Friday, December 19, 2008

Let It Snow?

It is snowing like CRAZY here!!!

This was the view from my window at around 11 (and it's still going strong at 3:20!!) Snow was just EVERYWHERE.

View from my window

It was predicted that a blizzard was expected today, and so far, things are living up to the expectations. The roads are terrible (the woman I work for even called and told me not to come because she thought that I would die on the way), and barely anyone is on the roads. People (including my father, who would rather die than leave work early EVER) are getting to leave work ASAP, even the Starbucks in my town is closing early!
As much as I like the extra $15/hr, I kind of enjoy having no work today. It's been nice to just loaf around, eat a leisurely lunch, take a super, super long shower... all the things I love doing but never have the time to do on days I'm rushing around.
The only thing that sucks is that we're now all cooped up at home (with the exception of my mom who thought that going out for her best friend's birthday lunch at the Melting Pot was more important then her safety). Pat and I both brought the TV's from our rooms to college with us, and my parents are currently awaiting the arrival of their new plasma, so we are a two-TV family at the moment (and one of those tv's is a tiny plasma mounted on the kitchen wall, where no one wants to sit to watch anything). I'm waiting for the fights to erupt over who wants to watch what - so far, so good though.

Coop has enjoyed his lazy day so far... I don't know how he sleeps in such weird positions!

All this fresh powder makes me so, so excited to go snowboarding!! Pat wanted to go today - which would entail an hour drive to the MOUNTAIN, which I'm assuming is getting a lot more snow than we have here. Plus, everyone is driving about 2 miles an hour, which would make the trip last probably four hours, at the very least! So I vetoed the idea, but we made plans to go on Sunday. Real snow is so much better than the fake snow - and this snow is perfect for snowboarding. It's packed nicely so that there can be so much control on the board, but it's not iced over, which means it's definitely not dangerous (or any more dangerous then usual).
Last year, Pat got a brand new board for Christmas. It was beautiful - this great Burton board, sharp and it just looked Of course, the new feeling never really lasts to long, you get up on a rail and immediately the bottom isn't quite as shiny.
Anyway, Patrick and I did a few runs, he hopped on a few rails and did his thing (I can't do too much on the rails like he can). At the end of the day when we were ready to leave and were undoing the bindings, and when Pat went to grab his board, the edges were so sharp that he sliced his hand open. So we're at the mountain, over an hour from home and we have zero idea what hospitals are even in the area...and now we're just waiting for an ambulance to come while Pat is bleeding everywhere. Ick, it was so gross. Apparently it's very common (at least according to the medics at the mountain).
So, Pat and I are hoping not to have a repeat of last year...though his board is not so new, shiny and sharp anymore.

I am DYING for a new snowboard...I have this old Burton one from senior year that I absolutely loved. I still love it, it's just older, more scratched up, and I'd love a new one.
Shaun White designed a ton of snowboard gear for Burton (which in my opinion is the greatest brand of snowboards and gear), and I love his designs (and I love him too!).

If anyone has an extra $500 or $600 lying around and wants to buy one of these for me, I would very much appreciate it ;)

He also designed this awesome jacket - it's much cooler then the one that I have right now:

The boards and jacket are available at Burton. The website is really cool too if you're into snowboarding :)

As much as I'm excited for snowboarding, I am a little pissed that a shopping day was thrown out the's definitely getting down to the wire now for getting presents, and I definitely needed to run to the mall today to head to Lacoste and Neiman Marcus to finish up the shopping for my family = /

Is it snowing by you all today?


Nicole Linette said...

Snowboarding is fantastic! Unfortunately it isn't a hobby of mine :( Pretty lame too, considering I live right near a two mountain resorts. The snow has finally calmed down, but everything is blanketed in at least8". It looks so pretty!
I heard that Shaun White is doing a women's line collaboration with Burton. That jacket looks amazing.. a slim trench that actually has warmth? And functional for the snow? Ingenious.


christine said...

it's snowing so hard here today!!! it's been snowing all morning and the roads here are also terrible. but i don't think it's quite as bad, i haven't heard of anything closing early. Anyway, i thought it was kind of a coincidence..

that snowborad is so cute! i haven't snowboarded in a long time but i still love it!

Glass Mannequin said...

I've never touched snow. Never even seen it in person.

The jacket and boards look really cool!

And that looks more like a pillow than a dog.

And now I fall asleep.



Kicking couture girl said...

I love snow, it hardly ever snows where i live! But im ever still hopefull for a white christmas LOL!

P.s my sister's dog sleeps like that, like a platypus lols

Awesome list!!

I cant wait to watch gossip girl, i think my fave ep is blairs sleepover lol!

I love OPI too, although last night i found out i've been pronouncing it wrong lol * blush*, ive been saying o pee, when its o.p.i lol how embarassing.

Im gonna buy a camera in the sales, with christmas money or my parents are gonna get me a laptop if i put some money towards it! ( in england, black friday type sales are on on 26th of december!!)


ZuKi said...

eh...I want snow, but here where I'm living it's just raining:((

Aren said...

Same here! Especially on the lake front, you couldn't see within a quater of a mile this morning! I know what you mean, this winter break feels like I'm hibernating because I'm sleeping in a lot more, taking long showers, and things like that.

Awh! What a cute dog. He's a bundle of cutenes. My dog often sleeps on his back and has his legs sticking in every which direction, almost if they were repeling each other. Haha.

I love snowboarding! My family goes skiing and snowboarding every year during the wintertime. It's nearly a two feet of snow here! Loving the jacket and boards!

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw, I wish we had snow! There is tons in nearby cities and places, but someone it seemed to skip over my parent's house, but with our grandparents and all coming soon, I hope we all get snowed in and can have lots of fires in the fireplace! :D

And thank you so much for your sweet comment! <3


Etta said...

Oh, try Twilight... I have horrible luck with guys too.

We just had a storm also... I think it was the same one you had if you are from the States.