Sunday, March 22, 2009

The War Continues - East vs. West Coast.

First, I want to thank you all for your sweet wishes that I have a better upcoming week. Here's to hoping the best for all of you and myself this week! You're all just too sweet for words, honestly.

On Friday I took a very much needed "self" day. I went and got a fantastic mani/pedi and eyebrow wax, went to Rita's for free Italian ice day (mango, thank you very much), and then went to Panera where I bought dinner and brought it back, and then watched an entire disc of the second season of The OC (I lead a fascinating life, honestly). Anyway, while watching, I began thinking of all the similarities between The OC and Gossip Girl, hence the reason for this post :)



While set on opposite coasts, both The OC and Gossip Girl focus on the lives of the upper class society types - each show has unbelievably intense drama, illegitimate children, teen angst, and parents who are just as effed up as their children. AKA, the perfect mindless teen dramas which are lovely for licking your wounds on a boring Friday night, as well as gushing over the gorgeous clothes they all wear.

Ryan Atwood vs. Dan Humphrey.


dan humphrey

Ryan - outsider who comes into a situation completely different from his own and falls in love with a girl who could be considered out of his league. Ryan is a hardcore badass, brooding, constantly getting in fights (one with the classic line, "Welcome to the OC bitch!), bailing people out of trouble, and helping his girlfriend who is constantly in one mess or another with her life. He also has this uncanny ability to spot situations that are just not right (Oliver, anyone?), even when his friends are convinced he is overreacting (and he is always right, always).

Dan -outsider who attends a school with people completely different from him who just don't get him, and falls in love with a girl who could be considered out of his league. He is super bookish, extremely smart, brooding and highly self concious. Often over thinking, over talking, and mumbling, Dan is simply too naive for the harsh world of the NYC elite. He also has the ability to come across as tres judgmental.
Similar? I think so.

WINNER - Ryan. I do love Dan, really I do, but he just doesn't totally do it for me. Maybe I just have a penchant for boys who wear sweatshirts and wife beaters with a hero complex, but I just adore him.

Marissa Cooper vs. Serena van der Woodsen.


Marissa- Beautiful, completely effed up, terrible relationship with her mother, OD's in Tijuana, blacks out at a ton of parties, part-time lesbian, has the most kick ass wardrobe ever, in love with the bad boy next door who she has an on again off again relationship with for three years, shoots the brother of the boyfriend next door when brother tries to rape her, expelled from school and goes to the horrors of public school, meets new guy at public school who falls in love with her and sadly falls off a cliff and dies (as I type this, I really do know how ridiculous it sounds, I promise). Ends up sorting out her life, graduating high school and decides to work on a ship with her father only to be killed on her way to the airport.

Serena - Beautiful, was pretty messed up but is making a huge turnaround, wants people to see how much she's changed. Smart and tries to do the right thing, but it constantly doesn't work out for her that way. Had sex with her bff's boyfriend, ran off the boarding school, did coke with a guy who ODed and died in front of her and was blackmailed. Dates Dan Humphrey who brings out the best in her, then finds out that their parents had a child together.

Winner - Marissa. That much angst and problems from someone who is so beautiful is fantastic. Her drama and stories never seem to get old, and up until the last minute she was on the show, the storyline really revolved around her and what was going on in her life.

Summer Roberts vs. Blair Waldorf.


Summer - Rich, princess, goes from loving Juicy Couture tracksuits and intense makeup to being somewhat of a flower child. BFF to Marissa Cooper, extremely smart (though no one knew until she got a near perfect SAT score and went to Brown), in love with Seth Cohen, breaks up with Seth Cohen and dates another pretty boy with a lack of personality, gets back together with Seth. Very cute and bubbly, funny, goes from being shallow to super aware, from fashionista to hippie and activist.

Blair - Cold, calculating, manipulative. If she wasn't so freaking loveable, you would just hate her. Loves headbands, Yale, bff to Serena van der Woodsen, has terrible relationship with mother (though it seems to get better with time), parents divorced because father is gay, she will tear down anyone who stands in her way of what she wants. While she comes off as a complete and total bitch, she does have a sweet side and will do anything for her friends. Loved Nate Archibald, lost her v card to Chuck Bass in back of limo, and since fell in love with him.

