Saturday, May 23, 2009

Self Absorbed.

The gorgeous and fabulous Carrie (who has one of the best fashion blogs I've seen!) tweaked an Elle survey and made it her own, which she posted on her blog. I've been dying for the time to complete this survey and found myself not doing too much last night - perfect time to talk about myselffff.
I'm sure you're all sick and tired of hearing about me through little surveys by now, so I'm sorry for that! I promise a lot of different types of posts and not any more surveys about myself after this one for a whileee :)

Who is your favorite designer?
Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada, or Matthew Williamson. Wayyy too hard to just narrow it down to one!

Karl Lagerfeld_2

If you could come back as a dress, what would it be?
An Emporio Armani swarovski crystal studded minidress. Fun, flirty, but still chic!


Emporio Armani swarovski beaded minidress

If you could come back as a model, who would it be?
Either Jessica Stam or Adriana Lima.



Junk food?
Nutella, straight from the spoon and Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. Yummm.


What are you most vain about?
Either my hair, or my legs.


What are you most shy about?

My muffin, ick...but I guess we all have something, right?

If you could come back with someone else’s body, whose would it be?

Kelly Ripa. Is that weird because she's like 15 years old than me?

Who are your fantasy dinner-party guests?
Barack Obama, Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pablo Neruda, Jack Kerouac, Victoria Beckham, Michael Cera.

Dinner Party

Fantasy celebrity one-night stand?
Mmm, Bear Grylls. Seriously, I think he's so hot.
And if that didn't work out, I wouldn't mind me a little Michael Cera...I like nerds/people who make me laugh. Double winner.


Favorite place to have a drink?
My mom's best friend's house...right on the lake, huge backyard...the perfect setting for a margarita on a hot summer day!
Or, the Smith Hotel lobby bar in TriBeCa...they have unbelievable pineapple-basil daquiris.


Either Victoria's Secret or Gap Body.

What can’t you travel without?
A good book, fashion magazines, iPod, Burt's Bees chapstick, my Blackberry, Evian mist, digital camera, Fiji or Smart Water, and Starburst jellybeans.

Last book you read?
Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk. I adore him.


At age seven, you wanted to be . . .
An artist.

What’s the thing you find easiest to forgive?
Honestly, I forgive most anything...I'm too nice with things like that.

What’s the thing you find impossible to forgive?
Dishonesty. Once someone lies to me, I find it veryyy hard to get over that.

Biggest self-indulgence?
Weekly mani/pedis, hot stone massages, pistachio ice cream, going out to dinner.

Favorite place to shop [brick and mortar]?
Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.

Favorite place to shop online?
Neiman Marcus.

Whose diary would you most like to read?
Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen's. I know I shouldn't want to read anyone's, but I can't help it!


Least favorite food?
Honestly, tomatoes. I cannot eat them just plain. My mom grows them in the garden, and will just slice one up and eat it as a snack, and it makes me nauseous to think of doing that.

greenhouse tomatoes

If you were an inventor, what would you invent?
Inexpensive solar paneling for houses so that everyone could inexpensively go green.


Who are your favorite furniture designers?
Frank Gehry. Always.

Currentlyyyy I drive an '06 Mercedes E350.
Dream car: Range Rover pleaseeee.

What was your childhood nickname?
Oops. I was very ditzy as a child, and would constantly be bumping into things/dropping things and said "Oops," which I am still called by some people. It also turned into "Ally Oops" or "Oopers," which is just plain awful.

When and where are you happiest?
In my living room, with my entire family sitting and laughing, whether we're watching a movie, playing a game, or just trading memories.

What piece of art would you most like to own?
Number 31 by Jackson Pollock.


What are your favorite vacation spots?
Cape Cod, St. Tropez, St. Thomas, San Francisco, Miami [Coconut Grove].

Most treasured possession?
My nana's beautiful engagement ring that was given to me on my 18th birthday.

Favorite fictional character?
Carrie Bradshaw or Elizabeth Bennet.



Favorite musicians?

Ben Gibbard (actually all the members of Death Cab), John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Kasabian...omg, too many.


If you had another profession beside your own, what would it be?
Well, since I'm a student, I would very, very much like to go into journalism and work at a fashion magazine.

What current trends would you like to see disappear?
Ripped leggings with shorts on top, scrunchies (I saw some in American Apparel the other day and almost passed out).

Favorite trend of all time?
Boyfriend jeans. Comfy and fashionable too!

Be polite.

Sell yourself short!

