Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Matthew Williamson Spring '09.

I am obsessed with English fashion designer Matthew Williamson. I don't know what it is about his designs - it might be the influence from India, where he worked, or just the unique eye that he brings into his designs.

As I have written in a previous post, I was unable to attend New York Fashion Week this past fall, and upon looking at photographs the Matthew Williamson show, I was unbelievably heartbroken to have missed it. His designs were fantastic - the use of color, texture, and the way that all of the designs just flow so beautifully with one another...I wish I could have been sitting second row (because honestly, my aunt is good, but not good enough to score front row seats most of the time) in the tents watching. Due to a horrible and rigorous class schedule this semester, I had to decline my aunt's invite for Fashion Week in February (which would have been an amazing birthday present!).

I'm very much looking forward to Williamson's Fall/Winter '09 ready to wear collection...but until then, I have the images of the Spring '09 collection to get me by :)


It's honestly hard for me to even pick a favorite - I just adore all of these! (I'm thinking possibly the very last picture is my favorite...but I'm not quite sure yet :)

Likes and dislikes? Are any of you heading out to NYC Fashion Week in February?

All images courtesy of InStyle.


Nicole Linette said...

The fact that you even have the opportunity to attend NY Fashion week is completely, utterly incredible. That's sad you couldn't go, but doing well school will get you far =)

My favorite is the seafoam green dress. The coral one above it is beautiful, too. I love the jewel tones, I can see why he's such an inspiration for you!

Have a great week :)

Jessica said...

I WISH i could go to fashion week! My favorite was the 4th pic of the coral colored dress! But yes they were all very cute!

Jocelyn said...

the 4th one down and the 3rd from the bottom are absolutely divine, but i could never choose just one! They are so beautiful!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i adore all the dresses, esp the orange strapless with pocket.

Vixxie said...

I loved the last one too!
I think I also like the 3rd and the 5th! I have an amost obsessive red aesthetic but that green dress has a little magic too!

dapper kid said...

I adore his use of colour and the patterns are sooo cheerful and beautiful :) And I hope you get to go to NYFW this time around, I'm hoping I can go to LFW when it comes round too lol.

Sarah said...

4 and 5 are my favs!!! I'd LOVE to go to fashion week!!!!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks, doll<3

PS: this is incredibly gorgeous, spring is near!! =]


Kicking couture girl said...

i love the dress under the pink suit and the orange dress both are to die for!

yiqin; said...

Ah wonderful collection! I love almost all of them! I wish I can attend fashipn week! You're so lucky!

Girl next blog said...

Great sellection!
In fact I have this collection in my inspiration files too :)

And the first dress can only be described with one word: stunning.


Homme Times said...

Normally I don't pay attention to mattew Williamson's collections, but this one was really great. I hope to see him do more thigns just as good. I don't know if I'm only say this because the music was good at the show, but I truly loved it.

Kia said...

I love this collection! I just went to the mattew williamson website to look at more of his work. It is beautiful! I had never heard of him before now, but now i have a feeling im going to be following his collections.

LJ said...

oh matthew you make my heart weak..
xx-LJ from SOS!