activities!!

la petite fashionista said...

what cool pictures! I love the image of the wave breaking in Maui-- I've seen that for myself from below quite a few times while surfing. It's so surreal!

Savvy Mode SG said...

wow. what beautiful images.

zupu said...

Strong and beautiful images, water is my favorite element even though I don't swim so much but I love the sea, lakes and rivers. I'm just too scared of sharks to go diving to see all the amazing things underneath..

molly said...

oooh allison, your taste is superb! i made an "underwater" folder on my computer just so i can save a bunch of these!
and now i'm going to catch up on posts i've missed - sorry i've been away so long! missed you and your blog for sure :)

dapper kid said...

:O I have that boooook!! The photographs are stunningly beautiful. I definitely have a place in my heart for nature photography. The natural world is so beautiful, it is a shame that for most us, it remains a mystery. I love buying photography books by animal or nature photographers, it's like seeing a whole new world...which is weird, seeing as it is quite literally just outside the door.

Picnics are always fun, especially with nice weather. If it's raining, as odd as it may sound, but try an indoor picnic. Just lay everything out like you would for a picnic outdoors. The good thing about grey days, is that you can light candles during the daytime, and just listen to the rain on the window :)

Hoping you're well dear, and I added you to the project :)

La Couturier said...

So, so beautiful. I've been enamored with photography as of recent - I wish I had an eye for it!

The inspiration will come back, don't worry (:

La C.

lisa said...

What fantastic photos! Some of the images are so haunting. Thanks for sharing.

Tracey Ellle said...

oh wow

NICOLE said...

I very much enjoyed this post! I think all of us bloggers have been feeling a little weary and uninspired as of late but the Summer is upon us and these long, sunny days are sure to prompt photos, conversations and memories worth sharing. I look forward to more from you :) XOXO, Nicole