Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ultimate Fashion Icon.

When thinking about style icons, there are a few names that instantly pop out in my head of fabulous women in the public eye today, like Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Bilson. They all have their unique style and perspective, but they all seem to draw from other icons of the past. Lately, Victoria Beckham seems to have been channeling Audrey Hepburn in certain outfits that she's worn, and her new cropped hair, with Katie Holmes also channeling Audrey in certain outfits.

When I think of the ultimate, timeless fashion icons two names instantly pop into my head - Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Jackie O. is my favorite, probably because I grew up just hearing about what a wonderful woman she was, and how beautiful inside and out she was (as if my mom actually knew her and knew all this for a fact).

Jackie Onassis has always been a fashion inspiration in my family - my mom adored and emulated her style growing up, and has her own inspiration binder filled with clippings of different dresses, sunglasses, and pant suits Jackie O. wore.

In first grade, we had to do a "hero project," where we pretty much wrote a paragraph about someone who we considered a hero. Most people wrote about their parents, an older sibling, firefighters that they knew, or our teacher, but moi, I chose to write my hero report on Jackie O. Needless to say, no one else in my class (besides my teacher) had a freaking clue who I was talking about, and my teacher called my mom laughing about it after.

In my opinion, Jackie O. is just the epitome of class and sophistication. She never would have been photographed getting out of a car without underwear, and she definitely would never be on any of the Worst Dressed or Fashion Police lists. Even forty + years since she was the First Lady, her outfits are timeless, which in my eyes, makes her the ultimate in fashion and style.


Jackie O


Jackie O Ball gown



Jackie O


Who is your all time favorite fashion and style icon?

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Lindsay said...

It's hard for me to pick a fashion icon and it's something I often think about..

and I left you an award on my blog :)

•¦Amy¦• said...

That's so cute that you wrote your Hero report about Jackie O.!

Hmmm. It'd be hard for me to pick one person as a style icon, but I've always based how I dress somewhat off of Gerard Way. I know...sorta strange. Even though he's a guy I've found his sense of fasion quite parellel to what I like. He always has a classic look to him and uses the greatest color schemes. I guess I've always been into the Gothic look though...just the way he presents himself in an outfit is an inspiration to my own sense of style.

dapper kid said...

Jackie O always looked stunning, her style pretty much summed up an era!

Sarah said...

I have to agree with you, she's timeless and I love her style!! That is so awesome that you wrote your report on her when you were little!!! Cracks me up!!

Vixxie said...

I'm not sure. I guess I'd go with Mickey mouse!
Truly the king of red, white and black! He has such a funky, even if it is limited!, wardrobe. I mean, do you ever see him and go "Ugh, is he wearing that AGAIN?!" No? Me niether. He just rocks it.

And, of course, for real day to day life, the incomparable Gala Darling!


Couture Carrie said...

Oh yes classic! Thanks for sharing these pics - I had not seen all of them before :)

I think Michelle Obama will prove to be a fashion icon; she is already on her way!

More superficially, I love the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller's style...

Fun post!


ashley said...

Jackie O was always perfect. So well put together, and classy, and definitely a woman worth looking up to.

I ♥ your blog, just adding =D

♥ fashion chalet said...

You're such a sweetie, Allison (thank youu!) =]

PS: I adore Jackie O, too! xxx

Nicole Linette said...

Jackie O. was amazing. It's interesting how Michelle Obama is being compared to her, style-wise.. I can't wait to see how our soon-to-be first lady makes an impact on fashion!

I'm not sure if I have a fashion icon, but I definitely admire Keira Knightley. I try to emanate her edginess and confidence when I dress. Oh, and all those ladies in biker boots ... don't know who exactly started that, but I love it! X)


Sweet Nothings said...

I love how Jackie's style transcended party lines..republicans and democrats alike can admit she is fabbbbb