Sunday, January 11, 2009

Martha's Vineyard Style.

My mom is very much a "New Englander." Born and raised in a small, poorer town in Massachusetts with her three brothers, numerous dogs, and parents she picked up on and embodied that type of lifestyle - the beachy, laid-back, family oriented type of life.
She tells my brother and I stories of adventures she went on as a child, the huge Sunday night family dinners at her grandfather's massive house that was a five minute walk from her house, and how the closeness of family made it difficult for her to want to leave her small town to go to college.
My grandmother (mom's mom) was an environmentalist, who spent her time at the Audobon Society leading classes, as well as being a complete ball buster when it came to people who wanted to destroy the environment to build houses, buildings, whatever. My grandfather was a firefighter, who enjoyed football and whiskey. Being in the war made it difficult for him to show his softer side, and my mom has confessed that they did not have the closest relationship, because he was afraid to really let people in.
When junior year came around and my mom started looking at colleges, her family got extremely nervous, because they just did not have the money for her to go to a good school. My mom's heart was set on Harvard - she had dreamed about attending there since she was a little girl, but it was just not a feasible goal. So instead of being selfish and leaving her family in financial jeopardy, my mom ended up excelling in her classes which enabled her to get a massive scholarship to Northeastern University. She commuted back and forth every single day, riding the bus and trying to keep her eyes open in classes. She continued to excel in her classes, and upon graduation was accepted into Harvard Medical School on another massive scholarship, where she hardly paid a thing.

Anyway, since I obviously have difficulty getting to the point, I'll try to wrap this up more quickly :)

Since Massachusetts, and New England in general played such a huge part in my mom's upbringing and life (and where her entire family lives - she was the only one to venture out of the state), we would always spend a good chunk of our summers vacationing at Cape Cod, specifically Martha's Vineyard. Eventually, my parents ended up buying a house on the Cape, which ended up actually saving money, rather than them renting out someone's Martha's Vineyard home for a month or two.

While looking at old copies of my mom's House Beautiful (since one of the perks of babysitting is that you get sick whenever the kids are sick - last night I contracted a wonderful stomach virus from my little darlings), I came across a section on someone's Martha's Vineyard house. It flooded back the memories of the wonderful, lazy summers where we biked almost everywhere, became locals in certain restaurants, and sat on the back porch playing board games for hours.
Cape Cod houses have a very different style to them than they do in good old Franklin Lakes, NJ, where brick and stone houses take over. Cape houses pretty much are shingled, colonial style houses, and the insides usually have a few very kitschy rooms - but that's kind of what makes it work.
Anyway, I saw these pictures and got inspired by them - hopefully you'll like them too :)


The shingled Cape House appeal:

I just adore the wood planked floors, and all the natural light!


I love the coral on the table:


What is a vacation spot that brings back great memories for you?

As always, I hope your weekend was wonderful...and for those of you heading back to school good luck, and safe travel! ♥

All images from House Beautiful.


stephanie said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

•¦Amy¦• said...

Ah, I love east coast homes. Beautiful <3

dapper kid said...

Oh wow, these are soo beautiful! I always find happy memories surfacing whenever I see cottages by the sea. When I was younger, we used to leave London for weekends on the coast, renting a small cottage :) And your mother sounds amazing dear :)

Couture Carrie said...

I adore the Vineyard! These fabulous photos bring back fond memories of a weekend I spent in Edgartown a few years back. Also have happy memories of the beach in Costa Rica and Fire Island, NY. Love this post!


Lindsay said...

oh my that porch..that house is beautiful! my boyfriend grew up in Mass but I never made it to Cape Cod :(

ps. the Praxis II was good.I thought it was pretty easy since it was all material from class.

ellie said...

Oh the stories these rooms could tell what character.

big fan of skins too.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Mac/Cheese with Reality TV, sounds like the perfect combo, Allison! :)

And I'm so there for the SATC and OC episodes!


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the pink seat in the second last picture.
that giant statue is a little disturbing, what if you saw it in the middle of the night or something?

lacouturiernyc said...

thank you for leaving such a sweet comment :)

& your inspirations are beautiful! :) i'd love to live in a home like those!

La C.

Kicking couture girl said...

So pretty! I love houses like those, i even watch barefoot contessa sometimes so i can see her beautiful house in the hamptons!

Bella said...

If only I were there right now... wow, it's so beautiful!

Aren said...

I love hearing family tales!

My gran tells me whenever I visit her in the summer. Her and my gramps used to write letters back and forth while he was in the World War II and then she showed me copies of the letters they wrote back and forth. It helped me build character because it helped me acknowledge the history I've formed from.

The cottage is exquisite, it seems so open aired and lived in. I love the natural light drifting in from the windows as well!

Vacation spots are either, Amsterdam, Holland when I went when I was really little, and it was very beautiful or my cottage in Colorado.


Margherita. said...

Probably the homes we stay in in Cape May, NJ. They're beautiful.

Sarah said...

I just love all of those pictures that you posted, they make me happy!!

Our family always vacationed in the Outer Banks in NC when I was little and now we're in the middle of building a vacation home there!!! Love it!!!