Monday, December 8, 2008

And, It's Down to the End...

Ahh, I have been so, so busy which is why there has not been a "real" post from me since I left for the O's on Friday.
I had such an awesome time with them... every time I go there and spend time with them and their kids, I never want to leave. J is super, super classy and pretty - I hope when I'm a mom I look and act like her. I like having someone older (other than my mom) that I can talk to about all the things going on in my life, without worrying about her judging me! It's always nice to find somewhere that you feel completely safe.
They took me out to dinner, to this AMAZING Italian restaurant. It was called Angelina's Kitchen, and was probably the size of a dorm room, with maybe six tables in the entire restaurant. But, all the pasta was handmade, and all the sauces were as well - I promise it was some of the best Italian food I have ever had. Even better than Babbo, one of my favorite Italian restaurants ever. It was SUCH a nice treat from the crap they've been serving in the dining commons. Afterwords, we watched Top Chef, J & M put the kids to bed, and then went to bed themselves, and I stayed up til 2:30, catching up on all the cable shows I miss when I'm at school.
Saturday, J & I baked cookies, and watched Baby Mama. It was honestly, so, so, so nice to relax and not worry about the stresses of living at school. I think that's one of the things I really appreciate when I go home - that yeah, my family does fight, but there is still a feeling of safety and relaxation.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. I had arranged a last hurrah going away dinner for R, before she leaves for Spain. We went to R's favorite (and my favorite too, luckily!) restaurant PF Chang's, and a group of ten was going to go. Well, as things go, only six of us ended up going - which I kind of felt bad for R, since it was a dinner to say goodbye to her, but such is life! And we ended up having a wonderful time, even though our waitress was a HUGE jerk, especially to my friend C!!
C's boyfriend N has CRAZYYY food allergies - to pineapple, chicken, seafood, soy, most fruit, lemon, and more. So because of this, N can't eat ANY of the food at PF Chang's, since all Chinese food is made with some type of soy component. His allergies have NEVER been an issue before when they've gone there - usually the kitchen prepares a special type of pasta dish with broccoli for him.
This time - the waitress was just not having it. She asked all of us, "Why would you bring him HERE?" and then continued to give us a hard time about it throughout the evening. While we laughed about it, and tried not to take it personally, the more I think about it, the more it kind of pisses me off. While I do understand that she could have had a terrible, horrible day and was frustated beyond belief, it is her job to still at least treat us with some respect.
But we had DELICIOUS food, and a lot of fun regardless - it was just kind of annoying! But having that goodbye dinner made it all the more real that R is leaving, and that starting in early January, I will once again be without my best friend. It's just toughhh, ugh. I know she'll have suuuuch a fun time, and I'm so glad. It's just a long time for a girl to be without her best friend!

Today I just totally took it easy. R, C and I are going to Applebees tonight for half priced appetizers, and a Christmas gift exchange. I'm cravinggg honey barbeque boneless wings, so I'm really glad we're going (even if it's not til 11, which is 3 more hours!!). I got both R & C scarves - like the American Apparel ones you wear all the time. C got a red one and a brown one, and R got a teal-ish one and a black one. They're really, really pretty. I also got my brother a tshirt from Fossil, and went into North Face trying to find a jacket for my dad, but I was just not in the shopping mood. I got what I came for, and was just so tired. (I think I'm overtired, I got about 12 hours of sleep!)
I have spent the rest of my day starting to pack, watching numerous episodes of CSI, and stalling because I know I need to be studying.

I also think I'm getting sick ahhh..

I hope you all have a stress-free end of classes, and get everything done (especially you Jocelyn!!, good luck getting everything done!!!)

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Jocelyn said...

Thanks Allison! I just came up with a really good argument so that's a load off my back, now I just have to write it!

I love CSI! I haven't seen that show in forever. And I have never been to PF changs even though I live really close to a couple of them. I've always wanted to go, but just haven't gotten around to it!

I love fun mom's like J! And they always have such good advice, it's true that talking to someone other than your mom really is very helpful!

Anyway, hope you have a good week! I hope you finally got to that studying ;)