Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hair Evolution.

When I was a little girl, my mom had no idea how to do hair. Maybe it's because for the past thirty years, her own hair has been chopped in a bob, so she could effortlessly look cute in hardly any time at all. I would constantly ask her to put my hair in a French braid, which she had just no idea how to do.
So from the time I was young until around sixth grade, when I began to get more and more into fashion and trends, I too, had a lovelyyyy bob (though not as short as my mom's), complete with terrible bangs (which my mom did not have). I show no one pictures of me from about fourth to seventh grade, because I was in that awkward growing out stage with my hair.

This was when my short hair/bangs was endearing:
Baby moi

Anyway, as I got older and older, I took a lot of control when it came to my hair, and I decided that the best thing to do would be to grow it out, super long - partly in defiance to my mother (because obviously, I knew it all).
So for the past few years, since high school, I was growing my hair out. I sucked it up when it came to the 50 minutes to blow it out, and then it had to be straightened became quite the process, and it just got to the point where I knew that it was becoming unmanageable.

Long, long hair.
Moi long hair

So after a particularly heinous hour long blow drying session for my sorority dinner (as seen above), I decided that I had enough and needed a haircut immediately...but I am the type of person who is so skeptical about trusting people when it comes to my hair, so I waited until coming back home for Christmas break before I actually got the courage to go through with a haircut.

When contemplating how short I wanted to get it, Angelo, my hairdresser of six years, mentioned to me about donating my hair to make wigs for children with cancer, who have lost their hair to chemotherapy procedures. Having a grandmother who lost her hair to chemotherapy, and volunteering in a hospital reading to children fighting cancer, I knew that this was the right decision...though I had only heard about Locks for Love, a charity which requires at least 10 inches of hair. Angelo was kind enough to tell me about another organization through Loreal that only requires 8 inches. That was a done deal for me, especially when he showed me that with the length of my hair, 8 inches would still fall below the shoulders.

So, I finally went through with it, and I feel just so much better. Not only is my unwanted hair going to help someone who doesn't have any, but now it takes 15-20 minutes to blow dry :) I'm still not quite used to it, and don't know if I liked the way I look with long hair better, but it's over and done with now, so there's no turning back!

This isn't the best picture of moi, but since I'm still camera-less, I had to rely on pictures from T's camera:

Anyway, if any of you are looking to chop your hair off, Locks for Love is really a fantastic organization, and I'll have to call Angelo and find out where he donated my hair to!
Also, a side of karma is that quite a number of salons will offer a discounted price if you choose to donate your hair, which is really nice.

Well, I am off to take a very long nap...I was up at 5:30 a.m. today to get to the testing center for my Praxis test (the test required to get certification to was like the SAT's all over again!).

xo dears, I hope all is well. And thank you to everyone who told me to feel better when I was sick - you're all so lovely ! ♥

Whenever I cut my hair or dress in a certain way, some people like it, some don't! That's cool. I like it for the moment, but I'm sure I'll change it. I never know what I'm going to do next."
-Victoria Beckham, Harper's Bazaar.


kb said...

I have to take the Praxis soon :(

A lot of my friends took it today.

Lindsay said...

ahh I took the Praxis II today! I hope I passed..and your hair looks good..I want to chop mine off but I'm scared!

Girl next blog said...

The first pic is utterly cute!

And I wish my hair was that long, like in the second pic.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the second outfit especially.
You have lovely hair, i'm lucky my mom knew how to do all sorts of stuff.

Savvy Mode SG said...

you are such a darling little girl so cute. i recently cut my hair into very short bob after almost 5 years of long hair.

Nicole Linette said...

Aww, that picture of you when you were young is so cute!
Your hair is just generally pretty. That's great you donated, I've given mine to Locks of Love everytime I have it cut (which isn't often!).


•¦Amy¦• said...

The picture of you when you wre little is adorable! So cute <3

I used to have very long hair...until I was about fifteen I'd never cut it, ever, except for trimming it every once and a while (maybe an inch or two at the most).
So growing up my hair was always past my bottom. Ack and my hair is incredibly thick so blow drying took what felt like hours!
I finally got fed up and at fifteen cut six inches off...which only took my hair to the small of my back. This year I decided it'd be nice to just have it at the level of my bra strap, and it's perfect now...long hair is such a hassle, and while most people considder my hair "long" even now for me it's pretty short haha.

Lol sorry for the ramble.

Anyways, your hair's so cute now! I love it shoulder length <3

Bella said...

The first image is fantastic... and sweetie, the new cut looks so fresh and chic.
Long hair is definitely a lot of