Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthdays Used to be the Worst Days

Well, on Tuesday, I was woken up with texts from my friends and family saying happy birthday, be careful, and of course, watch out for the huge snowstorm that was making its way towards the East Coast. I just knew that my plans were ultimately going to get effed up, but decided to be optimistic. I mean, obviously the weathermen have been terribly wrong before.

Well, this was one day that the weathermen were absolutely spot on. The snow started around 3:30ish, and continued without hesitation through the night. My dad still drove up from Jersey (he has a huge SUV, so he was 0% concerned about the weather...or the environment apparently), and took me out to dinner and for my first (legal) drink! I got a delicious pomegranate margarita, and honestly (this is so stupid), I felt so amazing being able to show a REAL I.D. when I got carded! (Though I feel like it would have been totally ballsy to order a cocktail with my dad right there)... so after a delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory of Thai lettuce wraps, Thai chicken pasta (for moi), some type of shrimp (for padre), and some delicious cheesecake, I headed home feeling slightly tipsy and extremely full.

The original plan had been to head out with the girls for some tapas and drinks later, but the roads were so horrible by this point that there was absolutely no way any of us were driving, so instead I had my close friends over for cake that madre had so nicely made for us :) It ended up actually being a lot of fun, and I didn't mind that I didn't get completely wasted on my 21st birthday.

I think the worst part of it all was that my roommate and I were absolutely CONVINCED we would have a snow day on Wednesday...the paths were horrible, we had slipped 10 times walking from the gym to our room, so we decided it would not even be an issue to stay up until 3:30-4:00ish...she watching TV and me talking to a friend ;)
The next day we woke up, and were horrified to learn that our school obviously didn't care very much about our safety, and allowed classes to be in session (though I can't lie that I did not mind watching everyone slip and fall on their way to classes).

So anyway, I survived classes even on 3 1/2 hours sleep (!) and went home Thursday night and spent Friday night out with my dear friends, who got me completely wasted (by mistake, I swear), and paid my bar tab! It was a wonderful night, and I really learned to appreciate how wonderful my friends from home are...
I've known these guys since I was in 7th grade and they were in 8th, and our friendships have just grown so much stronger over the years. And T and I have been close since we both started at our private school in our awkward 7th grade years :)

I went to T's house early Friday evening, and we spent forever getting ready and figuring out how we were doing our makeup/what shoes to wear/how to dress! T & I both decided to wear our liquid leggings, which the boys were going crazy over (I honestly didn't think they would have that huge of an effect!).

They're really fun guys, and I felt completely at ease with them (sometimes it's hard to know who you can and can't trust when you're drinking!). I woke up the next morning feeling completely fine (thank God, no hangover at all!), and was able to go home and enjoy my family party (more pictures/stories to come!).

So that was the beginning of my birthday week...I haven't loaded up pictures from my family birthday party/PF Chang's with my school friends, so that will be coming soon :)

How was everyone elses weekend?! xo, darlings.

Me and my good friend G, at my little bday celebration in the dorm (due to the snow).
My 2nd legal drink, a mango martini! (Crazy delicious).

My mama made delicious cupcakes for me too!:







Keith said...

Hey Allison. It sounds like overall you had a great time. Sorry about the snow. We got a little early Wednesday morning, but it was gone by lunch. I live in NC. We don't get much snow around where I'm at. 21 only comes once in our lifetime so we should enjoy it as much as possible. You definitely seem to have had a lot of fun over the few days since your birthday. I don't blame you one bit. As for me, I had my cousin and some buddies over Saturday night. We grilled steaks and drank our share of brandy. Cheers!

•¦Amy¦• said...

Mmm those cupcakes look does that martini.

Sorry 'bout the snow though, bummer. The weather's been weird here lately we had a bunch of hail today! And it was just startin' to warm up here again...oh well, Arizona weather is never predictable. It's either excruciatingly hot and dry or totally random. lol.

Well, happy 21 again :]

Kicking couture said...

wow, looks like you had a fabulous birthday, that margarita looks fabulous!

we have had snow too, it cant make its mind up, whether its snow or rain so its just a slush then light snow!! its a pain...

wow you loooked great also, love the outfit!

happy 21st !!, sorry about the weather! it never fails to not rain on my birthday lol!

dapper kid said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time, even including school on a few hours of sleep :) It's odd how sometimes just staying in is as much fun as going out, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's amazing. And those cakes look soooo yummy!

Susanna-Cole said...

Happy belated birthday my dear! <3 Glad to hear you had fun, besides the snow and school not being canceled though! (I HATED when that would happen, I'd be so convinced we wouldn't have school and then BAM, we would. Devastating really, and sometimes very dangerous!)

Anyway, cute pictures, and now I'm off to see if I can find something to quench my cupcake craving this entry gave me! ;)


Couture Carrie said...

Looks like you had a fab bday - those cupackes and the black liquid leggings - both yummmmm!


Jocelyn said...

oh man those cupcakes look SO good! I am starving. Yeah today it started snowing SO much. No one was in class because they all lit the slopes. I swear that's the only reason people come to school in utah. But i guess its understandable! our campus is 20 minutes from the ski resorts!

I am glad you had a good birthday, and that's even better that you didn't end up with a hangover. I hear they suck.

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Alison! Sorry I haven't checked in for forever D:

Your birthday sounded fabulous, and everything seemed to work out despite the snow! P.F. Chang's is amazing. Your friends also seem really cool, how you were able to trust them to take care of you and whatnot with your first "official" night out drinking! Haha. I love the pictures, those leggings look amazing on you and your friend!!


amynicola_ox said...

it looks like you had an amazing birthday, that drink and the cute cupacakes your mom made are to die for and i just love liquid leggings. i will be watching slumdog millionaire on saturday!! and im going to catch gran torino the week after that yay - so i'll let you know once i have, im so excited :)`

MJ. said...

Happy bday then! I remember going out with my fake ID last year when in the US (in Spain u can enter being 18...)
It must be so good that feeling of being legal and not have to worry about being allowed to even enter a club! So weird that law...
anyway! Those cupcakes look sooooo yummy! And so glad u had such a good time despite the weather!


La Couturier said...

those cupcakes look so delicious! adorable outfits!

La C.

Bella said...

Awww, baby did all your birthday wishes come true?

You look gorgeous as always, but I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. xxx

yiqin; said...

Happy belated! :) The cupcakes looks good!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i think it did not turn out that bad after all. great cupcakes.

cose belle said...

happy late birthday! mine was last thursday, but infortunately i did not turn 21. sounds like your bday was a blast and those cupcakes look delicious!

Ashley said...

Snow ruins my life too. I love your greyish sweaterdress in the first pic, it's so cute =)