Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cooking, Top Chef Style.

I seriously can't believe how much time flies - I mean Hannukah has already begun and is well underway, and now Christmas is in only two days.
I braved the malls today and finished up my Christmas shopping (getting up at 7 a.m., so it wouldn't be completely insane). Getting things for Pat and my mom was very easy, but my dad was, as always tres, tres difficult. I headed to a golf store in the local mall and picked out some Callaway stuff for him (which is a perfect gift for dad's who golf!), and then headed to Lacoste for some of his favorite polos. All in all, it was uneventful, but it was absolutely crazy to find a parking spot while at the mall.

After that, I decided to head into the city - every year we get pies from the Little Pie Company, this amazing NYC pie shop on W. 43rd between 9th and 10th that has the most incredible sour cream apple walnut pie I have ever tasted in my life. Seriously, if you've never had one, I would highly recommend. Brown sugar is caked on top, and oh, I can't even describe how fantastic these are. I was only supposed to pick up one, but I ended up getting one of the sour cream apple walnut pie, and a pecan pie (which I've never had, but am so excited for!). My family swears by them and get them for most occasions and holidays.

Anyway, after getting the pies, the last thing that I wanted to do was cart them around the city, so I just decided to head home afterwards, feeling incredibly productive about my day so far.

When I got home, I decided I had so much energy (thanks to copious amounts of Red Bull and caramel macchiatos), so I headed off to the gym, and got home in time to volunteer to cook dinner tonight. My mom has just been stressing so much about cooking all the food for Christmas, cleaning the house, wrapping a bagillion presents.

My dad and I got into watching Top Chef last year...while I'm away at school, we watch it and then talk about it over the phone afterwards, talking trash about our least favorites and top picks, as well as comparing opinions on the food. My parents are both definitely foodies, and I like to consider myself an aspiring foodie :) Anyway, this story does tie into the fact that I cooked dinner tonight, I just suck at getting straight to the point.

For Father's Day, I decided I would get my dad the seasons of Top Chef on DVD, so we could relive our favorite contestants and time. Unfortunately, Bravo has not put the seasons onto DVD for reasons I can't comprehend. So, I went the next best route - I got the Top Chef Cookbook for my dad, and illegally burned the seasons onto DVDs.

So tonight while I was contemplating what to make for dinner, I decided to flip through the Top Chef cookbook, feeling confident that I could pull at least something in the book off. I found a recipe for chicken rigatoni with vegetables, and I knew that I could definitely do that. I ended up substituting fettucini for rigatoni, which I think came out even better. The recipe also called for red peppers, which we didn't have, so I just added in whatever I could find.

It came out fantastically, and was so, so simple to make. It was a little time consuming in the prep work, just chopping up the chicken into 1 inch pieces, and chopping up the vegetables, but thankfully we had pretty decent knives to make the cutting a lot easier!

Even picky Patrick had no complains (though he ate his fettucini with only the marinated/sauteed chicken, but still!).

The veggies sauteeing in a white wine mixture:
Cooking 1

The pasta and chicken before the vegetables (aka Pat's dinner):
Cooking 2

Finished product :)

If you want the recipe, let me know - it's seriously so easy to make, and tres delicious.

P.S. Can you BELIEVE tomorrow is Christmas Eve?!?



YUM-yum...I know, Christmas is finally here!have a magical, wonderful, memorable Christmas!

Jocelyn said...

mmm! That looks way good, I wish I could cook haha. Sour cream walnut pie? hmm... sounds interesting!

Happy Holidays!

Kicking couture girl said...

Merry Christmas! Wow that looks so yummy! can i have recipe, i love cooking! i got a cookbook for christmas, Rachel Allen baking!

Cant wait to see what you get for christmas! Ill be posting mine later lol

Dads are so hard to buy for arent they!! my dad loves lacoste too

dapper kid said...

Oooo that looks so yummy!!! Hope you're having a beautiful christmas dear :)