Winner - Blair. I love Summer, and relate to her more, but something about Blair's bitchy exterior is just fantastic. Plus, I do love all her headbands. She is the type of character that is shocking, but still so loveable.

Lily van der Woodsen-Bass vs. Kirsten Cohen vs. Julie Cooper-Nichol.




Lily - Smart, beautiful, super rich, rebel. In love with Rufus Humphrey and had an illegitimate child with him much to the chagrin of her mother. Comes off as a bitch in the earlier episodes but just becomes more and more loveable as she stands up for her children and herself. A cross between Julie Cooper and Kirsten Cohen.

Kirsten - Smart, beautiful, socialite, free spirit. Tries so hard to impress her father and please him, but not to much success. Comes off cold in the first few episodes, but the "stray" boy that her husband brings home allows her to open up her heart. Alcoholic, goes to rehab when drinking gets out of control, easily manipulated because she's just so sweet.

Julie - Unbelievably manipulative, goes after what she wants and doesn't care what it takes to get it, sleeps with her daughter's ex boyfriend, marries her friend's father and later tries to kill him, lives in a trailer for quite a while, serial dater, money hungry, ex porn star. She completely effs up the lives of her daughters in the first few seasons, but actually turns out to be a sweetheart.

Winner -Draw. All these women are fantastic, so it is clearly impossible to pick one favorite :) P.S. Wouldn't it be amazing if Kelly Rowan (Kirsten) guest starred on Gossip Girl?!

Nate Archibald vs. Luke Ward


Nate - Super rich, effed up family life - catches father doing coke, mother finds the coke and blames Nate, Nate takes fall for his father, but then turns in his father. Father then goes to prison for embezzlement. Cheats on girlfriend with her best friend (classyyy), breaks up with girlfriend, crushes on a 15 year old. Pretty boy (too pretty if you ask moi), lives on his own, sleeps with much, much older woman who then blackmails him.

Luke - Super rich, water polo player, bully (who says the immortal line "Welcome to the OC, bitch), effed up family life - his father turns out to be gay (and Luke witnesses his father making out with the "business partner") so parents divorce and gay father moves to Portland. Cheats on girlfriend with her best friend and is totally busted at a party, loses girlfriend to new guy in town, bonds with ex girlfriend's boyfriend and becomes good friends with him. Sleeps with ex girlfriend's MOM, drives drunk and has bad accident, moves to Portland to live with gay dad.

Winner - Nate. More of a main character, we get to see an insight to his angst and struggles. You just want this kid to succeed and to do the right thing. Plus, he's been around a lot longer than Luke.

Rufus Humphrey vs. Sandy Cohen


Rufus - Washed out musician, who is making a comeback, in love with Lily van der Woodsen -Bass, has two children and an ex wife who cheated on him and now lives in Hudson. He's pretty chill, extremely liberal, and seems like the cool dad. He's pretty intense at times, very smart and artsy.

Sandy - Lawyer, from NY with a strong accent (still), married up, still isn't used to the world of The OC elite. Very sarcastic and witty, loves bagels, surfing and his wife, doesn't get along with his father in law, has a very big heart.

Winner - Hands down, Sandy. He's witty, he's smart, he's a sweetheart, and super, super funny. I adore him.

Bart Bass vs. Caleb Nichol.
bart caleb

Bart - gagillionaire hotel owner, marries younger woman who doesn't really love him, looks into that younger woman's background through the help of a P.I., tragically dies in a car accident. Has a terrible relationship with his son Chuck, but leaves the company in charge of his son as a testament that he really does believe in him. So touching.

Caleb - gagillionaire (or so we thought) who runs a company called the Newport Group that deals with acquiring properties. He is involved in a scandal involving an illegitimate child, nearly loses his daughter, marries a much, much, much younger (and gold digging) woman (who happens to be the nemesis of his daughter, and sadly suffers a heart attack before the gold digging woman has a chance to poison him. Writes a lovely apology letter which is given to his daughter at his funeral. So touching.

Winner - Caleb. Caleb just has a certain charming element - perhaps it is his witty banter with his son in law Sandy who he despises, or his brutal honesty. Bart was just a character who was there, and I was not really so saddened by his death, though his character was a pretty big role in a lot of the drama that went on in Gossip Girl.

