Friday, March 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasure #1.

So, I have a confession to make and I am completely aware that this confession will induce much, much judgment. I absolutely adore reality television. It doesn't matter how trashy, how scripted (with the exception of The Hills which I just cannot bring myself to watch) - I'll watch it.

One summer, I didn't work because I felt it interfered with my social life (as it went, my social life was nonexistent because I had no money to go out with my friends), and I decided my summer goal was going to be to watch every reality show on television. This lasted exactly half a day, because I filled the DVR completely with reality shows, and my mom, dad and brother were not pleased I had deleted their recordings to spend my summer being way lazy. My dad vetoed my summer goal instantly (thank God, can you imagine me actually telling people that was how I spent my summer - ick!), but my love for the reality television has yet to subside, though it has definitely dwindled in the years I've started college and have had to actually start (gasp!) studying.

Anyway, I say all this to profess my undying love for Bravo and all their fabulous reality shows. Top Chef, Project Runway, Real Housewives of NYC, and...Make Me a Supermodel, which is my recent fave (as of Wedesday night).

In high school, I was addicted to America's Next Top Model, and to be honest, I can't tell you why. I recently saw reruns of it on Bravo and was not so pleased that that show had once been listed on my "Favorite TV Shows" on Facebook. It's like the poor man's version of modeling - honestly, where are the people who have won the seasons past? What are the honestly doing in the fashion world now?

Okay so I say all this for two is that I obviously am not skilled in simply getting to the point. And the other is that I am currently in LOVE with Make Me A Supermodel. It's currently hosted by the delicious (but too pretty for moi) Tyson Beckford, who is the mentor for the male contestants, and the beautiful Nicole Trunfio who was airlifted inside of a huge box for her entrance. H-O-T.

The contestants this season are great so far - they're all crazy different, and all competing for the $100,000 prize, along with a one-year modeling contract and a pictorial in Cosmopolitan. The first challenge allowed the contestants to pick partners (there were 8 girls and 8 guys), and the contestants then found out they would have to post in their underwear, in a glass box (and wait it gets better!), in an intimate scene (you think I'm done yet?) AND the glass box will be suspended over NYC exposing their intimate scene to every passer by. Once the girls found out that they would be posing in their underwear, they decided that they would partner up with one another, leaving two groups of all guys posing together.

Branden, one of the aspiring models, and a self proclaimed ladies man, aka mayjah TOOL, had to pose with the unbelievably androgynous (male) Chris, and Branden was worried about "the gay problem." Their photo ended up still being really good though!
Then, there is ex-Mennonite Salome, Brazilian Mountaha, classically trained ballet dancer Sandhurst from Trinidad and Tobago (who shockingly is straight!), Gabriel (who posed with Salome, in his underwear and seemed to enjoy is VERYYY much...but then criticized Salome's body and said she would in NO way be able to win until she toned up..ahole), Colin (the hot, hot, hot 21 year old virgin who is straight and seems nerdy...aka great combo) is just hot, and the rest are okay so far.

La boƮte de verre:
glass box




The fabulous femme Chris:


Sandhurst and yummy Colin:
sandhurst and colin

yummy colin

I won't tell you who won or who lost, in case you have it on your DVR or now because of my fabulous post, you're just dying to watch it now.

You can catch up/watch the second season here:

You can start watching the first season here:

It has absolutely none of the people I was just talking about, but it's still drama filled and the challenges are really cool and very different! There is also a fabulous British version where the cousin of one of my good friends was a contestant!

What are the television shows that are your guilty pleasures?
And if you watched Make Me a Supermodel, what did you think and who are your faves?

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend darlings...I'm heading to MoMA tomorrow and then to Central Park to see the zoo and my favorite statue of Alice in Wonderland (and then of course making a stop at Magnolia Bakery to eat my weight in cupcakes, and hopefully grabbing some lychee martinis at Forbidden City!).
Any fun weekend plans for you all?


dapper kid said...

I've found another reality tv addict...can it be true?! Haha, I love watching all the shows online, Project Runway (including the Brit and Aussie versions), Stylista, Make Me A Supermodel - they're all fabulous! I think I just like seeing the diversity and background work of the jobs, so it's an insight into what they do that you otherwise won't get to see. Then again that's why I love fashion documentaries, you get to see the designers at work and talking about their inspirations.

Keith said...

Hey Allison. Don't be ashamed of watching reality tv. I'm someone who at one time criticized it, but I find myself watching it all the time. I only watch two regular tv shows...Heroes and Lost. Besides that, I generally watch reality tv when I'm home. I've wanted to watch that Supermodel show. It looks really good. You've inspired me to definitely check it out. I watch everything from Top Chef to The Celebrity Apprentice to The Real World to From G's to Gents. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Take care. Cheers! Keith

Crazy Eddie said...

OMG. I don't know much about female fashion (despite being gay lol) but the dress that Salom is wearing is frickin' amazing.

As for Reality TV shows, the only reality shows I regularly tuned into was the ORIGINAL REAL WORLD. You know, the one with Eric Nies in New York City. The first SEASON. Wow, I'm dating myself.