As for me, I'm off to hang by the pool, which was opened yesterday, yay!
Hopefully I'll just be able to lull myself to sleep as the sound of the [manmade] waterfalls crash down around me, making me think I'm at some island, while I wait for my turkey burger to be cooked to perfection - yum!
In actuality though, my solitude will be quickly interrupted by the huge number of family friends who are making their way over to my house to celebrate! As long as I get my turkey burger, I think I'll be okay ;)
I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day - anyone doing anything super fun?!

Currently listening to: Bob Dylan - Knockin on Heaven's Door (blasting out of the speakers by the pool).


MICHELE3 said...

love love love your blog..keep up the great work

Nicole Linette said...

A comment for your previous post -- Leighton Meester is amazing! A truly admirable, self-made success. She's gorgeous and I like her singing too.. I wouldn't have expected that!

This survey was excellent, I love finding out things like this! The dress reincarnation was brilliant, you'd definitely be a knock-out! Wow, and a fantasy dinner.. jeez I know I say all the time I'm going to do a survey, but this one will actually get completed and posted, not sit in my documents file :P I'm just here with my family for Memorial Day, we were down at the lake a little while ago fishing, and now we're going to have grilled steak and veggies :) I hope your holiday and the rest of your week is wonderful.


Couture Carrie said...

You know I am loving all your answers and pics, darling! Nutella, Jackson P, the Olsens, Adriana Lima, all fabulous! Love your quote too, "Never sell yourself short"!


P.S. Thanks for doing the tag, and for the shout-out and sweet compliment ~ you are truly a dear :)

HiFashion said...

Loved reading your answers! My favorite part was your idea to build inexpensive solar panels so that the world can all go green. I've been wanting to do similar things all my life - unfortunately, I wasn't endowed with a scientific/mathematical brain so I will have to figure out some other way to help the environment (and help abolish poverty, and care for the world's animals... ambitious? Me???) ;) x Leia

Aren Becks said...

ah, thanks for the comment.

gorge dress, i wouldn't mind coming back to life as that either, at least i could come back with a guarentee of be smashing.

i love adriana lima. when compared to her, i always question why i recieved the receptive genes of my family.

for my essentional travel items i would include boho, wired, and the new yorker magazines. i would definitely include burts bee's products and starburst jelly beans as well.

i love mary-kate and ashley, i think if i could live vicariously by their lives, it would be so fascinating.

i love cherry tomatoes with pepper. i hate anything but fresh tomatoes straight out of the garden, everything else is nasty.

bob dylan is god in my book. yay.

Eddie said...

First and foremost, I wanted to express my utmost respect and love for you. Every time I find a comment by my darling Allison, I smile from first word to last. Your comments ring genuine no matter what the subject matter and I noticed that you refuse to regurgitate the same old caca that everyone else says. For that (among others) I keep coming back for more...

These questions are definitely sweet, but it's your answers that have me completely smitten. When I read that you're vain about your hair and legs, I chuckled. Your vanity definitely paid off because both are always completely flawless whenever you post a pic of yourself. Kelly Ripa got nothing on you...

I think it's rather adorable and equal amounts intelligent that you chose Michael Cera as one of your one-night-stands. How cute is he?!!

I live and breathe books so when you listed one of your current/last read books, I immediately placed it on my "next book to read list." Survivor... with a title like that, how can I not be intrigued? Quid pro quo... have you read Naked by David Sedaris?

Inventing inexpensive solar paneling is another gem. What a fascinating idea Allison. I just cannot understand why this hasn't even been done yet. Our local Electric Companies would go out of business... that's why. Go figure, couldn't they harness their $resources$ and provide these panels to the mainstream?

Finally, I end my comments to you my sweet Allison with the hopes that you have yourself a wonderful Memorial Day (and a juicy, savory turkey burger). You're a beautiful person inside and out and it's my duty to let you know this on a regular basis.

Besitos para siempre...

Keith said...

Hey Allison. Great post. I always enjoy reading posts like this. It's neat to read about the likes and dislikes of people. I hope you had a good holiday. We went to my brother and his wife's new house for a cookout. It was our first time over there. It was great to see the house, plus I got a chance to play with my baby nephew. Take care. Cheers! Keith

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

i love karl lagerfeld AND michael cera - perfect choice x

zupu said...

Bella, it's nice to read about your interests :) so keep them coming also in the future.

I too love that Armani minidress that Victoria is wearing!!
And Nutella.. an addiction that never fades!

Hanako66 said...

I love your answers!!! My favorite one was your dinner guests:)

I totally have a thing for Bear too!!!!!! lol

and I adore that you chose a Jackson Pollock piece:)

•¦Amy¦• said...

