Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's finally here!!


I hope you all have a wonderful day, and that you really think about what you're thankful for!!!

I have gotten the SWEETEST texts from my friends today (even though it started at 4 a.m. which was a little annoying, but it was really nice so I'm letting that slide! :) ... make sure you let the people in your life you are thankful for know that today (and every day!!!)

Anyway, I'm leaving from my aunt's tonight and going to our house on Cape Cod... and there is NO internet there (yayy : / ) so I most likely will not be doing any blogging!! I'll be back on Sunday, and hope to hear about everyone's Thanksgiving then!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missing Patrick on Thanksgiving.

Ahh, can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow?!? I think that I wait for it all year and get more and more excited the closer it gets!
I'm try to list all the things I'm thankful for, and then compare the lists from year to year to kind of see what's changed, and how I've grown over the years... I really like to focus on what's important about Thanksgiving. While oh my gosh, I LOVE the food aspect of it, but really, spending time with family and the people who matter most is really the most important part.
This year is going to be tough - my brother goes to school in South Carolina and decided he didn't want to fly all the way home for only a few days when he'll be home again on December 11th... he just decided it would be way too much for him. So he is staying down in South Carolina, and it will be the first Thanksgiving when our immediate family won't be together. It's going to be pretty tough for me - while we fight and want to kill each other half the time, my brother is definitely one of my best friends.


It's going to be a really different Thanksgiving this year - as I've said before, we're heading to my dad's sister's house, and things are always kind of boring... it's usually a formal affair which is lame, AND the worst part is that I'm the only person there my age... my other cousins are either married with kids or 14 and 16. Having Patrick (my brother) there is kind of a relief because he and I can connect on different levels. With my younger cousins, I mean, 14 and 16 aren't that young, but seriously - it's like a whole different world. They're still having their parents drive them to the mall to hang out with their friends 'cause they can't drive...they always ask me to teach them how. We just don't really connect on ANY levels... they're 100% jock (they take after my dad and uncle), and I'm 100% indie/artsy/girly... I played soccer in high school and do things like Pilates and running... I'm not good at other team sports and oh my word, sports are their LIFE!!
So basically that is my rant about how much I'm going to miss Patrick this Thanksgiving. Ugh... I feel like I should have sucked it up and driven the 11+ hours to pick him up and bring him back home. He'll be at the house of family friends, but it's still not going to be the same... And, as selfish as this is, I kind of hope he doesn't have the best time, so he'll really, really miss us and not want to miss out on Thanksgiving next year. Does that make me a bad person?

So this year, I'm really, really thankful for my family and my friends. I really feel blessed with the people that I have in my life. I've reconnected with certain people I used to be friends with a VERY long time ago, I ended some unhealthy relationships, and my friendships with certain people have just kept growing stronger and stronger.
My family has remained pretty good as well... we all get pissed with each other and want to kill each other sometimes, but I know that I can count on them, which is a really good feeling.
I have so much to be thankful for.
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving??

Well, I hope all of you have a Thanksgiving that is tres, tres bien!! Let me know how it goes, and how much you ate ;) I personally am throwing everything aside and eating WHATEVER I want tomorrow, no matter what and how much!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seven Hours...

And I will be back to Jersey for Thanksgiving break!!!

After being banned from home for a month (due to wayyy too much coming home on the weekends) I'm finally going back!

I can't wait to eat Kraft Mac & Cheese (pathetic that it's one of my highlights - and it will COMPLETELY eff up all the exercise I've been doing lately!!), sleep in my own bed, sit by the fireplace, get a wonderful eyebrow wax and mani/pedi from Olivia (the most amazing manicurist ever), and see my adorable puppy Cooper!!

Are you doing anything fun for Thanksgiving?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Death Cab Never Disappoints

Death Cab for Cutie are my all-time favorite band.
Earlier this summer, they came out with a new CD Narrow Stairs (which, if you haven't picked up, I would stronglyyy advise it!). Whenever a band that I love comes out with a new CD, I always have this apprehensive feeling towards it... I just want it to be as good as all the others, and get worried that it won't live up to my standards.

I promised myself that I would not do this with my beloved Death Cab... I would go into buying the new CD with low expectations, so either way, I would not be disappointed. As I drove to the mall to pick up my copy of Narrow Stairs, songs from my favorite Death Cab album Transatlanticism blared out of my car speakers from my iPod, which was on shuffle. I began getting that feeling again... what if Death Cab had lost it? Could anything compare with the amazing songs that I had come to love on my two favorite CDs of theirs? (Plans and Transatlanticism in case you were wondering!)

