Wednesday, January 28, 2009

About Moi.

So, I was tagged on Facebook by a friend to fill out this "25 Random Things" note... I vetoed the idea of doing it on Facebook - (I hate having to tag people in notes!) so I figured on my lazy Wednesday afternoon (since classes were canceled due to the massive amounts of snow!) , I would take advantage to think of 25 random facts about myself.
According to the "Facebook rules" of doing this, I'm supposed to tag 25 people that I want to know more about...honestly, I doubt that 25 different people are even reading my blog, so that would be impossible, AND I want to know more about all of you who do read this :) So it's an open invitation...

25 Random Facts About Moi:

1. I have seen every episode of Sex and the City at least 4 times (because I own all the seasons).

2. My best friend at college is studying abroad in Alicante, Spain and I miss her terribly. It's hard not having someone I can tell absolutely everything to!

3. Death Cab for Cutie's song "Transatlanticism" always makes me feel sad, and usually makes me cry. It also always comes on shuffle on my iPod at the worst times - as in, when I was driving to my cousin's funeral this summer, a fight with a friend, or at the anniversary of when my biological father died (listen to it, it's so sad).

4. The Melting Pot is my favorite restaurant ever. I am such a huge fondue fan, and definitely would recommend it highly (though you need a good 2-3 hours to eat there!).
melting pot

5. I've been snowboarding since I was 10 years old, and it's my favorite winter activity. As much as I hate the cold weather, I don't know if I would want to leave the East Coast because I can drive an hour and be at the mountain to snowboard!


6. I am a coffee fiend. When I started private school in 7th grade, my dad used to bribe me - if I was on time (which was rare - hence the bribe) he would take me to Starbucks and I could get whatever I wanted. He wishes that he never made that bribe because from 7th grade to mid-11th grade when I got my license, we hit Starbucks almost every single morning (caramel macchiatos are my favorite - especially since you can get them iced and hot!).
caramel macchiato

7. Even though I am a coffee addict, I am also unbelievably cautious about my teeth, and keeping them healthy and white.

8. I always bring a book or magazine with me to the gym when I work out. It just kind of helps the time to go by and I use it to make, "I'll read ten chapters in this book, and then move on to another machine."
posh and becks

9. Reality television is the best way for me to relax...I love curling up and watching Top Chef, Project Runway, Survivor or The Bachelor.

10. When I get old, I want to be just like Sophia from Golden Girls. She's a kick.

sophia 2

11. My middle name is my mom's maiden name, and that used to embarrass me, so I would lie and make up a new middle name. During 8th grade graduation, they called "Allison Heather" (which is 100% not my middle name), and my mom cried because she was so sad I was ashamed of her family name.

12. My high school could have rivaled that of Laguna Beach in terms of drama. There was also SOMETHING going on, and since it was a tiny private school, everyone knew about it by lunch.

13. Also in high school, there were no assigned parking lots. So when we were all seniors, the juniors would park in the front row spots, making the rest of us park in the back, which was a drag. So I went online, copied the school's symbol, and forged an entire letter which I left in the lockers of every single junior (which was like 30), "signed" by the principal saying that the two front rows of spots were reserved for seniors only. The next day when we all arrived at school, every front row spot was empty.
The principal found out about it, but he never found it was me who orchestrated it.

14. I eat children's gummy vitamins. They are so delicious.

15. At some point of my day, I eat wheat toast with grape jelly.

16. My 21st birthday is on Tuesday, and I have no idea what to wear! (Any ideas?)

17. I absolutely love to read. Anything by Chuck Palahniuk is just perfection to me. Really, I'm a big nerd at heart.

18. I get extremely angry when I see issues of injustice going on, and I know I can't do a thing to stop it.

19. I have an unbelievable amount of faith in President Obama.

20. Receiving letters in the mail makes me so happy, and it rarely happens, so I treasure the ones I receive from family and friends.

21. I didn't think that coming up with 25 things about myself would be so difficult!

22. I love kids, and can't wait to have some and adopt! (Well, I can wait, but I'm just looking forward to it). I guess that's good since I'm going into teaching...

23. I hate seafood, but I love sushi and seared Ahi tuna. All my friends think that is just the weirdest thing ever.
seared ahi

24. Currently, I'm on my fourth phone of the year (actually now that I think of it, more like from Feb. '08 til now)... one of my phones was left in NYC, my next phone had this weird glitch where it would call random numbers, the next I dropped in a glass of white wine at a family party. I'm terrible with phones (but luckily I have insurance on them, so I don't usually have to pay anything for a new one!).

