Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Offical: No More CSI Before Bed.

So last night I babysat for one of my favorite families. I was looking forward to it all day - they're so easy to take care of and so much fun too! I think that I set myself up for failure because I just get this idealistic viewpoint about so many things. Like, I just kind of assumed that the kids would be wonderful and great and amped to see me, which they were...until their mom left. They started screaming, crying, kicking, biting...yayy!

And that was how it went for pretty much the rest of the night. The girls went through my bag, pulling out my cell phone and texting my friends saying stupid things, and every time I tried to grab my phone from them, they would run into a different room, or upstairs, thinking it was a super fun game. They're 12 and 10...wayy too old for crap like that. Finally when they got bored of my phone, they brought it back, but this time moved on to taking my entire purse and emptying the contents on the floor.
My (new) GPS came tumbling out onto the hardwood floor, followed by my Ipod, camera, wallet... so now I'm trying to keep my cool, while panicking inside that all my electronics are now smashed on the ground. The girls now decided it would be fun to count all the money in my wallet...and then run away with some of my money. At that point, I realized (which I should have realized a LOT sooner) that I couldn't play nice anymore, and that I had to let them know that yeah, we could have fun and joke around, but there definitely needed to be boundaries set up. So I counted to twenty so I wouldn't yell...I'm not usually a yeller, but sometimes I get pushed to that point...and I calmly walked upstairs and informed them that if they did not give me back everything they had taken from my wallet that I would call their parents, and that they would have to go bed right then (it was like 7:00). They listened to me, but it was like this forced "I'm only listening because you threatened us."

These are a few of the pictures they took when they took my camera hostage...some are actually kind of cute:


They told me to act like I was walking in and very happy to see them. They made me put my boots back on, and wanted me to put my coat on too, which would have been quite the production. Apparently, I'm a wonderful actress because at this point, I was ready to cry:

When it was time for them to go to bed (finally) they gave me HUGE hugs and were like "We love you soooo much and can't WAIT to see you again!!!"
Another thing I have to do when I babysit there is sit in the hallway, outside of everyone's doors until they're all asleep because they all get scared. So last night as I'm doing this, I keep hearing noises from downstairs, like someone is smashing against the door trying to get in.
I swear, I think all the CSI I watch messes with my head. So now I'm upstairs, and FREAKING out. And in my head I'm going "Okay, well I guess I should go downstairs and investigate...but in horror movies, they always go investigate and get killed, and I think they're stupid for going to investigate. Should I go downstairs? Or should I just stay up here and let them eventually come up and kill all of us." I swear my mind was going like a billion miles a minute. I even considered waking up Isabel and telling her that if I didn't come back upstairs in 5 minutes to call 911.

So I kept hearing this BANGING it sounded like someone was downstairs in the kitchen opening drawers or something. I'm upstairs like, having a heart attack picturing all the episodes of CSI I've seen, or that stupid movie When A Stranger Calls, when a killer stalks a babysitter and the kids she's watching.
Finally, I decided that I needed to grow up and go figure out what the heck was going on. So I took the phone, and dialed 9-1, thinking that if someone was down there, all I had to do would be press the other 1, which was much easier then dialing 911. So I headed downstairs, and was like creeping, tip-toeing through the house (which does nothing because the floors are so creaky!) looking for any time of creeper. I heard the banging while I was in the kitchen, and thought I was going to faint. So like an idiot, I go try and figure out what is going on, and realize that the stupid wreaths that the family has on all the windows were banging against the glass because of the wind. So I was getting myself all worked up over a bunch of freaking wreaths and wind!!!
I felt so dumb.

I get scared so easily. I attribute it to the fact that I do watch a considerable amount of horror movies, have an active imagination, and love shows like CSI and Law and Order. This summer, my brother and I were NOT getting along before he left for college, so when I had the option to drive to South Carolina (a 12+ hour drive) to drop him off at school, my answer was easy - absolutely not. I figured that if we couldn't stand to be in the same house together for a few hours a day, how would we POSSIBLY survive a car ride where there was no place to go...we would be stuck together. So I optioned to stay home with the dog, so my parents wouldn't have to pay for a breeder, as well as pack up all my crap for school.

I like being home alone during the day and early evening...even late evening if I know that people will be home when I go up to bed. I don't know - I always picture someone chasing me up the stairs as I walk up to bed, so I get super freaked out - but if someone is downstairs when I go up, I don't feel scared anymore...silly, I know.

So anyway, it was one night and I was watching TV with my dog - it was a super lazy night. So both of us were sitting on the couch when all of a sudden his ears perked up. I heard this noise on my front porch, and he heard it too because he just started growling, which he never, ever does (unless my brother touches him, which is rare). Immediately, I start imagining someone outside trying to break in, and I realize that I haven't set the alarm, I don't have my cell phone near me, and I am probably going to die. So I crawled, on my belly like a snake from the TV room and one end of the house, through the laundry room, dining room, study, and into the living room, where there is a window that you can see the porch from. I was just thanking God that no one could see me because I looked 100% ridiculous.

It turned out it was nothing...but seeing Coop's reaction was what got to me. Ahh, it was so scary and I was relieved when my parents got home a few days later (I had friends stay with me until they got back!!).

So, I think that I need to stop watching CSI before I go to bed (because I can't give it up - I love it!).

Now, on a good note - my brother flew home today!!! So in an hour I get to see him for the first time in 4 months!!! :) :) :) Yayy!

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. <3


Glass Mannequin said...

Oh, my gosh. That must have been terrifying! I'm so sorry. And the kids sound pretty monstrous. I baby sit these two twins boys and their two little brothers... Four boys all under the age of 5. Pretty exciting. I really love baby sitting them but I could never ever deal with girls.

Oh, and some fun. I am the fourth of seven children. I have five brothers and we left a trail of tearful baby sitters strewn in our wake. So much fun! Just hang in there.

Jocelyn said...

yeah that does sound pretty creepy! I remember the day after I saw When a stranger calls I had to babysit and it was like a windstorm outside and one of the doors blew open. Scariest moment of my life. NO JOKE. anyway, I love CSI, hope you can ween yourself off it haha

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh i usually watch csi before i sleep. you look really cute in your rain boots.

Lindsay said...

I am the same way when I babysit, or stay at home by myself! And I vowed only to watch funny movies before bed!