Sunday, November 23, 2008

Death Cab Never Disappoints

Death Cab for Cutie are my all-time favorite band.
Earlier this summer, they came out with a new CD Narrow Stairs (which, if you haven't picked up, I would stronglyyy advise it!). Whenever a band that I love comes out with a new CD, I always have this apprehensive feeling towards it... I just want it to be as good as all the others, and get worried that it won't live up to my standards.

I promised myself that I would not do this with my beloved Death Cab... I would go into buying the new CD with low expectations, so either way, I would not be disappointed. As I drove to the mall to pick up my copy of Narrow Stairs, songs from my favorite Death Cab album Transatlanticism blared out of my car speakers from my iPod, which was on shuffle. I began getting that feeling again... what if Death Cab had lost it? Could anything compare with the amazing songs that I had come to love on my two favorite CDs of theirs? (Plans and Transatlanticism in case you were wondering!)

I went into Barnes and Noble with a skeptical view... either the CD would suck, it would be okay, or it would be great... It was very much worth finding out!!! After buying the CD and an iced caramel macchiato, I headed back to my car, CD in hand. I unwrapped the aggravating shrink wrap, peeled off the stickers and put the CD into my car. I was relieved. The CD did not suck, it was not just mediocre, it was fantastic. Death Cab proved to remain consistent, and Narrow Stairs is now in a three way tie for my favorite CD.

If you're looking for some great music that is easy to listen to and really fun, definitely check out Narrow Stairs!! There is such a mix of music on there... some focusing a TON on instrumentals, others that are about heartbreak, some about love... it's amazing.
My three favorites on the CD are:
1. I Will Possess Your Heart
2. Pity and Fear (which I was stoked they played on an episode of CSI!!)
3. Cath

This music video for "I Will Possess Your Heart" is long... the intro to the song is about 4:20... but the instrumentals are beauuutiful and this video is lovely. If all the bass and instruments are bugging you, skip to the 4:20 point... it's kind of a creepy song if you really listen to it, but the lyrics are haunting, and the talent is incredible.

What do you think??

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