25. Running is my favorite form of exercise. I love running in the summer, at around 7:30 p.m. when it's still light out and I know I have at least a good hour and a half to just run all my frustrations and stress out of my system. I'm training for the marathon next September!

Well, if you actually read all of those, thank you - I'm hugely impressed :)
And I hope that some of you will do this post too...I love learning new things about people ♥

And, I hope I didn't bore you too much!

Photos on number 5, 22, and 24 are mine. The rest are courtesy of Google Images.


Lindsay said...

hahaha that's so funny that you made up the letter from the principal!

Julie said...

very cool post - not boring in the least. :)

cose belle said...

aww 'transatlanticism' is such a beautiful song, but i hesitate to listen to it because it always makes me sad. love it nonetheless ..

closeup said...

it's nice to know you a little bit better yet :)

keira antoia rose said...

Wear a little black dress. You can never go wrong with that.

Number 13, was so funny!

You seem like a really genuinly kind person. Watching injustice happen all over the world is very saddening.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

We have A LOT in common . . . Obama, Starbucks, SATC, mags, running, just to name a few! I loooved this post!


P.S. Thanks for your sweet compliment on my profile picture :)

Nicole Linette said...

That was great you did the survey on your blog =) 25 things ARE tough to think of, but you did great.. the pictures were good too.

That car incident, AMAZING! XD I'm a junior and not driving, but if I were a senior and some junior parked in the good spot, I'd be furious. At my school there's a "raffle" for parking lot spots the beginning of the year, haha.

You're birthday will be amazing, sooo... where something extravagant! It's your day and it'll only happen once, so why not? :D Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions.

Running at dusk during the summer, it's wonderful. And when I'm done, I plop down into the grass and watch the sky until the stars appear :]


Aren said...


sex and the city is one of my favorite television series, i watched the first season while sick in bed last month. i've always wanted to study abroad! especially spain. i'm envious of your friend now. yes, i'm a coffee fiend as well. it's like i'm a caffine junkie. i love iced coffee though! i haven't read much by chuck palahniuk, any reccomendations? heh, i can't stand the smell of seafood for some reason, but shrimp isn't too bad. happy early 21st birthday and GL on the party ideas! everybody seems to have a lot of birthdays in janurary and feburary, including myself. haha.

La Couturier said...

i love reading these little posts! :) & thank you for leaving such a sweet comment, allison!

i actually just posted a MASSIVE post on the tags i've missed. haha

La C.

Roxy Motion said...

oh, this post was so fun! hahaha. i loved it.

and i love your blog, too. :)

Roxy Motion said...

ah, she's 18. graduating this year. probably.

i would have to agree. the only thing is, you have to wait to find out if it's meant to be or not. lol.

thanks for the comment.

Savvy Mode SG said...

now we know that much more about you. i am not awake until my first cup of jo.

•¦Amy¦• said...

Very cool :]

I love that you wrote that letter to all the Juniors at your school!

That was fun to read...I'll have to post it when I've got the time!

yiqin; said...

Vic and becks <3333 so hot

molly said...

i love chuck palahniuk too!
and i can't help it but im addicted to the bachelor - whos your favourite this season? mines DEFINITELY jillian. i chose her at first because she lives in vancouver (and i live on vancouver island) but she turned out to be the only cool one.
i like that there's a girl named molly because i like to hear my name, but molly on the show is SO fake.
happy upcoming birthday!

Jocelyn said...

oh man, I could seriously relate to so many of these Allison! I cry every time I hear Transatlanticism.

I have never been to the melting pot, although I have heard it is divine! You're not going to beleive this but I have never seen Sex in the City. How weird am I? GO ahead just say it. :P

Do you still talk to your friend a lot? My cousin is also in Spain right now for study abroad. There is always Skype. Although, it's really not the same. Being away from the ones you love is never anything short of a hard time.

Oh man that letter you wrote about the parking lot cracks me up... I wish I had done some crazy thing like that to tell my kids about!

and last but not least. I am in love with sushi :)

that was ridiculously long, I am sorry! Love you blog as always!


Kicking couture said...

thats friggin funny about the principal letter!! smart move haha

omg your gonna be 21!! happy soon to be birthday lol!

I love starbucks, but i much prefer their seasonal flavours so i dont seem to bother much at the moment, great for my purse!!

I cant decide whether i like SATC or not!! Some eps are great but then some are bad.

sent you an email, sorry i didnt reply back, ive been feeling so ill and had loads of hw!

death cab for a cutie always reminds me of seth from the oc! i loved that show too!

anyway i'll stop rambling now


Keith said...

Being that I've only recently come across your blog, this was a very interesting way to learn more about you. I quite enjoyed it.