Seth Cohen vs. Chuck Bass.

Now, I know the two of them do not seem like the likely pairing. But both are unconventional, witty, and pretty freaking hot. Though I do think that the two would obviously hate each other if they were in the same vicinity.

Seth - outsider, who is absolutely friendless until meeting Ryan Atwood, who becomes his adopted brother. Gets a girl way out of his league, messes it all up, finally finds happiness with her. Hysterical, sarcastic, super, super witty. Dabbles with pot, skips his Brown interview, burns down his mother's office by mistake. Impossible not to love.

Chuck - outsider, but more because he wants it to be that way, loves scarves, extremely metrosexual in his fashion, man whore, manipulative - so much of the drama on Gossip Girl revolves around one of Chuck's schemes. Takes the virginity of his best friend's girlfriend when they have been broken up for approximately 15 minutes. Loses father and is faced to deal with all his emotions, and we kind of see, he's not really such a bad guy after all. Another one who sticks up for his friends til the end. Don't mess with Chuck Bass, or his signature excuse/line for everything, "I'm Chuck Bass."

Winner - Draw. I seriously cannot pick between the two because I adore them both so much.

The villans - Georgina Sparks vs. Kevin Volchok.
georgina volchok

Georgina Sparks
- ruthless, bitchy, manipulative. Actually slips her former bff GHB so that she doesn't make it to the SAT's in time, pretends to be someone else to get close to the asfomentioned ex bff's boyfriend, and blackmails ex bff. Meoww.

Kevin Volchok - Drug addict, tattooed, super poor, sexy as hell, mayjah cheater. Brings his girlfriend to prom only to openly cheat on her there, holds her hostage one night to try and beat the hell out of her girlfriend, keys a Range Rover with the inscription "Lil Bitch." Oh yeah, and runs someones car off the road thereby killing his ex girlfriend. Sweet.

Winner - Volchok. While Georgina is ruthless and a complete and total bitch, I think that killing someone kind of puts you above blackmail. Maybe I'm wrong though.

The bitchy sisters - Kaitlin vs. Jenny.
kaitlin jenny

Kaitlin - Comes back to the OC from boarding school and upsets everyone's lives - steals money from a fraternity and lies about it, tries to steal the boy her sister (Marissa) secretly has a crush on, gets him drunk and he then plummets to his death off a cliff, she deals weed to Seth, and gets in all sorts of shenanigans. Desperately jealous of Marissa.

Jenny - Starts out as a sweetheart, desperate to gain the attention and favor of Ms. Blair Waldorf and basically being Blair's little bitch. This quickly turns to Jenny stealing a $50,000 dress from a friend, turning on Blair in an instant, becoming a "mean girl," dropping out of school, and hooking up with Nate Archibald, who her bff Vanessa loves. Drama drama. Oh, she also sported a mullet and raccoon eye makeup. Sweet.

Winner - Sorry Kaitlin, as bad as you were, Jenny has you beat. Jenny is the ultimate good girl gone bad, and I'm not buying her whole changed personality. It won't last long.

The OC ends up winning this little tally. But don't worry Gossip Girl, you have plenty of time to catch up ;)


Agree or disagree on any? And don't worry, I am well aware I have no life :)

Currently listening to: Staralfur - Sigur Ros.


Nicole Marie said...

oh moly this is an awesome post! love the comparisons!

Kicking couture said...

Amazin post, you must go get the other seasons! Ironically i've been watching the oc nonstop this last week! Its amazing how much stuff you miss until you watch them for the 3rd or 4th time!

Guess what im dying my hair the colour of marissa's colour in season 1! next week! big change from my natural dark brown hair woo

Julie cooper and kristen are far more better than Lily, i just cant seem to warm to her!

Ryan is such a hottie and dan is nothing compared to him haha

Marissa was such a whiny brat but i liked the fact she wasnt all " my life so bad" for no reason. Serena annoys me to no end!

Blair and summer i both love for different reasons, summer makes me laugh and wore amazingly cute clothes whereas blair is just awesome on every aspect!

Sandy, all i have to say is bagels!


Hanako66 said...

ha! This is such a great post. I have a soft spot for The OC, not sure if that comes from being born and raised in the "OC" but LOVED the show. I totally agree with the similarities you posted and love GG too.

