Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ten Truths.

A few groups of some of my favorite blogs have been doing this tag called "10 truths".
All of them tagged anyone who wanted to do this, and since I am lacking inspiration for another post and extremely bored on a rainy and gloomy Sunday evening, I decided to partake in this fun tag :)

1. When I am sad or in a gloomy kind of mood where I'm just too lethargic to do anything else, there are a few things that will cheer me up, or at least curb more boredom for a few hours. One, is a bad (but oh so entertaining) Lifetime movie, the cheesier, the better.
Another, is a spoonful of Nutella. My mom is French and apparently her mother gave her spoonfuls of Nutella for dessert when she was a child. My mom did the same with Pat and I, therefore my arteries will probably be clogged by the time I'm 30 from indulging in spoonfuls of Nutella when I'm feeling down.
I also go straight to the Kraft Mac n' Cheese when I'm feeling down. Something about it is so scrumptious that I forget about the calories and just indulge.

2. I am a born runner. I'm pretty much all legs (I used to get in trouble in my private school because shorts had to be at our fingertips, and since my legs were so long, everything looks short on me). I played varsity soccer for four years in high school, and was on a wing because all I could do was run - I lacked the coordination to really do anything else, but I could get to the ball before other people. Now, running is an addiction. I love the way that it makes me feel, and even though it kicks my ass, nothing makes me feel better. I'm now training for my first marathon in September!

3. I'm in school studying to become an elementary education teacher/reading specialist, but I'm not 100% sure that's what I want to do. I feel like I'm only 21 and it's okay that I'm not sure what I want to do with my life (just don't tell my parents, they will murder me!). Lately I've been thinking of possibly going to India for a few years with a program that allows you to work with/counsel girls and women who have been forced into prostitution. I think I'd be pretty good at something like that, and I like the idea of stepping outside of my comfort zone to help someone else. I have not brought that up with my parents yet, I don't know how they'd feel about me taking a few years off from "the real world."
Another option I'm exploring is getting my masters in counseling and then working as a counselor to girls with eating disorders. I figure that I went through that for a reason, and it would be amazing to use what I went through and grew from to help someone else in a similar situation. We'll see what happens though.

4. I love people watching. I think that's why I love New York City so much. I think that I could honestly sit in Central Park just watching people for hours and hours. During the summer, I go into the city as much as I can with friends, and picnic and then just watch the different people. The little old ladies who walk by without a care in the world (when many tourists who are a quarter of their ages are walking around with fanny packs to protect themselves), the little children who run around without a care in the world with their Upper East Side nannies racing after them...everyone has a different story, and I like to imagine the kind of lives that these people are living.

5. In small quarters, I am extremely messy (but organized messy and never sloppy). My mom once informed me that she wouldn't complain about how disorganized my room is if she gave me something in my room to find and I could find it in 10 seconds or less. Let it be known, my mother never complains about my organized mess - I can find anything in there anytime I want to and it's mostly just an accumulation of clothes on the floor.
Anyway, the weirdest thing is that when I babysit and the house is a mess, I find myself going crazy and I always clean up. So I guess that there is hope that when I have my own space bigger than one room in a house or a tiny dorm that I'll be able to keep it nice and organized. Here's to hoping!

6. I am extremely nerdy. In high school, I went through my huge partying phase, and now I'd rather lay low than go out all the time. Some of the best times that I've had with my friends have been just swimming in my pool and having a cookout in the summers, playing pool, smoking hookah in my backyard, or playing board games (!). I have an obsession with the game Clue, and no one in my family wants to play Monopoly with me because I always kick everyone's ass.

7. The two things that I hate more than anything are sharks and feet. I am 100% terrified of sharks - I have never seen Jaws and never will because I'm really afraid it will haunt my dreams forever. I honestly don't know where this came from because I don't think I've ever watched a movie with a shark in it, but when I was little I used to have nightmares that my family was gobbled up by sharks. Oh, and during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, my dad and brother make sure to DVR every episode, and turn it on whenever I come into the room. Thanks guys.
I also think feet are gross. I would never ever put someone's feet anywhere near my face, and preferably not near my body. My roommate one time rested her feet on my lap while we were watching TV and I almost punched her.
If I ever saw a shark with a foot in its mouth I think I would absolutely die.

