Sunday, January 4, 2009

In the Kitch

Since I still have not located my camera, I can't really do any updates with photos or anything, so I'm stretching to find something to write about :) A few posts ago, fellow blogger Lindsay (check out her blog, it's great!) wrote about her love for pretty bathrooms, the ones that have bathtubs with claw feet, and are just super pretty. It got me thinking about rooms that I love in houses.

In my house, we have a pretty big kitchen, with lots of windows, marble countertops, and fantastic cabinets. When we have people over to my house, more often than not, we congregate in the kitchen, hanging around the island, laughing and exchanging stories.

To me, the kitchen is one of the most welcoming rooms in a house - I just love them. While I consider myself a modern kind of girl, I think that when I (finally) get my own house, I'll probably decorate in a country-ish, elegant type of style.

So today, to cure the boredom from being stuck in bed sick, I flipped through a stack of Architectural Digest magazines, just loving all the kitchens - so I thought I would share some of my favorites with all of you :)

AD minimal kitch

AD wood kitch

AD long kitch

AD white kitch

This one is super, super modern, but I just adore the lines of it all:
AD fun kitch

CL white white kitch

CL cute kitch

Proof [in Country Living] that even the smallest of spaces can still be gorgeous (which gives me hope for my apartment next year!):
CL Small Kitch

CL white kitch

CL Kitchen Farmhouse

Oh, and I also have a penchant for wonderful breakfast nooks like these:
AD classy nook

And I think this is one of the most fun breakfast nooks I've ever seen!
AD fun nook

First five images, Architectural Digest.
Next five courtesy of Country Living.
Breakfast nooks, Architectural Digest.

Any favorites?

And I hope that all of your weekends have been wonderful!


closeup said...

The third one looks great. I think I'd be a passionated gossip-girl fan, but here in Austria it's not on TV. Are there any similarities to the O.C?? KissKiss

Nicole Linette said...

Oh my goodness, I dream of the perfect kitchen :DD Haha, I cannot wait to have my own house one day.

All of these are fantastic because of the abundance of natural light. #3, I love the color palatte. I also adore #6 and the Victorian-esque nook. I always pictured a both sort of thing in my "dream kitchen" as well hahaha.
Good luck with your kitchen!!


•¦Amy¦• said...

I love interior design. My mom used to be an interior designer, so that's probably where I got it. I'll flip through magazines all day long. Especially Elle Decore.

I've always wanted the perfect kitchen. I love cooking and would love a great kitchen to go with the fancy recepies I've been meaning to try out. The kitchen at my house is fairly small...having two people in it is a bit of a squeaze, but we manage :]

Great pics.
Also, loving the new banner.

Bombchell said...

wow so pretty love it.

the 2nd one reminds me of mine w/ my family. so I know whenever im lucky enough to own my own place it'll be something totally different

closeup said...

Wow, sounds great. I really have to check it out at youtube!! Cheers! PS: I like your blog very much!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

You are just so incredibly sweet. Thank you so much for the kind flattery, darling! X

Second, I agree with you, I just cannot seem to let go of that "planner/organizer" part of me inside. Even when things go awry- I still have this urge to plan.. aaaagh!


Bella said...

There's so many amazing designs to pick from... the images are just gorgeous! And gotta say, I LOVE your header!


closeup said...

thank you for your comment again :) shall we exchange bloglinks? because I think your blog is great :)

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love them all... esp the kitchens in white. i have started to remodel my kitchen but it's an expensive project.