Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clint Eastwood Has Done It Again!

So I am very far behind in going to the movies - I just saw Changeling tonight when the rest of the people in the theater (and the world apparently) were off seeing Twilight.
We first went to one theater, but Changeling was sold out! (We assumed this was because all the Twilight fans who had been unable to secure tickets to their choice movie had to make do with other movies available...). Anyway, so the six of us drove another twenty minutes, anticipating that the previews of this movie were a sign that it would be well worth it.
We were absolutely right.
Clint Eastwood is a genius. I fell in love with Clint back with Absolute Power... after Million Dollar Baby I just became so aware of his talent not just as an actor, but as a filmmaker too.

Anyway - from the beginning Changeling completely wrapped me up in it - I connected to Angelina Jolie's character; I swear she was made for this role. The movie put me on edge for the entire duration - there were times when my friend sitting next to me was gripping my hand, and I was gripping hers back just as tightly!!
The acting was incredible from all characters... John Malkovich was brilliant as a preacher who had a mission to out the Los Angeles police department for their unethical behavior, Jeffrey Donovan (who I had only ever seen in Burn Notice) played the "bad cop" J.J. Jones perfectly - he was completely hateable... Michael Kelly plays the "good cop" that you just place your hope in that he can help this poor woman find her lost son.


It's been a while (since The Dark Knight this summer, and Gone Baby Gone before that!) that a movie has really impacted me to the point that I can't stop thinking about it or talking about it to anyone who will listen.
Changeling is a complete winner - it has the perfect elements for an incredible movie, and while it is long, the time will just fly by.
This movie made me so glad to be a woman living in the 21st century when what I say, and my opinions truly matter... never would a situation like what Christine Collins went through happen in this day and age. As a feminist, I felt that Collins was one of the bravest females I had seen in film for a while - she defied the odds and stood up for what she believed in, and knew was right.


I strongly, strongly advise you going to see Changeling :)
If you've seen it, what do you think? Do you think Jolie could possibly win another Oscar for her performance?

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