Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Style Icon: Leighton Meester.

So, I am a huge fan of Leighton Meester. I was cleaning my room today upon my mom's insisting (because today is the first day since I started going out with J that I've actually been home), and came upon one of my inspiration folders that was crammed full of pictures of Leighton.

I really do think she is a pretty good actress, at least judging from her performances on Entourage and Gossip Girl. And, you may judge me, but I think her singing voice isn't half bad either! (Compared to most other actresses who swear that they can sing).

I just adore her style, from what she wears on the red carpet to what she wears on the street (which as I've said before, I think says a lot about someone!).

And the fact that you can go from being an awkward thirteen year old (as seen below) to being a gorgeous young woman, as evidenced by theseeee pictures :)


And the transformation begins...





I think she looks especially cute when compared to hot mess and fellow Gossip Girl costar Jessica Szohr:














What do you guys think? Love her or hate her?
I hope you're all doing well! Love you all. xo

Images were all found on a Google image search.

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Diane said...

i adore her style!

Lindsay said...

love her!! said...

I'm not sure about her singing, but I think her acting is awesome. I used to read the gossip girl series fanatically and she's the perfect Blair...
She can sing I agree... I'm just hard to please. lol.
I like her street style. :)
but I am a fan of Jessica, so yeah, I don't think she's THAT much of a mess... is she? lol.
I fail at fashion, so really... my opinion shouldn't count here. haha.

•¦Amy¦• said...

I don't know all that much about her. I don't watch Gossip Girl that often, and was not aware that she'd been around before then, but from what I have seen and do know I do like her. She's very pretty and has a wonderful sense of style.

Couture Carrie said...

She is so lovely! Fabulous pics and post!


Sydnie said...

You are the sweetest thing! Your comment on my blog was probably the nicest I've ever recieved; I can't thank you enough! Your blog is so insightful and fantastic ... I'm so happy your comment led me to it! Thank you again, and I'll definately be back!


Leia said...

Love, love, love her! She is fabulous in every sense of the word. I like her singing as well.

Although I don't think Jessica Szohr is a hot mess! I don't know about her sense of style, but I think she is quite a striking beauty. :)

Monica Lee said...

LOVE her! She looks stunning in thos magazine shots.. and love those short jumpsuits shes rocking

Keith said...

I love her. Great photos. She's very gorgeous. She's actually my favorite girl on Gossip Girl.

Hanako66 said...

I am totally with you on this....she is gorgeous and has such an amazing sense of style. I also adore her character and the wardrobe on the show, so that doesn't hurt my image of her either!!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

she is very fresh.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love her! I am so glad you did this post! She's def one of my Style Icons and she's so multi-talented...such a good actress and I love her singing. She's up there with Zooey Deschanel in my book!

And thank you soooo much, I am feeling much better!! XOXOXO

maeghan said...

I love her style, too. She always looks so fresh and happy. Gorgeous. :) And definitely among the better actors on the show.

Enep said...

absolutely love her :--D

Kicking couture said...

Love her ! I love her good girls gone bad song, its really catchy haha

I loved her in house, she was hilarious! Although im prefered her darker hair :(

HiFashion said...

I love Leighton. She is stunning and is a great actress. And she does look good when out and about. I've never heard her singing before , but have to admit its not bad.

dapper kid said...

She looks absolutely flawless nowadays. Her acting is amazing, and I was surprised when I first heard her singing, it's really good!! And yup, definitely one of the best dressed GG girls in real life :)

zupu said...

I think I love her style as much as you. She is so beautiful and looks always polished and chic. And I like also when she sings, dramatic voice..

La Couturier said...

I absolutely adore her - she's gorgeous & has such impeccable taste!

La C.

Nicole Marie said...

she is SO pretty!

Eddie said...

Leighton is absolutely, positively one of the most naturally stunning women in the industry today. This chick knows how to dress and wears her clothes with a hip, tight, refreshing style that is missing in today's sloppy fashion and bone-thin models.

The pics you chose of Leighton shows what I'm saying in spades. Each and every pic displays her beauty - her constant smarts in choosing what fits her best, coupled with her very own style. She can also pull off the 60's without a peep.

Loved this post Allison, and I hope you're enjoying these beautiful spring days. Hugs and licks my darling...

Besitos para siempre...

OdaMaria said...

I really love here style!:)

Carol said...

She always looks wonderful! Great selection of pictures

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