Sunday, January 18, 2009

Highs and Lows.

I usually enjoy coming home on the weekends. It's nice to have that down time, away from all the drama at school, my bridezilla roommate, and studying in the over-crowded library - and it gives me a chance to see my best friend T.

So since I am pretty much a genius and arranged my class schedule to give me every Friday off, I decided to come home this weekend to have a four day weekend (because of MLK Day). I planned to hang out at home one night, see my friends, possibly go to the city (I've been craving vanilla cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery for the longest)...but what I didn't count on was that my parents had other plans. They absolutely LOVE going up to our house on the Cape - a five+ hour drive, nothing to do in the winter...I love going in the summer for longer periods of time, but the winter is just tres boring. They gave me the option of either going with them, or staying home for the long weekend, and my choice was simple.

So Friday night after a delicious dinner of Thai, I took my car and they took theirs, and we headed in two different directions.

I honestly don't know why I always do this - I'm always so amped to have the weekend to myself (my parents go on trips a LOT), and during the day I'm always completely fine and content, but at night I just psych myself out. It didn't help that Friday night, after my parents left, I met up with my friends J and M, and we decided to go see a movie...that movie being My Bloody Valentine. So now, after sitting for an hour and a half watching people get picked apart with an axe, I have to return home to a dark house, with my thoughts completely haunting me.
I can't give a recommendation as to if you should see the movie or not, I'm not really a horror movie fan, so I spent most of the night buried in J's shoulder and then hitting them after for dragging me to see that movie.

After sprinting up my long driveway (because my car doesn't go in the parents don't care much about my safety apparently), getting into my house and checking all the doors, and setting the alarm on the highest setting, I settled in downstairs in front of the fireplace, watching Friends, trying to not be terrified any longer. I flipped through my stack of British Vogue magazines, and before I headed upstairs, I stacked them neatly on the island in the kitchen.
Once upstairs, I was settling into bed, when I heard a massive crash from the kitchen (which is directly underneath my bedroom). I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack I was so scared. All I could think of was that some murderer had hopped over the gate to my house, bypassed the alarm, smashed a window without me hearing it, and was now in my kitchen. I know, I'm such a baby. And then, like an absolute idiot, I went downstairs to investigate - where I learned that all my stupid magazines had fallen off the island onto the floor. Ughh.

Last night, I was absolutely determined to not be alone at my scary, terrifying house, where alarm systems don't scare away murderers. So I called up best friend T and demanded that she hang out with me (just kidding, we had actually made plans before). I begged her to sleep over, and not leave me alone, but she has her boyfriend E to go home to at night, which wouldn't work. In the end, the three of us (third wheel much?) decided to grab a quick dinner, and go see Gran Torino, which I have been dying to see after seeing the previews for it.
I'm a big Clint Eastwood fan, so maybe I'm just biased, but I absolutely loved Gran Torino. Maybe because the man is 78 years old and unbelievably badass. The movie was gripping and powerful, and as Eastwood's character snarled at everyone, I just revelled in his unbelievable talent.

Gran Torino was offensive - the racial slurs fly freely, and there is a ton of violence and some elements that are difficult to take, but the underlying message of friendship and respect outweighed the bad (at least in my opinion). The theater was absolutely packed with people (we had to sit in the front!) of all different ages and races, and walking out of the theater, there was no one who said they had been offended by the movie. I honestly think it has become my new favorite movie. And, surprisingly, it wasn't too awkward with it being me, T and E...I was a little worried about that, which I think is pretty understandable!

So in a nutshell -
Bloody Valentine + home alone + being scared was definitely a low point.
Gran Torino + T & E + not being scared was a high.

So now, I'm heading out to go snowboarding :) It snowed three inches here, which means at least a little bit of fresh powder so I'm really excited!
I hope everyone's weekend is going great - did anyone do anything super fun or exciting?! And if any of you saw Gran Torino or My Bloody Valentine, what did you think?


Savvy Mode SG said...

a big house can be scary at times! i do buy burberry for my niece and nephew too but they do grow out of them so quickly. coats are okay b/c i will buy one size larger for them to roll up the sleeves...

Jocelyn said...

haha that's funny about the magazines, I always psych myself out with things like that. I remember after I saw When a Stranger calls I had to Babysit the next night and seriously freaked out and almost made my little sister come over after the chil'ns were snoozin!

But Gran Torino looks really good! Have you seen Slumdog millionaire? I heard that was phenomenal!

lacouturiernyc said...

have fun snowboarding! :) i do wish it would snow more here!

La C.

•¦Amy¦• said...

Creepy. I'm very good at scaring myself over nothing. Especially when home alone at night haha. I normaly stay on the phone with a friend to keep my nerves at normal.

I'm a big horror movie fan, not so much of the bloody slasher ones, but of classic gothic horror. I also love old horror movies especially Vincent Price film. :]

I don't know why, but I love him. I could watch the old westerns ans Dirty Harry movies over and over again, and watch him say "Punk" a million different intimidating ways. xD Needless to say I want to see Gran Torino quite badly.

Nicole Linette said...

Gaahhh, scary movies late at night coming home to an empty house and not knowing what to do with yourself is pretty awful D:=! I refuse to watch horror movies unless I'm with my friends. It makes me feel less bad about screaming.

... But Gran Torino sounded great :) Today I had off because of MLK Day, so the extended weekend was nice! I hope the slopes were fun. And thank you for the wonderful comment you left, it really helped.


♥ fashion chalet said...

You're too sweet. =] Let's just say I'd rather you be redundant than rude. hahah. ;] I will let my brother know. We may be 8 years apart in age (I'm the older of us two) but closer than twins! XX