Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

The darling Mrs. Ruby posted a blog today about her all-time favorite couples. Since I am unbelievably unoriginal, I'm going to kind of copy her idea, with a list of my favorite couples and favorite movies

Love Actually
Believe it or not, I had never seen this movie before Christmas break this past year. I ordered it On Demand and was honestly completely confused at first with all the different characters, but once I started understanding everything going on I absolutely fell in love with this movie. Totally chicky? Absolutely, but so, so worth it. I'm pretty sure that my favorite character in the movie is the little boy (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about :)
I think this may be the cutest love story I have ever seen in my life. I feel like I could watch it a million times and never get sick of it!



Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big
Okay, I know that a lot of my friends are completely on Team Aiden, but I have loved Big since the beginning of the series. Sure, he could be a complete and total asshole to her, and I did hate him at times while watching the show (I need to stop getting too emotionally invested in these shows), but I always wanted them to get together. When the movie came along, and he effed it up yet again, my heart broke. Seriously, when Carrie is beating Big with those flowers... my heart like, completely breaks. I just adore them.


Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy
I have loved Pride & Prejudice for as long as I can remember. Mr. Darcy has given me unreal expectations on how a man should treat me. He's absolutely perfect. I don't care if it's Colin Firth (hot, hot, hot) or Matthew Macfayden (hot, hot, hot) Mr. Darcy is effing hot.



Ross and Rachel
They are amazing. I rooted for them the whole ten seasons of the show!


Cruel Intentions
I know, I know, not the typical Valentine's Day movie. But I honestly think that the love story aspect of it is so freaking cute! That was where Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe met too, and I was seriously so sad when they broke up. Apparently during the scene where he fights with her and they break up, he got physically sick after because he said those horrible things to her. This is also one of my all time favorite movies.



Allie and Noah
The Notebook is one of those great love stories. I remember crying when reading the book, and my heart just breaking for the two characters. I cried for so long after seeing that movie. It's such a beautiful love story of how love can endure. I'm such a girl, but I just love it.



Posh and Becks
Honestly, I love them. I think they're both absolutely beautiful and so cute together. I saw the footage of their World Cup party, and of the party they had for their charity and I think they're just the cutest.

Okay, so this isn't the cutest picture, but she's smiling!


Slumdog Millionaire.
In the midst of a game show, this is a story about undying love for someone. I don't want to say too much about it because I know that not everyone has seen it yet :) But seriously, major love story.

slumdog millionaire

Ryan and Marissa/Seth and Summer
I absolutely love The OC. I swear that sometimes I really do get sad when I think that it's no longer on the air (no judgment please). I absolutely loved that their characters were together, even through all the dysfunction.



Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare is unbelievable at being a master of delving into forbidden love and fate. This is the timeless tale of two people who literally could not live without one another.
I remember first seeing the movie version of Romeo and Juliet (with the adorable Leonardo diCaprio and the gorgeous Claire Danes) when I was about 10 years old and being absolutely fascinated with the beauty of it. Their words were so beautiful, and their love was so apparent. I just adore Shakespeare.

Who are some of your favorite couples, or your favorite cheesy romance movie? Any on this list that you love or hate?

Also, whether or not you had a romantic dinner tonight, hung out with a boyfriend, did something by yourself, or went out with your girlfriends/guy friends - I think you're all fabulous! Love to all of you, darlings. ♥
What were all your fabulous plans for tonight?!


Ashley said...

Aw, Allison, this post is too cute!
Of course I love Seth + Summer/Ryan + Marissa.
Then there's Lloyd and Diane from Say Anything.
I love Pacey and Joey.
All time favourite is Ron and Hermione though.

•¦Amy¦• said...

Such a cute post!
I also loved The Notebook, that was such an amazing love story!

Hmm favorites? The couple from the movie The Fountain, Gerard Way and Lynn Z, Tim Burton and Hellena Bonham Carter (Burton), my dance teachers Olga and Nicolai (though they're now split up :[).
Edward and Bella of course <3

I had a nice v-day. Went to a benefit dinner for a camp for chidren with cancer. It was lovely. <3

yiqin; said...

My fave is posh & becks <33 Hahahh no matter how often they say he cheats on her. I DONT BELIEVE IT!

Keith said...

Hey Allison. I really loved this post. Last year I was dating someone so I had a big Valentine's Day. This year I was alone so I really didn't do much. I hope you had a great time. I don't watch a lot of chick flicks but I did really enjoy Love Actually. I actually saw it when it hit the theaters. I'm a big fan of Pride & Prejudice. I think I've read pretty much all of Jane Austen's books.

Lindsay said...

totally love Ross and Rachel and Noah and Allie!

Aren said...

Pride & Prejudice, The Notebook, and Slumdog Millionaire are the ultimate love stories. Ross & Rachel, how can they not contend as one of the front runners? The OC made me want my very own Seth Cohen. I think you have it down pat!

I mostly hung out with my girls and binging on Thai food.

amynicola_ox said...

omg, you totally
refrenced some of my favorite movies and couples! I always rooted for ross & rachel too! and teh oc was my favorite show - i have all the dvds, guilty as charged, and cruel intentions and notebook, are just soo good :)
there is one you may have left out - bella swan & edward cullen - i know i like twilight haha.

Jocelyn said...

This makes me want to watch all these movies! I have to add Pam and Jim to the list though!

this wheel's on fire said...

Aw such a terrific post!! love it

molly said...

i hate most typically cheesy couples but the couple in the notebook was pretty cute
fun post for sure!

Elizabeth Marie said...

The sweetest post ever!! Love Actually is my favorite movie...I can watch it over and over...I love the ending at the airport, sometimes I just watch that scene, when she jumps on him wearing the red coat.

I'm a big fan of Beyonce and Jay-Z...even though they're so private they seem so in tune.

Blog is up about the mystery date! It was so cute!!!!

dapper kid said...

Awww this is so cute! I looove Pride and Prejudice, haha I think Mr Darcy set the bar quite high for us guys. And Romeo and Juliet are perfection, I remember seeing the play in the Globe Theatre - I was blown away, I few tears actually escaped my eyes. Oh, OC wise, I still think Seth and Anna would have been amazing...haha. Annnd thank you so much for the kind words my dear regarding my health :)

La Couturier said...

Oh, these are too sweet. I love all these movies!!

La C.

dmitri_o89 said...

I made tea in bed for my bf, then we went to a chocolatier's, then to the aquarium, watched pink panther 2, and then went to my fave italian restaurant. I love big & carrie, and love actually is my favourite christmas movie!!

deko and posh said...

Great post. Love going down memory lane!

Camilla said...

Mr Darcy! I love him!
I've watched the bbc series so many times I've lost count. Really romantic :)

Nice blog you've got here. Linking you.


Kastina said...

Haha, thanks for the comment.

and I went "Eeekkk!" when I saw this all these couples, love that you put them all together in one cute!

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