Thursday, December 4, 2008

C'est La Vie

I am still in shock that for me, the semester is over, minus one final. Yesterday I turned in a take-home test and another project for my last night class of the year (FINALLY!), and I am DONE. No more getting up early (just kidding, I still have to work after all!), no more stressing over projects, no more night classes from 4-10 p.m. I feel this huge, huge sense of relief, but at the same time I just keep wondering - where did the time go???

I still remember being completely apprehensive about going to college...nervous that the roommates I was assigned to and I would not get along at all...afraid that I would never find my way around campus - and now it's three years later.... while I still don't love college, I do love the roommate I was assigned to freshman year - we're still roommates, and best friends :) , and I've learned that my campus - not so big, or confusing. Now, instead of worrying about finding my classes without trouble, I'm worrying about applying for student teaching, and how I'm going to make it in the real world. It blows my mind.

Next semester is going to be a lot different... my best friend, and that roommate I was paired with freshman year is going to be studying abroad, which is going to be a really different experience. Like I said yesterday, it always sucks when you come to count on someone and then they're not there. At the same time, I'm SO excited for her to go abroad and experience a different culture. I know it's such a once in a lifetime experience!!! I'm really excited for her, but at the same time, I know how much I'll miss her! It's a weird feeling. I guess it's just more change, which as I said yesterday, I'm not good with.

So, on a more optimistic note - I finally made a Flickr account, so now I can have my Thanksgiving pictures up...even the ones that were too big at first! (Sometimes I'm a little behind things).

My mom usually goes all out for Thanksgiving breakfast!
Thanksgiving breakfast

She also bakes the most delicious apple pie ever.

My cousin Thomas and I with my aunt's dog Sophie (oh, and he's 16 and kind of awkward, so my grandpa had to tell him to put his arm around me, haha)
Me Thomas and Sophie

Another of Thomas and I :)
Me and Thomas

I have more, but I'll put them up at another time - I guess I'm trying to hold onto Thanksgiving as much as possible til Christmas comes along! :)

P.S. I have been eating the best snack today - I put cream cheese on Wheat Thins. I know it sounds horrible, and I thought that at first when my friend told me about it, but I promise it is so delicious. It kind of tastes like eating a bagel. Definitely not the most healthy snack, but I can care less - it's so good!!!!
Do any of you eat snacks that other people might think are weird? (like crackers and cream cheese ;] )


•¦Amy¦• said...

Mmm. Thanksgiving. A week gone by and I already miss it haha.

Aw, that's sad that you're room mate is moving away :(

Weird snacks?
Hmmm...I guess I'm pretty normal when it comes to eating. Gosh that's boring lol.
I do dip my fries in my frosty when I'm at Wendy's. Does that count?

Jocelyn said...

Yeah I love the office. I cry in almost every single episode of Grey's Anatomy I am such a nerd... I also thought that Pam and Jim were going to break up after that, and I was scared to death!

And yeah, I'll let you know what the lipsync ends up being like... hopefully it's not too mortifying!

I want to do a study abroad one day! That'd be awesome. Where is she going? That'd be hard to have your best friend away. I guess it's a different kind of long distance relationship. BUT it's still hard!

cute pictures! your hair is so long! It's gorgeous!

I love eating a spoonful of peanut butter and then dipping it in a huge glass of ice cold milk :)

christine said...

hey, so me and jocelyn are really good friends, and i think she said that you have a brother who goes to winthrop.. which is kind of crazy, because i go to winthrop too! it really is a small world.

as far as snacks go... i don't know how weird this one is but a lot of people look at me funny when i say it, but strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar are amazing. probably one of the best snacks ever.

Aren said...
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