I went into Barnes and Noble with a skeptical view... either the CD would suck, it would be okay, or it would be great... It was very much worth finding out!!! After buying the CD and an iced caramel macchiato, I headed back to my car, CD in hand. I unwrapped the aggravating shrink wrap, peeled off the stickers and put the CD into my car. I was relieved. The CD did not suck, it was not just mediocre, it was fantastic. Death Cab proved to remain consistent, and Narrow Stairs is now in a three way tie for my favorite CD.

If you're looking for some great music that is easy to listen to and really fun, definitely check out Narrow Stairs!! There is such a mix of music on there... some focusing a TON on instrumentals, others that are about heartbreak, some about love... it's amazing.
My three favorites on the CD are:
1. I Will Possess Your Heart
2. Pity and Fear (which I was stoked they played on an episode of CSI!!)
3. Cath

This music video for "I Will Possess Your Heart" is long... the intro to the song is about 4:20... but the instrumentals are beauuutiful and this video is lovely. If all the bass and instruments are bugging you, skip to the 4:20 point... it's kind of a creepy song if you really listen to it, but the lyrics are haunting, and the talent is incredible.

What do you think??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clint Eastwood Has Done It Again!

So I am very far behind in going to the movies - I just saw Changeling tonight when the rest of the people in the theater (and the world apparently) were off seeing Twilight.
We first went to one theater, but Changeling was sold out! (We assumed this was because all the Twilight fans who had been unable to secure tickets to their choice movie had to make do with other movies available...). Anyway, so the six of us drove another twenty minutes, anticipating that the previews of this movie were a sign that it would be well worth it.
We were absolutely right.
Clint Eastwood is a genius. I fell in love with Clint back with Absolute Power... after Million Dollar Baby I just became so aware of his talent not just as an actor, but as a filmmaker too.

Anyway - from the beginning Changeling completely wrapped me up in it - I connected to Angelina Jolie's character; I swear she was made for this role. The movie put me on edge for the entire duration - there were times when my friend sitting next to me was gripping my hand, and I was gripping hers back just as tightly!!
The acting was incredible from all characters... John Malkovich was brilliant as a preacher who had a mission to out the Los Angeles police department for their unethical behavior, Jeffrey Donovan (who I had only ever seen in Burn Notice) played the "bad cop" J.J. Jones perfectly - he was completely hateable... Michael Kelly plays the "good cop" that you just place your hope in that he can help this poor woman find her lost son.


It's been a while (since The Dark Knight this summer, and Gone Baby Gone before that!) that a movie has really impacted me to the point that I can't stop thinking about it or talking about it to anyone who will listen.
Changeling is a complete winner - it has the perfect elements for an incredible movie, and while it is long, the time will just fly by.
This movie made me so glad to be a woman living in the 21st century when what I say, and my opinions truly matter... never would a situation like what Christine Collins went through happen in this day and age. As a feminist, I felt that Collins was one of the bravest females I had seen in film for a while - she defied the odds and stood up for what she believed in, and knew was right.


I strongly, strongly advise you going to see Changeling :)
If you've seen it, what do you think? Do you think Jolie could possibly win another Oscar for her performance?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Over the years I have become more and more obsessed with London based photographer Tim Walker (I even ordered his fantastic '09 calendar as an early Christmas present pour moi). I find his work edgy and captivating, filled with so much color and life.

You may have seen some of his work in Juicy Couture ads, or featured in some of your favorite high fashion magazines. He also has a book called Tim Walker Pictures, which is an absolutely breathtaking collection of his work.

He has this quirky type of style, and I just dig it so much.

This is one of my favorites...the Princess and the Pea was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up:

I think Lily Cole is so beautiful.


All photographs © TIM WALKER PICTURES

A Bon Appetit Thanksgiving Menu

So, as I have said before, I'm a sucker for Thanksgiving.
I am also a major sucker for Bon Appetit magazine. Being stuck in a college dorm does not really give me the opportunity to do much cooking, but every time I go home, I cook up a STORM, as if I have to be so tired of cooking by the time I have to head back to school, I won't even miss it (which, I always do).
My roommates and I dream about getting our apartment next year - we've already planned weekly dinners when we cook for one another and catch up on what's going on in each other's lives.

As healthy as I am, I am a firm believer in rewarding my hard efforts to eat a low cal, low carb diet. I think that there are exceptions when diets can be thrown out the window. Thanksgiving is one of those exceptions for me. While it will still hopefully be somewhat healthy [organic vegetables and fruits, small portions], I still feel like I can indulge.
P.S. A great way to eat what you want on Thanksgiving and then pick back up your regular routine is to GET RID OF LEFTOVERS!! The longer they are there, the more they will be picked at!

Bon Appetit is a fantastic cooking magazine, that even the most inexperienced of chefs can find something useful (and delicious) in! You can start with the less complicated dishes and work your way up!