Love the surveys! always!

Mmm. Nutella, I've convinced myself that it isn't junk food and have it for breakfast on a piece of toast with fruit every morning. Haha.

I may snag this survey from you if you don't mind :D

ashley said...

Girlie, you'd make such a great journalist. I'm so hooked on your blog =)
Micheal Cera, wow, I agree there haha.

Kicking couture said...

Sorry girlie, thought i commented on this post!

I loved your survey, adrina Lima is seriously gorgeous like all VS models.

I have to say your blog is just amazing ally!

kimvee said...

I love nutella! and I would definitely come back as Audrina Lima as a model, I wish I had her body LOL! By the way I love the pop of color from your shoes with your outfit :)

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

great answers to that survey! i really enjoyed reading it! can't wait to see more of your blog


sleepyheaded nindya said...

i too love nuttela :P

yiqin; said...

Omg victoria beckham looks so hot!

Bella said...

I LOVE this... it was such a fun read!
Coming back as that dress would craaazzy!
The Olsen's diary!
Your gorgeous, and yes, very vain-worthy hair and legs!
Adriana Lima!
Wow, the list goes on.

I was just heading out for the birthday, but had to stop by and see my beautiful girl and all her inspiration! xxx

Jocelyn said...

I quite enjoyed this allison! I am so behind in blogs, but I made sure to catch up on yours. And Let me just say that having death cab playing along side your lovely post made it all the more enjoyable. I hope that you are having a lovely summer vacation!

ps. I have a crush on michael cera as well ;)

la petite fashionista said...

fun survey! I saw it on Carrie's blog & I'll have to do it if I ever have a lazy day!

& i totally agree with you Kelly Ripa has the perfect body especially at her age! and MK&A would have amazing stories in their diaries!


Denise said...

i love reading this post.
it's like knowing a little of you!
have a great day!

visit me sometime

Susanna-Cole said...

Great Q&A, saw this one on CC, and as I said there, as well, I love some of these questions! Really fun, and I loved reading your answers! :)

Anyway, hope you are doing well, dear! <3


dapper kid said...

Yum, that EA minidress is sooo lovely :) Nutella reminds me of my childhood, I haven't had any in ages, I so need to hunt some down! Oooh and pistachio ice cream, I love that stuff.

Your fantasy dinner party guests sound like such an interesting mix, I would have loved to have met Jack Kerouac. Yay for Chuck Palahniuk!!

I never had a childhood nickname, I feel left out lol. Although Ally Oops is rather cringe worthy, so maybe its not such a bad thing. And wow, what a wonderful gift for your 18th birthday :) I always think that once I get a proper job, I'll buy something expensive like a new watch that I can wear for years and pass down to my kids.

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather dear and have a fantastic weekend!

Savvy Mode SG said...

love this post. my next car will either be a ranger rover or x5, can't decide yet. both in white.

Allison said...

i had to agree about the kelly ripa body! uh, i like food too much to look like that, and exercising is just not that fun.

fhen said...

thankyou for your sweet comment♥
hmm love to see all your answers. that armani swarovski dress is a perfectio. like that jackson pollock's awesomeness and way to go for greener earth! plus brilliant fantasy dinner eh?
wow wow love to see all the answers
and mygod i seems like often to say oops too! haha


Elizabeth Marie said...

Omg I want to eat nutella, listen to death cab and read the olsens diary too...and Michael Cera would be such a hot one night stand...UMMM and that dress is fabulous...and...we have so much in common, but we already knew that! OMG you are fabulous.

And seriously dude, I might take you up your offer to dump douchie ex at the airport for his one way journey to EX ISLAND. haha

I hope you are having the best Sunday. I hope you're eating lots cuppycakes from Magnolia for me! :)

La Couturier said...

I love all the answers =] I absolutely loooove finding more about you & your fabulousness, Allison!

La C. said...

ahhh... I LOVE Chuck P. You have no idea... lol
I heard that the Bear Grylls guy's show was fake... or something along those lines... I dunnnooo...
I am keen to do this survey myself now! :)
Jack Kerouac would be amazing to have a good glass of wine with... [minus the whole alcoholic thing on his part :/]
LOVE the post. :D

Carol said...

Love Nutella too! On a crepe - amazing!!

Charmaine said...

Posh makes so many things look so good! And i'd love grace kelly over for a dinner party too!

Bella said...

Check your e-mail! xxx

Nicole Marie said...

so annoying that older women have way better bodies!! rude!!

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