The other reality show I sorta got into was I Love New York. That chick was so beyond outrageous I couldn't tear my eyes away from the television set. It's like watching a train wreck. Captivating. It's funny that VH1's production company (the one who created I love NY) is named Mindless Entertainment. Nuff said.

Another hot post my sweet Allison.

Muchos besitos para ti.

yiqin; said...

I love the shows too! Weekend passed too quickly :(

Couture Carrie said...

That dress is divine!!

And if I had cable I would totally be addicted to all these shows, too. For right now, I am enjoying ANTM...

Btw, did your music tag and linked you today, darling!


La Couturier said...

Haha! I love these posts =]

I love Project Runway too. I do love reality tv too; I don't have time to watch it often, but I find it so amusing to just watch these shows when I'm simply bored!

La C.

Jocelyn said...

I love this post allison! I read this the other day and then saw a rerun of the premier so I am not officiallt watching Make Me a Supermodel! I think Colin is adorable his glasses are so cute.

My guilty pleasures for TV? Grey's, Amazing Race, American Idol, Biggest Loser I am such a nerd oh goodness.. and my guilty pleasure food? Those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars, haha. Ever had one? They are divine.

MJ. said...

My sweetest girl!!
I'm glad to hear (read) that u've got so much fun this weekend! (as it's Sunday night already...:P)
I've just tried to relax as I'm starting finals in 1 week!!! (so stressed!!)
Anyway...I don't watch any fact I just don't watch tv at all...just use internet to watch Lost and The Fringe :P (as they're not emitted in Spain...)
But that reality seems pretty interesting!! Actually, i remember my friend beeing obsessed about the Spanish version of it, but the guy contestants weren't that hot!! Have u seen them!!??(except the androgynous one...I just like guys that loooooook like guys :P)


Keith said...

Hey Allison. I wanted to let you know that I got a chance to see that supermodel show. I think it's fantastic. I'll definitely have to keep on watching it. I hope you have a great week. Cheers!

P.S. Oh yeah. I hope you check out my post on my Dino Lounge blog today(Monday). Thanks.

dapper kid said...

Colin or Sandhurst had so better win, they are pretty damn fantastic! And Salome is super hot, Gabriel can go stuff himself. Anyhoo, hope MoMA was fun!

molly said...

looks like a fantastic show! loove trashy reality tv. agree, ANTM is pathetic, i feel sorry for the girls who think theyre going to get somewhere. however i totally enjoy watching it!
love this post

Hanako66 said...

I'll have to check those out! My TV addiction is so bad that my TIVO (bedroom TV) is at 80% capacity and I have to use Hub's for 1 show (I literally tape 3 in a one hour period)...I do love the Bravo reality shows...they are awesome.

Nicole Linette said...

OH my gosh, Colin is gorgeous :D Straight and virgin, wtf?! Wow, that just throws me off but it's greatttt haha. I'm a Bravo buff tooo! But why the heck is Lifetime taking Project Runway? D: Ridiculous, though please correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't had too much time to watch tv lately, but I adore Top Chef and Project Runway the most. And Millionaire matchmaker, for some reason. ANTM is addicting for some reason, but you're right.. you rarely see any of these models in the spotlight! Excpet Jaslene was in Julien's final runway show on Project Runway. Do you remember that?

Ha, have a wonderful week! peace&♥.

captivateme said...

I'm totally with you, sweetie--I have a HUGE weakness for reality tv. Haven't checked out the Supermodel show...but now, you've peaked my interest :-)

kimvee said...

LOL I caught a glimpse of that model show on Bravo and it was so funny when this bald guy was measuring everyone. His comments were so funny HAHAH

amynicola_ox said...

thanks love i've missed blogging and i've missed YOU!honestly i can totally relate i adore reality television, its so great. ps i read your crazy cat lady post and thoroughly enjoyed it, it brightened up my day it was great :) hope all is well.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Umm...first of all, I would die without reality TV, but what REALLY GOT ME is the description of your weekend.

You. Are. LIVING. My. Dream.
If you weren't so fabulous I'd be mad. How was magnolia?! ahh and lychee martinis...and the alice in wonderland statue...

Le sighhhh....:)

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw don't worry dear, we all have guilty pleasures! Now I only see like 2 hours of TV a week or so ("The Amazing Race" and "24"! :D) but I used to watch a lot of reality shows!

And I did catch an episode of "Make Me A Supermodel" last week actually, when I was sick and unable to go anywhere. I definitely think MMAS is more realistic and interesting then ANTM (which is way over-the-top and with an overdoes "Tyra!" "Tyra!" "TYRA!" haha). Though I think half my interest is drooling over the yummy male models which are absent on ANTM! haha ;)

Thanks for your comment dear! <3


dapper kid said...

You have been t-t-tagged dear!

Bella said...

Oh, you are to cute! Reality TV is addicting... I'll go it out marathon style because I'm dying to find out what happens next!

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