If I could plan my idea Thanksgiving menu, this is what it would entail:

Stuffing is one of my favorite Thanksgiving foods...doesn't this look AMAZING?!

Carrots are always delicious, no matter what the occasion. Don't these look so festive?

Doesn't this butternut squash soup look incredible?

This roast turkey has a bacon, dijon and herb butter that goes under the skin when it is cooked...yumm!

I swear, I could eat pumpkin pie all day, every day.

Bon Appetit also has a TON of helpful hints for cooking a turkey, carving a turkey, etc. as well as a TON of other recipes!!
J'adore Bon Appetit!!!

What are your Thanksgiving favorites??

(All images property of Bon Appetit.)

The Magic of PostSecret

I can't lie - I am obsessed with PostSecret.

For those of you who don't know about the magic of PostSecret, it's pretty simple. A man named Frank Warren decided to have people send him anonymous postcards with their deepest, darkest secrets on them. The postcards people send are absolutely beautiful... they are decorated so creatively, sometimes with actual photographs of people, sometimes with paintings, inspirational words, whatever someone is feeling.
Usually there are a few that are pretty amusing, others will absolutely break your heart.

Every Sunday, Frank Warren will post new secrets, and I swear I wait with anticipation every week for the new ones to come up! I check back frequently throughout the week, hoping that maybe Frank forgot, and that he possibly put up new secrets by Wednesday. [It never ends up happening this way].

Each postcard is like a mini piece of art... I like to try and picture who wrote the postcards, and what they're going through...sometimes it's just too tragic though.

I think one of the best parts of PostSecret is that you can read over people's secrets and think "I'm glad SOMEONE else out there feels that way too!"
Take a look for yourself at PostSecret.

These are a few examples of the creativity that goes into these postcards.


I think this one is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen:

Like I said, some just break your heart.

Have you ever heard of PostSecret?

All photos are part of Post Secret.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Countdown to Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday... I love the way that family just gathers together, forgets any issues, and just enjoys a gorgeous house and delicious food!
We usually head up to our house at the Cape to spend time with my mom's brother and his family who we rarely see. Unfortunately, this year they are unavailable so we're doing a Jersey Thanksgiving at my aunt's...which entails some delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, etc...all catered from her favorite restaurant. To me, I'd much rather waking up to the smells of the turkey cooking in the oven...helping my mom bake her amazing apple pie, then help the caterers know whether to set up everything in the formal dining room or the kitchen.

Though my aunt's Thanksgiving is very much a formal event, which can be a little stuffy, I always love looking at her house. She goes ALL out with centerpieces (usually something revolving around fruit), and decorates her house elegantly, and with so much holiday spirit.

Another part of Thanksgiving I love is how all the magazines like Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple feature special Thanksgiving issues. I love looking at Martha's house and how she's decorating it this year (and what she's cooking!).

Martha Stewart NEVER ceases to amaze me... I seriously don't know how the woman makes things so freaking adorable 24/7...and everything is SO new and unique.

Isn't this table absolutely adorable and so festive?
To learn how to make these adorable place cards for a less formal Thanksgiving, look to Martha Stewart, domestic goddess.
She also has a contest up on her website where you can upload pictures of your own Thanksgiving, and try and win! Every photograph will be featured on her site for people to look at!


These fun table designs are from Real Simple, which has a ton of easy and creative ideas for fun Thanksgiving centerpieces (and daily life)!

This one will cost you about $8, and looks so simple chic:

I think this centerpiece is fantastic - the combination of pomegranates, Italian plums and figs work so well together!:

What is your family's Thanksgiving tradition? Do you go the catered Thanksgiving route, or do you do the traditional way?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

21st Century Censorship?

So, there has been quite the controversy surrounding Heidi Klum's Guitar Hero 4 World Tour commercial.
I'm sure most of you have seen the commercials with celebrities imitating Tom Cruise's famous scene in Risky Business.
Celebrities like David Cook, David Archuletta, Heidi Klum, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez and Tony Hawk have participated in these hilarious commercials.

Heidi Klum actually has two commercials - one which was of her dancing and playing Guitar Hero in her bra and underwear, which was yanked shortly after it's airing. Later, the commercial was replaced with a different one, of Klum in a men's button down, dancing in her underwear. Some are crying censorship - why should people be getting upset about a Victoria's Secret model dancing in exactly what she is paid to sell?

Is there really that much of a difference between the two commercials?

The Original Commercial:

The New Commercial:

What do YOU think? Was it a case of censorship? Or was there a legitimate reason for the original commercial to be pulled?
[Either way, doesn't Heidi Klum look fabulous? Props to all the celebrities for having so much fun with these commercials!]

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I think this version of the commercial with all-star athletes is HYSTERICAL!: