Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let Them Eat Crack.

First, I apologize for my lack of blogging - honestly, I was running low on inspiration for what to blog about (and I know how boring my life is, so I definitely didn't want to write all about what's been going on with least not yet!). Anyway, I was telling my dad how I was lacking ideas for blogging, and he mentioned that it would be pretty cool if I was to write about one of his favorite artists, so thanks for the inspiration daddy!

Shockingly, I had never even heard of this man until my father told me - and there is nothing I love more than a good mystery, so if you're into mysteries, people who go against the grain, and art, hopefullyy you'll like this post :)

For those of you who haven't heard of him, Banksy is an England based graffiti artist. Now, Banksy is not his real name. What is his real name, you may ask? I couldn't tell you - because nobody knows! Apparently every now and then someone will come out saying that they've figured out who Banksy is, but it's never been proven correct so far. Sweeeet.

Banksy uses stencils for his graffiti and is known for his anti government/anti capitalistic messages. He is unbelievably controversial - he has made portraits of Queen Victoria as a lesbian (which was purchased by Christina Aguilera), spoofed British money and threw it into a large crowd (the money said "Banksy of England" instead of "Bank of England," and featured Princess Diana instead of the Queen - some people tried to spend this money in local shops).

In 2004, my boy Banksy walked into the Louvre (!!) and hung a picture (!!!!!!) which was like the Mona Lisa, except it had a huge yellow smiley face. It was quickly removed, but people were talking about it for a while. He was quoted as saying, "To actually [have to] go through the process of having a painting selected must be quite boring. It's a lot more fun to go and put your own one up." Badassssss.

When Paris Hilton dropped her first CD, Paris, Banksy replaced at least 500 copies with his own cover and songs by Danger Mouse. He titled tracks "Why Am I Famous?," and "What Have I Done?" Apparently the cover had Paris Hilton, which he altered to make her appear topless, with others that had the head of a dog replacing hers. There were copies purchased and are now sold for a tonnnn of money on Ebay. Way to go Banksy! (No offense to the Paris Hilton fans out there).

Because Banksy's identity is so top secret, people are unsure of how exactly he creates his beautiful (but dark) images. In my opinion, his work makes you look twice - there are quite a few of his images where I'm like, "Holy crap, that's not a real person!"


My mom loves this one...I think it's because of the flower :)

I love how creative this one is!:


This one def made me look twice :)


Love this:




What do you guys think? Love it, hate it?

Interested? This is Banksy's website...its really sweet:

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Keith said...

Hey Allison. It was nice to see a new post from you. I always enjoy whatever you post about. I know that I'm not always sure what to blog about. I try to find pictures, videos, etc. that I think others will like. I had never heard of this artist before. Thanks for introducing me to him. Wow! He's incredible. I love his work. I'll definitely have to check him out more. This was a really awesome post. I'm glad you did this one. Take care. Cheers! Keith

Tom Cupples said...

Hi Allison - great to see you've got back to blogging. I've missed you. As for Banksey - we've got millions of grafiti artists in London thinking they'll make a fortune (like Banksey)and covering everything from trains to buses (inside and out)and any wall which is smoothe and can act as a canvas. Nobody has come close to his originality though.

Ruggy13 said...

LOVE them all!!!

Pop Champagne said...

The little girl with the mouse is my favourite! It's so creative!

Couture Carrie said...

Looooove this wall art. Sort of a post-modern kind of graffiti, right? Thanks for introducing us to Banksy!


HiFashion said...

Wow, his stuff is amazing - absolutely genious. I love his stuff! I went on his website and his art is brilliant.

Jocelyn said...

Wow that's awesome! He definitely has some balls! I love it, those are amazing works of art, I've never heard of him before, so thank you for sharing, I am glad that you posted, I've missed ya!

I hate it when I can't think of anything to blog about.. that's the worst. So do people ever cover up his art like they do for graffiti?

Hope that you're doing well!


Hanako66 said...

love it

I have seen that first image before...

Your dad is super cool!! great post!!

francie said...

wow this guy is sick!
in a really good way.
there is so much meaning to all his stuff!

Nicole Linette said...


Please, please give kudos to your Father for knowing of such a man! This Banksy is a bamf! :D The trompe l'oeil graffiti is ingenious. And the Mona Lisa stunt? -- he was asking for death, wasn't he? hahaha. I love it all ... I hope he doesn't quit. Can't wait to check on his website.

Have a great week :]
peace&love, nicole.

A "cheery" disposition said...

How creative! I love it... I know there is no way i could look a wall and see art like that.

captivateme said...

ooh I love them all--I'm going to check the link out...thanks for posting, darling!

•¦Amy¦• said...

sorry for the lack of commenting on my issues.

I love the post! I am a huge fan of graffiti art. <3

La Couturier said...

This is so amazing! I've never heard of him either; thank you for introducing him! I love graffiti; I think they're one of the greatest form of art despite the fact that it's considered vandalism. Oh well.

I've missed yah darling!

La C.

dapper kid said...

Banksy is sooo unbelievably awesome!!! I love seeing his work, and it's always fun to go on a little Banksy run down the side of the River Thames. There is a ton of his work just on the bank near my University, and it always makes me smile :)

Aren Becks said...

Wow, you actually got me hooked on this artist. Scrolling through this photos really was the highlight of my day. I want to know who actually is Banksy now, but I guess that's his niche as an undiscovered artist with no name.

Meg said...

Love these. So cool and creative!

Eddie said...

Bansky is an amazing artist. I've seen his work before, although I don't recall where exactly...

Wow. What incredible work. Only an artist would see art in the crumbling cracks of a building. What a mind... and sense of humor. Humor is hardly seen and done right in art.

Thanks for introducing/reminding me of this artist. Your father sounds like a great inspiration and role model to me. The fact that he reads your friends' posts and peppers you with ideas when you're blogging well is dry is fantastic.

As always, you've done it again.

Besitos para siempre

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thank you and bless your dad for making me know Banksy. I will check out his site. Nice blog by the way.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I totally love the whole Banksy story. What a cool artist, and how cool that he's gone unidentified for years. he is great. xoo

ellie said...

LOve the cold war kids! Some fantastic stuff..wish some one was that artistic around here..but doesn't happen like that here in the mid-west. Great post.


Couture Carrie said...

Hey A just wanted to say Hi and hope you are having a fab weekend!


ellie said...

Thanks so much for the sweet notes. I really appreciate them. Yeah, Mitch is a favorite of mine as well as Adam...and it would be a stretch for Mitch I'm sure to play a TX boy on the range, but I will admit I knew someone when I was small who had hair and his sunny complexion from Texas.

Have a good week.

Bella said...

hello my sweet!

Thank you so much for sharing this... defintiely the perfect amount of imspiration. It's truly amazing, and even though I'd not heard of this (obviously) incredible artist before, I'm keeping an eye out!! There's so many to pick from, but I agree with your mom, the flower is out of this world!

love, Bella xxx

La Couturier said...

A cheaper alternative would be lovely =]

Hope you're having a lovely week!

La C.

molly said...

oooh fantastic post! i've always heard about banksy, but wanted to know more - love that you posted a lot of his artwork

and im so excited that you purchased that sweater! i mailed it last week, let me know as soon as you receive it! thank you so much :)

fhen said...

hi! i have just got back from the trip that caused the hiatus. miss your page!

this post is awesome! i have never heard about this man but he is great! definitely will check out for more. thanks for sharing!