Tuesday, January 6, 2009


In my ultra small private school (ultra small as in, my graduating high school class was 32 people), we knew everyone. And you didn't just know everyone, you knew where they lived, both their parents names, names of siblings, and defining characteristics of that person. So when there were new students entering in, we knew who they were, and were quick to size people up.

I was in 9th grade, and just getting out of my awkward phase when I first met P. He was a new student, small, and according to one of my friends "rat-like" (not true). We immediately hit it off - both of us lived near each other (which was extremely rare in our private school - I usually had to drive 45 minutes to hang out with friends), and had grown up in similar ways. We grew closer and hung out with the same group of friends as our high school years progressed.

In 10th grade, P started dating my best friend at the time, a girl named A, who though she was my best friend, treated him really, really badly. She would stand him up all the time, be late for things, get angry with him for the stupidest things...it really just wasn't a good relationship at all. While their relationship was fading, his and my friendship was growing stronger and stronger.

My family just adored P - my dad and him bonded over sailing, boating, golfing and fishing, and my mom would just always say how cute she thought he was. Both my parents would just hound me asking when P and I were going to date, but I felt that if we were to date, I would be betraying A. His mom would hint towards it too, she gave me birthday presents every year, where she would write on cards that I was the most beautiful girl she knew, and she hoped P and I would stay close forever...

A left the school at the end of sophomore year, and P and I kept growing closer. We went to junior and senior prom together, spent a good percentage of our weekends together, partied together, hung out in study halls - all while remaining just friends.

My good friend B just pushed and pushed for P and I to get together and date...like, from 9th grade to 12th grade, B tried EVERYTHING in his mind to get the two of us together, but we were both content with our friendship (though I can't say I would have minded if something was to happen).

The years came and went, and before either of us knew what was happening, we had graduated. His parents presented me with flowers when I graduated, pictures were taken of our two families together (which B called, photos with the in-laws), and we went out after graduation to celebrate our freedom.

We never talked about if we had feelings for one another, or anything until one night at a party at my best friend T's house. Her parents had gone away, and she decided it was the best time to host a huge party. P came, and after numerous games of beer pong, keg stands (classy, huh?), and shots, P and I found ourselves sitting outside on the porch, when he turned to me and asked "Al, why didn't you and I ever go out in high school...we're perfect for each other." Before I could even answer him, some stupid kid spilled his drink all over me, and I went inside to change, and when I came out, P had passed out.

We hung out that entire summer, never mentioning that night at T's party. And then he headed off to Florida for college, while I went to PA... during the course of our freshman year of college, we had a massive, massive falling out, where we both said we never wanted to speak to the other again, and we hadn't.

Last night, I was horribly, horribly sick. I woke up, showered and changed so that I didn't feel completely inhuman, but put on a pair of orange sweatpants that were my brother's (i.e. huge), and my dad's ratty old Yale CREWNECK sweatshirt, and lounged on the couch watching TV most of the day.
Around 8, I was excited to DVR Gossip Girl and watch The Bachelor, when the doorbell rang. My mom answered the door and just squealed with delight, so naturally I assumed that it was an old friend of hers. I could kind of hear her talking to whoever the mystery person was, when she called to me (who was sitting in sweats, with no makeup) and told me that I had a guest....It was P.
He had been in the area and figured that he should stop by and see if I was home. At first I was nervous that it would be completely awkward, but he enveloped me in a huge hug and we sat and talked for two hours, catching up on everything we could possibly think of.

No apologies were necessary...we were just back to being us for those two hours.

And I realized, I really, really missed him. So now, he's back off to Florida, I'm back off to PA on Sunday...and we'll see what happens during the summer.

And that, was the most random evening I've ever had in my entire life. It's a lot - sorry.

I hope all is well with you, darlings.


Mrs. Ruby said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm LOVING yours!!! I'm definitely a new follower. ;)

Coachblogger said...

I love your site...beautifully done and well-written. Very impressive.

Lindsay said...

aww! I'm glad you guys got a chance to reconnect! It feels nice to see old friends (and make amends!)Keep us updated!

Tom's French Blog - Enjoy ! said...

Aw - I've got glassy eyes. How sweet.

•¦Amy¦• said...

It's nice seeing old friends, even ones you've had falling-outs with.

Especially with a relationship that's as close as that one...I remember seeing my friend N, who'd been my best friend for nine years, for the first time since we had a big fight (a year and a half!). We just picked up where we left off, and didn't even need to talk about what went on.

Some bonds just stick :]

-Amy <3

Girl next blog said...

I love your title's pic - so beautiful!


Savvy Mode SG said...

it seens like you two are the best of friends. well, never say never....

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw I was actually gripped by the whole story waiting to see what would happen! I'm so glad you and P are back to talking! And if you're meant to be together, hope that happens too. ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment, you're awesome! <3


lacouturiernyc said...

awww! do keep us updated. this is too sweet.

& thank you for leaving such sweet & lovely comments! :)

La C.

Jessica said...

ooh ooh ooh! i'm glad it all went back to normal:) keep us updated!
haha this would happen when you're sick and wearing sweats! oh well!

Margherita. said...

What a sweet story. Aw.

dapper kid said...

Awwww, beautiful post dear. Seriously, I hope you are both able to have each other in your lives, whether as friends or something else :)