8. I have broken my nose five times. The first, when I was in second grade and my brother punched me in the nose because I hid behind a couch, and jumped out and scared him. My parents said I kind of brought it upon myself. The second was snowboarding for the first time, when I landed flat on my face and just felt it break again. The third and fourth were both during soccer - that was fun. And the last was snowboarding again when I absolutely bit it trying to go off a ramp - very niceee. And now when it's freezing cold out, the side of my nose turns an impressive shade of purpleish. It's quite attractive.

9. I love the outdoors. I feel like this comes as a shock, because when I announced to my best guy friends A and J that my roommate and I are planning a camping trip, they asked if we knew how to light a fire without blowing ourselves up. Little do they know, little Allison spent many summers camping with her family, and watch Survivor, therefore I know how to start a fire, that I need to boil water, and to not bring heels along on the trip. But seriously, I'm an outdoorsy kind of girl - I love hiking, biking, swimming...I appreciate nature and the beauty of it.

Proof, that I do love the nature, even as a young'n.

10. I could watch any Alfred Hitchcock movie over and over again. Psycho is one of my favorite movies ever, and Rear Window coming up close behind. He was just a master of suspense, and his work transcends generations. I've spoken with my grandfather about how he was just as obsessed with the movies when he was younger, and I think it's cool that so many generations can relate to the same movies.

So, anyone with some time on their hands who wants to tackle the "ten truths" tag - go for it!

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Lindsay said...

haha as I was reading this I thought me too! so many times! Nobody ever wants to play Monopoly with me!

Nicole Marie said...

you've broken your nose 5 times!! holy toledo!! ouch!

Jocelyn said...

I loved this post allison! I too am a born people watcher! I love it, and I am not organized at all. My mom always lectures me about how crappy a homemaker I am going to be, but hopefully I'll get better!

Sharks are terrifying! NEVER watch Jaws. Worst movie ever. Rear Window is amazing, I also love The Birds and Vertigo! Have you Seen the Rear Window with Christopher Reeves? It's pretty good!

I think you'd be really good at helping girls through eating disorders. Going to India would be amazing also! I want to see the world!

Tracy-Girl said...

congrats on the marathon in Sept! I am a runner too... and I love it! It is the most freeing thing in the world.

•¦Amy¦• said...

Rear Window is a definite favorite of mine. As is The Birds.

Oh! I had Nutella for the first time yesterday. Ihop has Nutella crepes...just wonderful. I love love love hazelnut/chocolate anything :]

Keith said...

Hey Allison. Wow. These were really cool to read. It's always neat to learn new and interesting things about people. I like your idea of what you are considering to do with counseling. I think that sounds fantastic. I love Hitchcock. I love so many of his movies. I'm a big Cary Grant fan so it's always great to see him in a Hitchcock movie. I do like Jimmy Stewart too. That's terrible that you've broken your nose so many times. I'm sorry about that. I've only broken one bone in my life. That was my collarbone back when I was 14. Take care of yourself. Have a great week. Cheers!

Hanako66 said...

thank you for sharing about yourself:)

I hate feet too!

Jocelyn said...

oh, and check out this cover of iron and wine. Her name is Kina Grannis she's amazing!

captivateme said...

what a fabulous tag and post--I love reading these things...I WISH I was 'all legs' like, lucky you :-)

dapper kid said...

Aww that photograph is sooo cute!! Nutella brings back so many happy memories, I used to love nutella on toast when I was younger.

And I am definitely a born runner, I was rubbish at all the physical touch sports at school, what with my rather weedy body, but I loved cross country running. You can just run and get into the zone and it's alll good. Haha unfortunately now having a 36inch inseam makes trouser shopping rather hard!

Oooh and you should totally take some time out to travel if you get the chance. India is so beautiful, and even with the hardships and poverty a lot of the people go through, they are so friendly and welcoming :)

Haha I am a total nerd. I have always been a straight A student and never had a single detention through my entire school years.