Sam said...

I've always been a The OC fan and not Gossip Girl. I think the serie of Gossip Girl on tv is really bad in compare to the Gossip Girl books. Oh well, as long I can watch The OC eveything is ok =]

captivateme said...

what a great post! It definitely made me smile. I'm an east-coast-gal hands are tied when it comes to which is better :-)

dapper kid said...

OC has to win hands down for me. Although I love Gossip Girl fashion wise and a lot of the just doesn't have that spark or importance like The OC had. Perhaps it has something to do with me watching OC during my formative teenage years...but meh lol. And what a wonderful sounding day :)

molly said...

youre SO right, gossip girl is a hardcore OC rip-off!
they shouldve stuck to the books more, those rule

Tracy-Girl said...

I couldn't believe how awesome this post was! love all of the different comparisons! My fave is Blake Lively - but I do live on the west coast :)

Nicole Linette said...

First off, I have to say that your grandmother interpreting for the U.N. is just marvelous. That's far more impressive, intruiging, and exciting to say than I ever could about my family's occupations (horrible as it sounds). Maybe I'll get to that point one day too! :)

This dissection and comparison of The O.C. and Gossip Girl is insane! Seriously Allison, I loved it, even though I don't even watch The O.C.! Although, I wouldn't be able to chose between Seth and Chuck either! Can't wait to watch tonight's GG episode :D

nicole -- enjoy your week!

kimvee said...

I never watched the OC but I absolutely love Gossip Girl! hehe Thanks for the sweet comment and you should definitely get a philly cheesesteak. It was so delicious!! :)

Eddie said...

I've tuned in to watch Gossip Girl when it premiered and I haven't watched since. I used to be into the original 90210 back in the early 90's (I'm old). I never knew these new shows were just as popular.

Thanks for the breakdown, and you've done it in such a luscious, non-boring way. I love your posts my Allison. I must say, you break it down meticulously and now I actually have some background on both shows.

Allison my darling, you've done it again...

Besitos my princessa...

Couture Carrie said...

This analysis is SPOT ON! No wonder I love both shows in the same way - there are so many parallels I hadn't noticed before. My fave is the Caleb Nichol/Bart Bass comparison - so true!

Your pampering day sounds fun and well-deserved!


La Couturier said...

I'm finally back! =]

And what an amazing post! Your comparisons are impeccable.

La C.

Bella said...

Hi, Honey!

Oh, it sounds like you had a well-deserved day, babe. And wow, this is such an incredible post... I'm loving the comparison!!


la petite fashionista said...

two of my FAVORITE shows ever.. i was so so sad when the OC went off the air! i love the analysis of all the characters. i'm still partial to the orange county kids despite the amazing fashions on Gossip Girl.


Keith said...

Hey Allison. Wow! That was an incredible post. I've never watched either of those shows. I learned so much reading this post. Very cool. Thanks for sharing this with us. It was awesome. I hope you are feeling better. I wish you the best. Take care.

Thanks for your comments on my post about my hiatus. I needed a break. I just did a post about when I plan to return to blogging. I hope you'll check it out. Thanks.

fhen said...

thankyou for your lovely comment! currently i am having a week off but still working on my uni portfolio *nvr ending work haha

omg your comparisons are really nice! love how you describe them!

for me i love both the OC and Gossip Girl. and for me GG is a nice movie for fashion ispiration
do you watch BeverlyHills 90210 too? i love it too! these drama series never make me bored

dont forget to collect your awards dear
it's the second post from above :D please scroll
or you can try this link

zupu said...

This post was so good, grazie! I'm currently totally addicted to Gossip Girl but this made me want to watch O.C. again which I haven't done for a long time. To get in the summer/beach mood.. I just adore both Summer&Blair, Seth&Chuck and Kristen&Lily, my favourites!

HiFashion said...

OMG, they're both the same show! Love them both, but when I see it written down like that, I realise just how much drama there is in both shows. Oh well, still love both! Its a great post btw.

Robynne said...

Thank you! I love these comparisons as well! I noticed some of them but it's nice to see it all here! :)

I am a tV show addict haha. I live for the drama..

fashion on edge..

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