Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Dark Side.

So, I can't lie - it's been a pretty awful week (I say this because for me, my weekend officially started today at 2:20 p.m. - I do know it's Thursday!). I got my little heart broken slightly, had insane amounts of homework/papers/presentations (and had to do the majority in the library since I just got my computer back yesterday night), and I've pretty much been a mess (especially since my hair is just not cooperating at all).

Instead of writing a massively negative blog since I know that even though I feel like it does right now, my life does not suck that much - I decided to focus on something that makes me happy instead - photography.

I've already shared with you guys my adoration for my boy Tim Walker in a previous post, so now I'm going to move on to someone that I consider to be very similar in style to Mr. Walker, but with a much more dark and almost depressing kind of style.

While Tim Walker's photographs exude light and color and fantasy, the work of Spanish photograph Eugenio Recuenco is very dark, with some color, but a very depressing overtone. Last night as I hung out with my roommate, I was flipping through Recuenco's portfolio just fascinated with his work. It was definitely not my first view of his photographs, and maybe it was just my somber mood last night, but I definitely felt as though I was seeing them with new eyes.

Apparently he is an extremely stubborn photographer, and is unrelenting in his dreams and desires for capturing what he believes is the perfect photograph, so a lot of people do not want to work with him. Still, pain in the ass or not, he delivers beautiful photographs. He uses a more pictorial form of photography when being compared to others, and has a very unique personal style that is conveyed in every photograph (though some on his portfolio took me completely by surprise!).

Anyway, these are some of my favorites from his portfolio.


I love this one.



This one totally reminds me of my boy Hitchcock's film "The Birds."



Even fairy tales get a somber tone in Recuenco's photographs:


You can view his entire portfolio here.


Currently listening to: Sweet Lorraine - Patty Griffin.

© Eugenio Recuenco photography.


Hanako66 said...

These are really amazing....they are slightly disturbing which makes them all the more beautiful.

Couture Carrie said...

I'm sorry your week was sucky, darling! Hopefully your weekend will be fab, like these amazing photos!


Kicking couture said...

sorry your week sucked hun! Hope next week is better! You must let me know if the southland show is any good! Aaah another chance to see the ever so gorgeous Benjamin mckenzie!

Those pictures are a love hate thing, i love some and some i hate!

Crazy Eddie said...

OMG... Tim Walker's photos are stunning. I'm in awe. He is a genius.

I'm so sorry you didn't have such a great week and I guess you and I could share a cuddle in our grief.

You are an amazing person Allison. Not only do you have a busy schedule, but you managed to comment on my blog with some of the most genuine, caring, loving words. You lifted my spirits and I love you for that girly. So sweet.

I'm a good-looking dude and I know I'll be fine, but comments and love like yours keeps me burning forward.

Thanks for that my luscious.

Besitos para siempre

stephanie alex said...

agreed on that shot about those birds...that movie was beyond creepy

Robynne said...

I love the fairy tale references!! Anything Fairy tale and I'm completely sold...

-Robynne xoxo

fhen said...

sorry for the bad week dear
i'm drowned in portfolio work too
my school portfolio has just finished and my upcoming university application portfolio is coming :(
anyway i love the photos and photgraphy always make me feel better


Crazy Eddie said...

PS. I meant to say Eugenio's photos are stunning. My bad.

dapper kid said...

That second photograph is so amazing and I am in LOVE with the last two, that Princess and the Pea shot is soooo beautiful!! There is definitely that whimsical Tim Walker-esque vibe to his work that I love. Well I say that, but I don't want it to sound as if I think he is just copying Walker. And so sorry to hear about the rubbishy week dear, hope everything picks up for this week :) Even if you don't feel like smiling, I find that doing it anyway when you are alone makes you feel better!

Nicole Linette said...

Agh, sorry you had a bad week :( Mine was just.. wierd, haha. At least you were able to start the weekend Thursday! And after looking at these photos, I've decided that Eugenio's high expectations and pickiness have definitely paid off. Me, not so much! They're all really amazing. Would you mind if I put the car photos on my blog with my various 'inspiration' shots?

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

yiqin; said...

They are amazing!@ Thanks for shring :)

Jocelyn said...

Hey there! I am sorry that you've had a bad week. Those are never fun. But I love those photos My favorites are the last two, photography really is beautiful, and to take those photos I'm sure that any photographer he has to be stubborn and very precise!

I hope you have a good week Allison!

captivateme said...

photography always makes me so happy as well :-) These are fabulous...there is instant emotion the minute you look at each of these images...beautiful.

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