And yay for Alfred Hitchcock, I am a such a film buff. I have all the boxsets and have a tinsy obsession with the early Expressionist German and Russian cinema.

Eddie said...

LMAO. Allison, you slay me. I loved when I read about you being deathly afraid of sharks and feet. I too have a problem with feet, unless they are perfectly manicured and stupendously pretty.

That picture of you smelling the flower was absolutely the most adorable photo moment. You were soooo cute (and still are).

As for people watching... I do it all the time. I can people watch right outside my very own studio window, as there are hundreds of people who pass down my block on a regular basis. I understand what you mean darling... even though people should be staring at us.

Luscious post my sweetz. I'm thinking about doing the same. I still owe you a tag (blogging spot) so don't think I've forgotten you my love.

Thanks for sharing...

Besitos para siempre

NERINA said...

Hey, Nice blog, nice pictues!
I saw you like Karl L? Oh! He's a genius! I love him
Have a nice day!

Bella said...

Hey beauty!

So, I was trying to pinpoint my top favorites from your ten truths, but ultimately decided I loved all of them. I love these little sneak peeks... such a fun read!
Hope you're well, love to you.


la petite fashionista said...

very interesting "10 things". Your future career aspirations sound really awesome and I feel like I'm the opposite to you when it comes to your partying phase; i was quite the goody two shoes in high school & now i'm finally letting loose and having some fun:)

Couture Carrie said...

OMG to #8!

And we have so much in common darling: Nutella, running, teaching - so cool!


Alyssa Megan said...

Interesting.. ;)

Hanako66 said...

I gave you an award today:)

Couture Carrie said...

P.S. That Roberto Cavalli swimsuit was my fave piece in the post, too!

P.P.S. Shout-out for Hitchcock!


zupu said...

Nutella! so good in spoonfulls, crepes, brioches.. I never get bored with it. Here in Italy they put it on everything.

Like you I also had a party-period for a couple of years after highschool and now I really prefer just to have a nice dinner with friends, sit down and drink a glass of wine and talk or watch a movie/some good tv-serie/read magazines/a book rather than go to a bar. And I've felt bad for it, like a boring person but I can't help it, that's how I enjoy my life :)


Emz said...

haha, 1 and 6! totally me =) But ouch- breaking your nose 5 times??? ouchh

Robynne said...

Monopoly is like the longest game ever! I don't think i have ever completed the game. Your blog is always great...

-Fashion on Edge

molly said...

a spoonful of nutella makes the bad vibes go down!
haha, love this tag and loved learning more about you.
you are a divine interesting woman, and im so glad i found your blog :)

kimvee said...

I love watching lifetime movies, I like making fun of them too, because it's so obvious of what's going to happen towards the end. haha I love nutella too!

I do my best to keep my room clean & organized, but I do have my moments when I can be organized messy too, I totally understand where you're coming from hehehe. Thanks for the comment, hope you are having a wonderful week :)

Nicole Linette said...

Hi Allison! Finally out of computer exile and able to read your blog :) I hope you had a fantastic Easter with your family.

Wierd as it sounds, I don't know many people of French decent, but I lovvve how Nutella was your main dessert! It is incredible and never fails to cheer me up. That's so cool that you played on your varsity soccer team for so long. I've been running a lot lately, trying to get in shape for a 5K next month. Good luck with the marathon! And being a counselor/pyschiatrist type of worker for girls with eating disorders is really compassionate. Even moreso because of your own experiences.

I read your other posts too! I had no idea Heidi Slimane was a photographer too ... he does really great work! This summer, I'll probably be channeling Blake Lively ... the shorter the shorts, the better! :D I'm sorry about that guy who was supposed to be your friend ... jeez, your story sounded like one out of a teen novel (please don't take that offensively!). Most importantly, you realized what was wrong .. but it still hurts letting go. :\

Can't wait to hear from you :)

p.s. I was listening to your music, and your version of "Kids" by MGMT sounds different (their voices)!! Is it a production demo?

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