Thursday, February 26, 2009

Desert Island Music.

I was tagged by the fantastic Molly to post my top five favorite albums of all time. Her list was so kick ass that mine is going to pale in comparison, but I think it's a fun thing to think about.
So, in no particular order, these are my top five stuck on a desert island and won't get to listen to any other music for years list.

1. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism.
I got this album back during sophomore year, and fell in love with every single track on it, which to me is a miracle. All thirteen songs are beautifully done, and now, six years after the album dropped, it still has not lost a place in my heart (what a corny thing to say!).

Favorite track: I only don't know if I can pick just one favorite off this album. It's a definite toss up between "Transatlanticism" (which is so beautiful and touching, and never ceases to make me cry. This is the song I want played at my funeral) and "Tiny Vessels."


2. Ben Folds - Rockin the Suburbs.
This was Ben Folds' first album since he left the group Ben Folds Five. I absolutely LOVE Ben Folds...I mean, the man is a pianist, singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, drummer...he's the whole package wrapped in angst and bitterness.

Favorite track: Gone. I don't know why I love this song so much, but I keep coming back to it. I love the sound of the piano in it, I love the lyrics...I just love it.


3. Billy Joel - The Stranger.
This was the breakthrough album for my boy Billy Joel. I honestly don't think I could ever get tired of listening to ANY of his music...the man has some serious talent. My parents bought me this CD when I was seven, and I knew all the words very shortly after.

Favorite track: Another VERY tough call, but I'm going to have to say "Only the Good Die Young." Badass...I mean, "You Catholic girls start much too late," an obvious sexual reference, and of course the fact that "Virginia" who is constantly reference is really a pun for "virgin" this song is describe by Billy Joel himself as "not anti-Catholic, but pro-lust." Hottt.


4. The Postal Service - Give Up.
Wow, I'm not really to up on the current, I guess. This was the debut album by The Postal Service, and the only studio album produced by them. I'm still holding out for a new album, but it's been six years, so I don't know when I'm going to let go of my hopes for something new. Most of my friends and I are very into The Postal Service, and we often say that there are not many bands who can still be so widely played and loved with only having one studio album. It's fantastic though, it really is.

Favorite track: I really want to say "Such Great Heights," because it's the cutest freaking song ever. I mean, if someone ever said to me "I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned," I would swoon. BUT, as much as I adore that song, I think my favorite on the album is "Brand New Colony." It's still a cute loveish song (while mixed with cynicism), is less popular, and has a really fun beat to it, which equals winner in my mind.


5. Sigur Rós - Takk.
I absolutely go crazy for Sigur Rós... I don't care that I don't have a freaking clue what any of the songs mean (though, thanks to my trusty Wikipedia I do know that Takk means thanks), I love the soothing vocals and beautiful instrumentals. I often listen to Sigur Rós when I need time to reflect and relax, or when I go on a hike or spend time in nature. My parents love the music too, whih leads to less bitching about what we're listening to when I drive my car when we all go out.

Favorite track: Without even a question in my mind, it is definitely Sæglópur. A lot of the song is in Icelandic, and then another bit is in this gibberish language, but it doesn't matter - the vocals are gorgeous, and the instrumentals are fantastic.



The Beatles - Abbey Road.
So typical that I would pick The Beatles, I know. But this album is seriously fantastic. My parents used to play all The Beatles records growing up, so I have had a lifelong love of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Actually, my mom was listening to "Come Together" the first time she felt me kick when she was preggers with me.

Favorite track: Not just because of the kicking thing, but "Come Together" is my favorite track on this album. Do I know what it means? No. Do I love it? Yes yes yes yes. I remember singing this song kareoke at a benefit we went to, and my mom saying how proud she was of me, and that I did The Beatles proud. It's such a catchy, fun song.


Death Cab for Cutie - Plans.
Another amazing Death Cab album...this is another where I can't stop listening to it. It's fun and the beats are all super catchy. Some songs are sad, others are so beautiful I can't stand it.

Favorite track: Yeah right, like I could just pick one. Definitely "Soul Meets Body." That song just makes me happy. I also really like "Brothers on a Hotel Bed." It's so sad, about two people growing tired of each other and losing interest, but the phrasing of the lyrics is so deep and fantastic. I love it.


MGMT - Oracular Spectacular.
I adore MGMT. I was lucky enough to get to see them in Brooklyn over the summer and they were SICK. I adore their electronica style and their fun outfits that are probably all from American Apparel. It's for sure my go to album when I'm feeling down.

Favorite track: Kids
Sick, sick, sick, sick. Definitely a winner.


I'm going to tag ALL of my readers - I'd really love to hear what you guys consider your favorite albums! I think music is such a huge look into someone's life :) I look forward to hearing what you guys are loving!


yiqin; said...

I LOVE DEATH CAB! I love what sarah said. Esp the line " love is watching someone die " So perfecrt.

Keith said...

Wow! What a cool list of albums. I love it. You've got great tastes in music. I'm on an 80's kick right now so I would probably watch Thriller (Michael Jackson), Purple Rain (Prince), Private Dancer (Tina Turner), True Blue (Madonna) & Faith (George Michael).

Hanako66 said...

love death cab/postal service....great list :)

La Couturier said...

We have such different taste in music! I agree with what you said; music is a huge part of everyone's life!! =]

La C.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Damn woman! You did so good haha I almost don't have to write my post-I can just say, Go See Allison's!

You are soooo fabulous I think you need to move to cali and play with me! xoxoxoxo

Sriram said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice cool blog with exciting stuffs.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

dapper kid said...

Ahhhh Death Cab and Ben Folds, amazing combination!!

Crazy Eddie said...

Allison my luscious princess, I love the way you put together your posts. You and Molly have such creativity for ladies your age and I'm proud. Mind you, I'm only 34 and I'm talking like grandpa Moses (LMAO).

Billy Joel has always captured my ear. I'm not well-versed in Billy's album list, but the tracks I've listened to throughout the span of my life are audibly pleasing. Genius.

Ben Folds. I remember when he was in the group, but I haven't heard any of his solo stuff. I'm definitely going to check it out.


Nicole Linette said...

What a great list of albums!! :D I will most definitely take this tag. Anddddd I was very happy to find "Kids" on your playlist, because that's my favorite MGMT song too!


kimvee said...

I love Death Cab for a cutie & Postal Service :)

amynicola_ox said...

siigh the beatles abbey road album is amazing!
girl im SO sorry ive been soneglectful of my blog and in replying to your comments - im just like deathy sick with the flu and had midterms all week, abd combo and now im stuck in sick on a sat night :( i just wanted to say i more than appreciate all your coments, they seriously makemy day, hope you had a great week and amazing weekend, loove you.`xo

Couture Carrie said...

Seems we have the same taste in music... I love Billy Joel, the Postal Service, MGMT; and Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism is my fave right now!!


P.S. Fun tag - I think I may just have to do it!

La Couturier said...

Aww thanks! You're the sweetest, darling!

La C.

molly said...

oooh great list! and congrats, you were the first to get the safe as milk reference :)
im so glad youre stoked on my store - let me know if you see anything you'd be really into, i'd give you a discount (shh)

•¦Amy¦• said...

Neat list!
I love Death Cab For Cutie <3

I'm going to have to post my faves. It's such a great idea.

captivateme said...

death cab for cutie is AMAZING. great choice!

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