Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seven Hours...

And I will be back to Jersey for Thanksgiving break!!!

After being banned from home for a month (due to wayyy too much coming home on the weekends) I'm finally going back!

I can't wait to eat Kraft Mac & Cheese (pathetic that it's one of my highlights - and it will COMPLETELY eff up all the exercise I've been doing lately!!), sleep in my own bed, sit by the fireplace, get a wonderful eyebrow wax and mani/pedi from Olivia (the most amazing manicurist ever), and see my adorable puppy Cooper!!

Are you doing anything fun for Thanksgiving?

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Jocelyn said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I love just blog surfing it's so fun! I am a huge death cab fan! Have you ever seen them live? It's amazing! Anyway, Hope you have a good thanksgivin!