Sunday, December 28, 2008

Forever Friends

This weekend has been insanely busy...I feel like ever since Christmas I have not had even a spare second to do anything.

My Christmas presents:
-Chocolate Uggs
-Grey Uggs (that tie up the side - they cut off my circulation, but I'm willing to deal!)
-Lots of Anthropologie/Fossil clothes
-Latex leggings
-jeans (which surprisingly, are the perfect fit)
-Patterned tights
-DVDs (including seasons 7 & 8 of CSI - I don't think I'm ever going to quit watching; some seasons of Law & Order SVU, season 4 of The Office, and seasons 2 & 3 of Arrested Development)
-A fantastic Tim Walker calendar
-A pretty patterned Vera Bradley planner for 2009 (because I adore organization)
-Subscriptions to W magazine, as well as Architectural Digest (because I'm a sucker for architecture, and the fantastic homes shown).

One of my favorite things that my family does around Christmas, is that we all pick a charity, and then each of us makes a donation to the other person's charity. This year both of my parents chose the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, because both of their mother's died from breast cancer. My brother chose Heifer International, a fantastic organization that donates animals to third-world countries, to help families make profit from either selling milk, eggs, wool, etc. It's a really cool organization. I chose to have donations made to liver cancer research/treatment, because that is what my father died of in 2006.
I like the charity aspect of our Christmas, because it reminds us that we're so fortunate, and that not everyone can have the kind of Christmas celebrations that we just take for granted most of the time.

What did you all do for fun on Christmas? And if I haven't already heard, what did you get?!

The day after Christmas, after sitting at home terribly bored because most of my friends live in PA or NYC and never come back to good old Franklin Lakes, T called me and asked if I wanted to do something that we brainstormed what we could possibly do, we decided to call up our favorite NJ guys (who will probably never leave NJ) M, J, and A. They invited us to a party at their friend's house, which we reluctantly agreed to go to, for no other reason then we really had not much else to do. When we showed up there, it was in this tiny, gross little house, with a ton of drunk out of their minds frat-boy types (but not fun, cute frat boys...the obnoxious frat boys, like Animal House style). Our friend A dove right in - downing shots, copious amounts of beer, and then he started hitting on everyone in the entire place. T & I hung around aimlessly, feeling kind of awkward amongst all the people who were stumbling around the room. While she and I both enjoy our cocktails, this was just not the type of environment we've come to enjoy them in. But we stuck around, out of sheer boredom if not nothing else.
It wasn't until one girl started throwing up all over, that I feared for the life of my fantastic shoes, and the fact that it was completely inevitable that the cops would show up, that T, J, M and I decided to bail. A stayed to sleep it off before he drove anywhere.
The rest of us showed up to one of North NJ's numerous diners, where we sat and talked about old times...I had forgotten I'd known J and M since 7th grade... 9 years ago! It's so strange to think about the people who have known you, and seen the evolution of yourself (i.e. for me, from the stick thin, nerdy girl with the heinous red-rimmed glasses - hey, we can't always have been fashionistas, right?!).

Last night, I spent time with C, who I have literally known since birth. Our mother's were both friends, and got pregnant within weeks of one another. I was born in early February, C in late February, and we've been friends ever since then. We have gone through a lot with each other - the divorce of her parent's, the death of my biological father, fights with our families, fights with one another, her moving into the city and me staying in Franklin Lakes... but our friendship has remained solid. We don't talk often, but we see each other whenever we're both home for holidays - and we pick up where we left off.
We've both evolved so much since our young years - her turning into the hipster East Village located girl (who loves thrift stores and gold lame leggings), and moi, the Upper East side prep (with an affinity for Louboutin's and Chanel clutches). It's crazy to think that I have known someone for 21 years, and that we're still friends. While we're not as close as we once were, we still have the bonds of friendship that stem from our mother's friendship.

Baby C & Baby Moi (18 years ago):

Anyway, I'm off to clean my room - R is finally coming tomorrow to visit (since last time the snow was so horrible we had to postpone), and she, her boyfriend, and our friend Jay are heading into the city tomorrow for some delicious vanilla cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery and some lunch at Gotham Bar & Grill.

I hope you're all doing well,


Tom's French Blog - Enjoy ! said...

Allison - glad you got nice presents - sounds like they were all items of clothing ! I gave J some nail scissors (she's always using mine), some batteries (she's always using mine), some gross candles and an ice cream scoop and just as she was beginning to feel hard done by I gave her a new laptop. Being a big kid I got an x-box 360.

Savvy Mode SG said...

too cute. i am debating if i should buy a pair of ugg.

Jocelyn said...

I loved this post! Thanks for writing it! I love talking about old times with friends, it's so much fun! I'm glad you left the party so you didn't ruin our shoes haha. Sounds like a pretty good christmas! I also am debating on getting uggs... hmmm

•¦Amy¦• said...

Aww. The baby picture is adoreable!

Glad you had a nice Christmas, the presents sound great (especially the clothes from Anthropology!).

Have a happy new year!


Couture Carrie said...

Chocolate UGGS and the Office? I am in xmas heaven, living vicariously!


Bella said...

You're such a doll... thank you for that lovely comment baby.

It sounds like you hada pretty fantastic (busy) Christmas.
Latex leggings!
Lots of Anthropologie!

Delicious... xxx
Happy New Year love.

Nicole Linette said...

Oh Allison, it sounds like your Christmas was wonderful!! Latex leggings.. you know, I was quite skeptical of them at first (I made fun of Demi Lovato when I saw her at a Jonas Brothers concert haha!), but now they're growing on me =) You recieved some great gifts. I think that's amazing how you and your famliy donate to charities.. but I'm sorry about your father :( What a beautiful way to honor him, though.

Reminiscing is so much fun. I hope I'm still in contact with my closest friends after we leave school, as you. It'd be really upsetting for me if we weren't.